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Roleplay Information Thread - STILL OPEN(!)

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Weirdobob    8,202



Hello, everyone! It's me, @Weirdobob, owner of Weirdosity, a roleplay that has for a very long time been a singleplayer-only experience via steam, but is now on the forums! This thread is for a couple things:

  • Puzzles
  • Updates
  • You guys to chat around and try to glue the lore together
  • Polls that may affect the multiplayer RP (Later)
  • Out-of-character conversation
  • Info!
  • Events

For now, this OP will have a couple things. A list of structures in the main town, the form you need to fill out for a character (If you want in) and The Library of Characters. The library works by that more character info will be added to it as more are unlocked in the group RP, as to prevent spoilers. However, it will start out with both Weirdo and Joe. "It's useless to keep secrets from them. They'll find you out for all you are anyway."


Now, note this, please. Just because I'm "Weirdobob" and I'm known for being somewhat silly, my roleplay is very serious. It's singleplayer form is known for dabbing into quite a bit of terrain, as I'm sure @MenaAthena, @ImDaMisterL, and @Mack18853 can confirm. "These 3 anger me."



Want a character in the RP? Fill out this form!

NOTE: Please, PLEASE, put it in a spoiler!


Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Title: The

Character Gender:

Character Species:

Character's Sexuality:

Physical Description:

Psychological Description:







Sex-able: <-- Sorry, singleplayer only!



Additional Info:



No Godmoding. Pretty self explanatory.

No controlling other people's characters without their permission. Not even I do this, unless it's for something such as killing them, or preventing a certain action. 

No twisting the actual story, or trying to add your own plot points. Look bud I already wrote this ages ago I ain't having you ruin it

No doing the impossible, or going around requirements, or bypassing balances. Pretty self explanatory.


Received Applications:


MenaAthena: Accepted Left

ImDaMisterL: Accepted

Asparagus: Denied

Chris1488: Accepted

PiturcaClaudiuStef: Denied
Pyromailmann: Denied
SirKnight: Accepted Left
BlewCheese: Accepted Inactive

Zeklo: Accepted Left

Mack18853: Accepted Canceled
InDenial: Accepted Left
vingw: Accepted Inactive

Ysulyan: Accepted

DwerBomb: Accepted Inactive

Mezukie: Accepted

Dannyrulx: Accepted Canceled
Liptonpee: Accepted Inactive

YouKnowWho: Accepted

DragonMage156: Accepted

Altehaus: Accepted Canceled

Destros09: Accepted


List of buildings in the town of Demood:

(Note: There is a bigger city on the other side of the Moog Mountain Range named Moog City)

  • The Town Layout itself

The town itself has a circular road for easy access to all of it's shops and buildings, the belltower is in the unoccupied middle of the circle. There is a road that connects it to a suburban area at south-west angle, a road that connects to the Plot Convenience Inc. HQ, Buykea mall, Train Station, and Scientific Research Facility at a south-east angle, and a road that snakes past the Library and Coffee shop at the North-east angle that goes to the Mayor's Mansion.

  • The Suburban Area layout

The road that connects it to the town has the local forest running along it, the forest's entrance on the left side. The suburbs themselves are just an oval road with houses on the sides, a small public park/playground in the middle of said oval. The suburban area has another road on the opposite side of the one heading to the town, it leads to the highway to Moog City.

  • Chad's Stand

A small lemonade stand like building owned by Chad, the owner of Chad's Item Emporium. The sign on it proudly displays the name "Chad's Item Emporium" and a nice rug is laid out on the stand, when Chad's there. He'll normally have various oddities odd features that, while they're fluctuative in price, are potentially very useful or very useless. Just outside the town, on the road that connects it to the suburban area, on the left side. Sometimes sells items found at Buykea but for a lower price.

  • Psychic Stall

A small shack that just says "PSYCHIC" on it. An old neon OPEN sign flicks in it's window, but nothing else can be seen in the tiny shack past it's blinds. On the opposite side of the road from Chad's Stand.

