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  1. Random observations/tidbits that I didn't know where to put: The lizards appear to be attracted to thermal stones. While playing around on the moon island, I made a thermal stone to show my friend the crystal skin and he picked it up and started walking around, and lizards started following him (and fighting each other if they got too close to each other.). We played with/tested this for a while to make sure it was the thermal stone doing it. I think I saw a red lizard revert back to green near an endo firepit but I haven't tested it a lot. If you use gunpowder to blow up a starfish (might also work with exploding slime, idk), you can pick it up and set it wherever you'd like.
  2. What ya gonna do when Wolfgangmania runs wild on you!? I wish I remembered who it was who coined the term "Pro Wes-lers" during an all-Wes Forge run, it was a prophecy. The wrestling theme is fun! I'm looking forward to playing with this later tonight. I've been on a Wendy kick lately and the thought of Wendy wrasslin' pigs is too funny.
  3. Dunno why I occasionally get kicked for picking Webber because he can and will flex all over your entire life
  4. I started by planting some at a safe distance around the edge of the trap, then as the spiders cleared out the tentacles around the edges I started to either add more or relocate the nests deeper into it. Ironically some of my nests only waited until AFTER all the tentacles were gone to turn into queens. Jerks.
  5. I know absolutely nothing of Fortnite but this delights me.
  6. It was a lot more self sustaining than I had originally expected! It would've gone a lot faster if I had started crafting more spider nests earlier, but the set-up was generally more livable than I expected. I started with 4 pinecones and built up a small forest nearby to keep my fire going/occasionally spawn treeguards. I didn't have to leave at all. I don't know how much my group liked me being in Tentacle Town constantly (the server host mostly seemed amused by the whole thing) but I did get a ton of stuff to bring back. The baubles are the most important OBVIOUSLY but there's also 180-ish glands, 140-ish silk, a stack of living logs, about 70 nightmare fuel, a million tentacle spikes/spots, the reeds obvs, etc.
  7. After about a season and a half of battle, the Reed Trap has finally been claimed by/for the spiders.
  8. Me and my beeping kids performing the hottest hit of the season:
  9. The new vignettes and poem comic and ornaments and everything are SO CUTE! I might try to needle felt a few of my favorite ornaments to hang around my home. Aaah, I'm so excited!!
  10. In which I get called out for stanning Wilson: I'm guessing this is an effect of holding the odd radio item, but it surprised me nonetheless. I got a few different quotes but this is the only one I managed to screencap fast enough. Got the Squat:
  11. This was my first Forge, and it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I originally kind of dismissed it because it sounded too competitive and frankly I am not too good at combat type things. As luck would have it, the vast majority of the people I forged with were quite pleasant. Super Special Specific Shout-out to the group of actual for-realsies relatives that I had the privilege of playing with several times, you guys are amazingly fun and kind and I wish my dad was that cool. I'm very eager to see what's next.
  12. I call these "Things I'd totally wear IRL" and "The Alpha Wick."