  • Museum of american life in the 1940s (In the town)

 A real big fire-hazard that clearly used to be somebody's house, that or someone was truly dedicated to fitting their museum's theme. There's a really old "PRIVATE PROPERTY - KEEP OFF" sign that's been covered with a poster for the museum in the front yard. Next to the School.

  • McFronalds

Right by the entrance/exit of the town, on the left hand side, a simple McFronalds copy-paste chain restaurant. Not special in the slightest.

  • Icecream Parlor

A small icecream shop with a whole lot of flavors to choose from, a healthier alternative to McFronalds. Somehow. Next to the McFronalds, continuing left.

  • Belltower

A warm belltower with long cobblestone pillars and cozy dark bricks in between them. There's a hole about halfway up it's scale, showing a nice dangling orb of glowing light. At the top is where the bell is kept, revealed for all to see, a blue shingled pyramid decorating the top of it. Giant gears line the walls of it, ticking to keep the bell's ringing on time, and keep the clocks in the inside of the tower correct. A broken portal frame is in the middle of it's lobby. In the middle of the town.

  • School

A small red schoolhouse, complete with a bell at the top. The class is so small, there's only one teacher, and her name is Carol. People say she's nice, but she probably cries herself to sleep at night. Next to the icecream parlor.

  • Scientific Research Facility (locked to outsiders)

Cake not included. Located on the isolated branch of the town, right next to Plot Convenience Inc. There's rumors the two have involvement, but no official word on the subject.

  • Plot Convenience Inc. HQ

The headquarters of company struggling beneath it's rivals, it provides the local news to the locals of it's town as a courtesy and allows the public to beta test it's goods, also as a courtesy. Next to the Scientific Research Facility, on the isolated branch of the town.

  • Observatory

A small stargazing observatory on the top of a mountain in the Moog Mountain Range, far-ish from the town. Rumors of a woman living in it.

  • Mayor's Mansion

A huge luxurious mansion on a hill surrounded by large amounts of plants. Nobody's been inside in years, but there's apparently a large oak tree growing inside the main foyer. There's a water fountain in front of it, letting loose a glorious spray of water, but nobody is quite certain what it's hooked up to... off of the main town by a bit.

  • Pizzeria

A build-your-own-pizza pizza place. Known for their amazing flavor, and surprisingly, their caesar salad. Next to the Museum.

  • Library

A place full of books and education, truly the epitome of outdated culture. Next to the pizzeria, the staff quite likes the caesar salad.

  • Coffee Shop

A cozy little coffee shop that always keeps the same level of cozy warmth and welcome no matter the season. Makes killer gingerbread men near Christmas time, and a mean cup of coffee. Next to the library for easier access with hipsters.

  • Some expensive and fancy restaurant

A fancy foo-foo restaurant for the expensive and the romantic. Jealous that a pizzeria took their fame for best caesar salad. Next to the Coffee shop.

  • Buykea mall (contains a many shops, furniture stores, weapon stores, ammo stores)

On the isolated branch of the town, opposite side of the road of Plot Convenience Inc. HQ and the Scientific Research Facility. Sells everything Chad doesn't feel like selling, but sometimes offers items Chad does for a higher price.

  • Forest of Demood

A well sized forest with some odd happenings in it. People say if you sing in it, sometimes it sings back. Odd creatures lurk in it at night, myths that a giant rabbit lurks there as well. Contains an old broken temple and some weird vine-covered hole.

  • Ancient temple

A small, cultist-ridden temple that sports a giant chunk of amber formed into the middle of it, worshipped by said cultists. Clearly, they're lunatics, what could some giant rock do?

  • "Mysterious Hole in the middle of the forest" (doesn't unlock until after Boss #2 is defeated)

A peculiar vine covered hole, some peculiar pink hairs are stuck in it. For some reason it smells like maple syrup?

  • Moog Mountain Range

A giant mountain range "ranging" from small grassy hills to snow capped peaks, with of course, the crowning jewel, Moog Mountain. Far from the town. Separates Demood from Moog City.

  • Moog Mountain (Volcano)

The tallest point of the Moog Mountain range, it proudly says "MOOG" on both sides, with an "L" formerly being between the MOO and G. Some argue it's a volcano while others doubt it, and there's no true evidence that it's ever erupted. Has a nice little staircase carved into the side to take you up to the top.

  • The rolling green hills of Demood

A vast green, grassy field that separates Demood from the Moog Mountain Range.

  • The Moog Mountain Range's Mysterious Crater

In the rolling green hills right before they hit the mountain range itself, books said there was once a small windmill for a farm and a lake there before it suddenly just.... vanished, leaving some odd shaped crater behind.

  • Caverns

Caves that speckle the Moog Mountain range, there's four different types. Underground Cavern, Mountain Cavern, Ice Cavern, and the Magma Cavern. Chad likes to frequent the caverns for his unimaginable loot he sells at extraordinary prices.

  • Train Station

At the end of the isolated branch from the town, the tracks go way past the horizon. Trains periodically roll in, bringing in shipments for everything.

Library of Characters:


Character Name: Weston P. Bob (AKA Weirdo)

Character Age: 37

Character Title: The Wizard

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Pretty much for the most part human

Character's Sexuality: Bi

Physical Description: Very tall and lanky, long arms. Wears a gray-ish makeshift suit, adorned with several patches, black, gray, orange, other colors that fit the theme with an orange tie, and of course, a white, fabric mask that covers his head and has a question mark on it. The mask itself acts as a one way mirror, in that things such as visibility or the ability to breathe are just as normal as if you weren't wearing the mask at all, however, the mask is very comfortable and cozy to wear. Has several additional body parts, such as 6 extra arms in his back, a total of 57 hearts, 5'0 in height.

Psychological Description: Very confusing, and, well, weird. Somewhat insane, seems to have it under control for the most part. Can be mentally broken very easily.

Personality: Cares deeply for those he is closest too, and is known to put aside his normal plucky and strangely happy personality for them. Of course, his normal personality is... Strange, Plucky, and strangely happy and go-getter-y.

Perks/Skills: Can perform various light magic, currently has 3 heal-all sciencey bandaids (For use of him or other, note he cannot refill these), pretty intelligent in that he knows robotics rather well along with engineering.

Fears: Seaweed, Butterflies, losing people close to him

Weaknesses: Frilly Underwear, heavy hits to the head, foes with speed (As he is somewhat sluggish in movement)

Strengths: Really heavy hitter, high health, essentially a tank. 

Romanceable: Yes

Sex-able: Very Much so, although it is rather difficult as he is rather oblivious

Profession: Retired scientist, likes to claim to be a "Wizard"

Possessions: Golden sledgehammer, Weirdo's Magic Journal, Cigars

Additional Info: You don't deserve additional info.


Character Name: Joesephine Sone Valent

Character Age: 26

Character Title: The Shadowed

Character Gender: Female. Very Female

Character Species: Former shadow transformed into human.

Character's Sexuality: Bi

Physical Description: Wears a pink suit, NEVER wears shoes. Large chest, (as in... uh..... I don't want to say the word in risk of getting slapped) Longish, soft yet scratchy in appearance brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and taller than weirdo by 7 inches. (6'5)

Psychological Description: Doesn't react to a whole lot, not shaken mentally too easily. She usually only reacts to heavy mental hits, such as heartbreak.

Personality: Very relaxed, slow moving personality. The type of girl who just likes to chill and relax with people.

Perks/Skills: Good at seducing.

Fears: Sexual abuse, going back to the dimension of shadows.

Weaknesses: Very emotionally vulnerable.

Strengths: Hits semi-hard, doesn't give up easily.

Romanceable: oh heck ya

Sex-able: Oh yeah. All the time.

Profession: Weston's former shadow, now currently Santa Claus 

Possessions: Brass knuckles, used tissues

Additional Info: Prefers men a little more geeky, as she finds them cute. Can't have chocolate. Addicted to ice cream.


Character Name: Anachronism

Character Age: ???

Character Title: The Anchorman

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Human

Character's Sexuality: Straight

Physical Description: Wears a brown suit with a dark red tie. Red hair that's practically orange brushed to the side and gelled into a combover(Despite him having no bald spot), an excellently well trimmed mustache, and brown eyes. About 5'5, not skinny, but not heavy.

Psychological Description: ???

Personality: Loud

Perks/Skills: Can tell the news

Fears: Not being famous

Weaknesses: Can't tell the weather, and relies on his co-host

Strengths: News, is a truthseeker

Romanceable: yes

Sex-able: Flatter his ego and he'll let you right on in.

Profession: CEO of Plot Convenience Inc.

Possessions: Briefcase, suit, excellently well trimmed mustache

Additional Info: None


Character Name: Snebul

Character Age: Undefined

Character Title: The Seagull

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Vulgull

Character's Sexuality: Straight

Physical Description: Sort of like a seagull, however, quite fat, some red feathers near his posterior end, the top of his head is colored with black feathers and it sort of looks like he has angry eyebrows from some long decorative head feathers.

Psychological Description: Undefined

Personality: Cocky

Perks/Skills: Knows a lot of swear words

Fears: Pelicans, being caught

Weaknesses: Deals 0.000000000000001 dmg

Strengths: Has godmode

Romanceable: Yes

Sex-able: Why would you do that...

Profession: Mocking the player

Possessions: Bad attitude

Additional Info: N/A


Character Name: ???

Character Age: ???

Character Title: The Adorable

Character Gender: Flufficorn

Character Species: Humanicorn

Character's Sexuality: Undecided, needs convincing

Physical Description: Masculine form, feminine posture and voice. Looks like a flufficorn, but humanoid. Absolutely disgusting.

Psychological Description: ???

Personality: Shy, Timid

Perks/Skills: Good at hiding

Fears: Being exposed

Weaknesses: A certain samurai helmet

Strengths: Can see through the eyes of every flufficorn

Romanceable: Yes

Sex-able: Yes

Profession: 50% Leader of the Flufficorn race

Possessions: ???

Additional Info: N/A


Character Name: Chad

Character Age: 20

Character Title: The Trader

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Human

Character's Sexuality: Bi

Physical Description: Tall. Muscular. Chiseled features. Blonde. The epitome of a rather handsome man. Has blue eyes and smooth looking skin, keeps all of his hair shoved into an old McFronalds ball cap that hasn't left his head in years. Seems to be muscular in all regions, probably from exploring caverns for rare items to sell for way too high of prices. Has a strange purple plastic horse kept in his pocket that he calls "His most prized possession"

Psychological Description: Doesn't like to get too social during in-shop hours. Likes to keep to himself, as he feels nobody would want him around anyway, although he is very open to company, and is looking for exploration buddies. Likes looking at pretty women. 

Personality: Smooth, sly, and ready to sell everything he finds, from a handheld plasma blaster to a used napkin for 40 dollars. When he's friends with someone, which he isn't, he constantly tries to prove his worth by doing the best he can.

Perks/Skills: Good at finding things, fast physically and fast minded, smooth talking, and knows his way around caves and caverns rather well.

Fears: Someone stealing his most prized possession, glue, total darkness.

Weaknesses: Tara Strong's voice will make him do anything.

Strengths: Knows a whole lot of random facts about horses. Hits somewhat hard, harder with his pickaxe he uses for exploring.

Romanceable: Yes

Sex-able: Yes

Profession: Sleazebag trader, explorer

Possessions: "Twilight Sparkle" My little pony "Action Figure", Grandishpack, Chad's Pickaxe, Chad's hat.

Additional Info: In case you couldn't piece it together yourself, he's a brony.


Character Name: Hi!!!! I'm Sky!!! My full name is Skylar Amelia Moses!!!!!

Character Age: I'm six!!!!!!

Character Title: Yes!!!!!! (The Excited)

Character Gender: I'm a girl!!!!!

Character Species: Yes!!!!!!

Character's Sexuality: My stepdaddy said I shouldn't talk about this and that I should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do it!!!

Physical Description: I have reeeeeeeeeeeeaaally long hair and it's all red and it's also alive and I got a dress and it's my favorite dress and I love my dress because my stepdaddy put in all his money to get it for me and I love him a lot and I love my dress!!!

Psychological Description: I'm six!!!

Personality: When prompted, all she did was giggle.

Perks/Skills: I can play the mandolin!!! My stepdaddy taught me how and he'd be really proud of me!!!!

Fears: I don't like thunder.... it's big and scary and noisy....

Weaknesses: Sometimes I trip on my hair but it's okay because my face only hurts for a little bit!!!!!

Strengths: I can brush my teeth every day!!!!!

Romanceable: My stepdaddy says no!!!! But I love love!!!

Sex-able: My stepdaddy says no!!!! But... what is s- *static*

Profession: I fly an island made of hee.... heeelieee... heeeleeeeeuuuum.... yeah!!!!

Possessions: Mandolin!!!!

Additional Info: I like sugar cinnamon cookies!!!!


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DragonMage156    16,847

That's quite a lot of info needed. It would be fun to fill out but sadly, I don't plan on joining.

Also is sex-able like... well... y'know...?

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Ysulyan    3,893
1 minute ago, DragonMage156 said:

That's quite a lot of info needed. It would be fun to fill out but sadly, I don't plan on joining.

Also is sex-able like... well... y'know...?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) o dm

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Weirdobob    8,202
11 minutes ago, MenaAthena said:

So should I, like, post that character form that I filled out in the status update here?

Some more areas were added since that one, mena. You can copy-paste, but make sure you add the other ones!

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Battal    9,856

Sooooo is there r*pe in this or not?  It's hard to tell when you're joking nowadays.

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Weirdobob    8,202
1 minute ago, Battal said:

Sooooo is there r*pe in this or not?  It's hard to tell when you're joking nowadays.

There is in singleplayer. Not in multiplayer. All sexual content has been removed from multiplayer to be forum friendly.

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Battal    9,856
Just now, Weirdobob said:

There is in singleplayer. Not in multiplayer. All sexual content has been removed from multiplayer to be forum friendly.

oh now you're worried about being forum friendly

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Mezukie    2,824
4 minutes ago, Battal said:

oh now you're worried about being forum friendly

Be nice Battal.

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Asparagus    9,040
1 hour ago, Weirdobob said:

Fears: Sexual abuse, going back to the dimension of shadows.

btw, where is the chocolate?

Attention all mods... oh, wait.. hi @ImDaMisterL...



Character Name: Daniel a.k.a. Asparagus

Character Age: 22

Character Title: The O__O

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Human

Character's Sexuality: Bi

Physical Description: 5'6" in height, athletic build

Psychological Description: Strong willed, grounded, not easily tricked by illusions, random and weird thought come to mind to distract self from boredom

Personality: Generally cheerful, depressed, slightly manipulative, is usually silent, shy, awkward, tends to just stare into empty space as if to rest his mind from over-thinking and over analyzing things.

Perks/Skills: Due to a mutation he can adopt any and/or all aspects of 4 Giants (GMooseDragonBeargerFly... yeah those four). Going full MooseDeerBearFly however will render his mental capacity reduced (much like the Hulk) and go feral and might go on a rampage; only to be used as a last resort. Forming bonds with others could help mitigate this threat as he will think twice before harming them. Never go full Giant O__O

Fears: Killing people close to him when he goes full Giant... (nothing else I could think of atm)

Weaknesses: Sweats a lot from doing little, which causes dehydration <.< and could hinder other actions if left unchecked. Heat (mitigated by adopting Dragonfly traits but could heat up others around him)

Strengths: Moves fast, has an eye for dodging and avoiding physical contact in combat and in crowds. Hits pretty ok as a human; Adopting any traits of any giant uses stamina to transform into but stabilizes once in the form. Doesn't need sleep as much though will be required to eat a lot to compensate.

Romanceable: Yes

Sex-able: <-- Sorry, singleplayer only!

Profession: Wandering Wonderer with wise w- w- I do things sometimes and I get paid I'm totally not an assassin for hire or anything

Possessions: heavy duty water bottle (1L), handkerchief, Black pen that totally doesn't have a hidden knife when you press the button 3 times

Additional Info: (to be added later)



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MenaAthena    9,890

Character Name: Mena/Athena

Character Age: 17

Character Title: The, uh, *looks up title you used for me* The Cookiemaker? Sure, we'll go with that.

Character Gender: Female

Character Species: Mostly human, but a little bit other dimensional magical being that was once worshiped as part of the Greek pantheon

Character's Sexuality: Straighter than... something that's really straight. A ruler I guess. 

Physical Description: About 5'11" in height, wavy shoulder length blonde hair, light blue jacket, pink t-shirt, dark blue jeans, red fez of holding, gold spear and shield necklace, golden eyes

Psychological Description: Is normally pretty stable mentally, but has a few... psychotic moments from time to time. Easily effected emotionally. 

Personality: Sometimes a bit naive and slow to catch on to things, but normally fairly intelligent. Tries to be helpful and friendly, but can only take so much bullcrap. Terrible and making decisions and handling stress. I'm trying to describe my own personality but I'm probably not doing a good job. 

Perks/Skills: Her fez can hold a theoretically infinite amount of junk. Her necklace transforms into a usable spear and shield. Can transform into a griffon in emergency situations (such as tough bossfights or certain life or death situations), but this ability is unreliable and leaves her extremely vulnerable afterwards. Light magic was removed for balancing purposes. Can summon temporary spheres of light magic that provide regeneration, help improve sanity and to calm people, and illuminate. Duh. Griffon thing removed for originality purposes. 

Fears: Zombies, ladders, hallucinating and/or going insane, being eaten alive, being r*ped, being unable to do anything to help anyone, being drugged, shaky unstable platforms and bridges.

Weaknesses: Is susceptible to dark and mind-altering magics. Easily panics and can't handle stressful situations. Terrible decision making skills. Her own light magic doesn't work as strongly on her.

Strengths: Wait, isn't this the same as Perks/Skills? I'm confused on what I should put here. Ah, it's like combat ability and stuff. High endurance, less than average strength, pretty average everywhere else. Knows how to use her weapon effectively.

Romanceable: EEEEEEEEHHHHHH probably not, but we'll see what happens.

Profession: Professionally Procrastinating Professor of Procrastination

Possessions: Fez of holding (which contains a wide variety of random crap, but mostly cookies), aforementioned necklace, a crumpled five dollar bill.

Additional Info: None that I can think of atm

Uhhh... I think that's it.

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Chris1488    11,272


Character Name: Chris

Character Age: 16

Character Title: The Cheeky

Character Gender: Attack Helicopter Male

Character Species: Hooman

Character's Sexuality: Straight

Physical Description: Average built, has sprouting hairs on his chin and other parts of his face, taller than average for his age (around 6 ft.) Wears a long black shirt with a hood + a red shirt over it. Wears black jeans.



Psychological Description: Sane, for the most part. Can be broken easily.

Personality: Chill, Smart, Introverted 

Perks/Skills: Can prototype nearly anything, given the time.  Knows how to make a lot of stuff with minimal resources. Since he's good with his hands, no one would normally notice if he were to..."borrow" something from someone.

Fears: Heights, losing loved ones, becoming a psychopathic murderer.

Weaknesses: Can't punch for sh*t. Is more of a science guy than magic.

Strengths: Even though he can't throw a punch, he can surely take one! Doesn't hunger quickly.

Romanceable: Yeah, sure.

Sex-able: <-- Sorry, singleplayer only! (Darn)

Profession: Stockboy at some bagel shop. (For the sake of the RP, the Coffee Shop.)

Possessions: Cell phone, 20 bucks, switch knife.

Additional Info: (nah)


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Weirdobob    8,202

By the way - The actual RP thread is delayed as I'm making room for the other RPs at the moment, as I don't want to interfere with anyone's special schedule.

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Character Name:S

Character Age:22

Character Title: The Awesome Fighter

Character Gender:Male

Character Species:Human

Character's Sexuality:Straight

Physical Description:1.90" in height,a slightly buffed built

Psychological Description:Wears a t-shirt and black pants,his hair is black,

Personality:Very shy,barely talks with someone because he's shy but after a time,and after he knows the person he's talking to a little more,he starts to talk a lot,not very smart,can cause many problems and has many issues about him,and he loves coffee.

Perks/Skills:knows many things,is a vegetarian,has a unique book that summons a catcoon


Weaknesses:uses some sanity to summon his companion I mean the catcoon,

Strengths:High endurance,not very much strength,just standard on the other abilities,Can use many weapons

Romance able:uhh,Sure

Sex-able: <-- Sorry, singleplayer only!

Profession:A professional summoner

Possessions:A unique book,a cat named Whiskers that he summons with his unique book

Additional Info:Uhh sure I'll show you a pic if you ask about it?,how does that sound?


(if I made something wrong just tell me and I'll edit also this is the second role-play that I'm in but I'll see how I can handle things here and  there,the role-play I'm already in is on a other forum)

here you are i guess?,yeah here you are 


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Pyromailmann    2,983

I'll post the updated version of my character bio here:



Character Name: Pyromaildragon

Character Age: essentially 16

Character Title: The Train with a Face

Character Gender: Chugga Chugga (male)

Character Species: Train with Face

Character's Sexuality: Bi

Physical Description: This



Psychological Description: Train with face

Personality: Isn't super gullible, likes trains, low self-esteem, bright

Perks/Skills: Is very good at dealing damage, especially good with guns (don't ask why, he's just good), is moderatley fast, is much better off when not hungry ,and is semi-intellectual.

Fears: Spiders, Heights, and the Scrap yard

Weaknesses: Easily distracted, terrible leader, 

Strengths: The color green, Trains, Fire, Food

Romanceable: *crosses buffers* No! *secretly is okay with it*

Profession: Shunting, Pulling trucks, Pulling Coaches

Possessions: A train-sized double-barrel flamethrower (let's not ask questions about where somebody gets this kind of stuff, it'd take year explaining it.)

Additional Info: There's something off with his face... with how undetailed it is? No. Maybe he wants to kill everything in his path? Nope. He just likes to burn stuff.






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SirKnight    5,949

guess who it is

it me



Character Name: Riley

Character Age: 22

Character Title: The Wastelander

Character Gender: *shrug*

Character Species: More or less human

Character's Sexuality: (They don't know yet)

Physical Description: Redheaded human, tanned skin, ???eyes. One arm's skin looks like its flaking off, some hardened muscle poking through. About average height.

Psychological Description: Young.

Personality: Can be considered "kind", doesn't take a lot of things seriously.

Perks/Skills: Good with machinery, and guns.

Fears: Being along, Large open roofed areas, Knives. 

Weaknesses: Bad hearing, Can't take a punch. Rash. 

Strengths: Physically strong. Can aim. 

Romanceable: We'll see, now won't we?

Profession: Repairs guns.

Possessions: "Rik" their special laser gun.

Additional Info: Gets along with zombie folk and general undead.


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Blewcheese    859

Character Name: Blewcheese (Blew)

Character Age: 16

Character Title: The Sandwich Monitor (original I know)

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Skeleton

Character's Sexuality: Straight

Physical Description: He's so thin, practically all flesh and bones! Actually, not even flesh. Just... Just bones. He's a skeleton. He wears a top hat. About 5'9.

Psychological Description: He likes to try to make jokes out of literally anything. Tries not to take things seriously if he can help it. He takes not taking things seriously very seriously. Difficult to upset. Personal space is not his forte.

Personality: Friendly by default. He'll make jokes out of people's expense and not expect them to take offense.

Perks/Skills: He'll make you the best goshdarn sandwich you've ever had. Pretty damn good with explosives. Expert on bones.

Fears: Doing something to make everybody hate him. Being hated.

Weaknesses: Can't swim, will sink. Physical attacks don't do jack diddily. Not very stealthy. Don't break his bones that would be mean.

Strengths: Can take himself apart and put himself together. Resistant to fire/electricity. Bones are hardened (Heh.), tougher than you might think.

Romanceable: Sure. I mean, if that's your thing.

Sex-able: <-- Sorry, singleplayer only!

Profession: Professional sandwich forger, one of the greatest in his craft. Ex-demolitionist.

Possessions: Sandwich supplies. Rocket launcher. Various explosives. Top hat.

Additional Info: Likes fireworks & Milk. Doesn't have a nose but is still somehow capable of smelling things.

Eh... Why not?

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Weirdobob    8,202

Hey fellas, small update. I will be adding the rules to the RP later today (You might need to edit your character forms because of them) to the OP, as of right now I just put the small notice about "Minimal Silliness pls" in the OP.

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ImDaMisterL    17,748

Character Name: Leslie

Character Age: 19

Character Title: The Beast

Character Gender: Male

Character Species: Half-human half-wolf (Oi L just say Werewolf already)

Character's Sexuality: Straight ‖

Physical Description: Short jet-black hair, black eyes, wears glasses, always with a green shirt and jeans, has a tanned-color skin, is pretty small (like... 5'3? I'm not good with measuring feet) and thin.
He can turn into a wolf with a pitch-black fur and quite the pointy teeth, gets 2 feet bigger and walks with his 4 paws.

Psychological Description: Although seemingly mentally stable, depending of the situation he might snap. He has three different personalities, so to say, that cope differently with things.

Depressive Leslie shows up in times of great pressure and stress, and when all seems lost. He'll sulk around and just want to curl up and die. He becomes pretty much a useless sack of meat, tries to avoid social interaction and when facing danger, allows self to be killed.

Normal Leslie has a bit of a white knight complex, and tends to put others' safety over his, even of strangers. He tries to help and please everyone the best way he can, and copes with dangerous situations by laughing at their face and being tauntful, sarcastic and ironic.

Psychotic Leslie shows after half of his bloodlust meter is filled, or when he causes or sees many consecutive deaths. When like this, he prefers to be called Lazarus, finds everything funny (or maybe he just likes to grin like that) and desires to kill anything he can. Interacts with others, and lets his insanity show while doing so, and loves to partake in dangerous situations.

Personality: Normally he's happy, care-free, a bit of a "white knight" and pretty ironic/tauntful. Read above for the others, I guess.

Perks/Skills: Can turn into a werewolf, Knows that words cut deeper than knives

Fears: Toasters, disappointing others, showing weakness and failures to his enemies

Weaknesses: Silver in his wolf form, anything that'd normally harm a human in his human form

Strengths: His wolf form and his... "hurtful" words.

Romanceable: Yes.

Sex-able: Well this ain't a feature on multiplayer pals.

Profession: Used to be a cook.

Possessions: A chest filled with broken toasters and his generic cell phone.
And he also has a house.
With a really nice couch.
And lots of good kitchen apparatus.

Additional Info: Weirdo's cool.
... Oh, about Leslie?
None for now I guess.
Just don't ask him much about his past. That usually helps trigger his depressive side. He'll reveal it as he sees fit.

Welp, there ya go.

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