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  1. You have risen once again!

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      I am Lord_Battal

  2. I decided to draw Ian for a dupe a day :D!
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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL PERSON! :wilson_celebrate: love you @Weirdobob :wilson_love:


  5. Silven was admiring the view, and more importantly admiring being throw around in a way with ease. "Sustenance would be easily found if we search the terrain," He said, eager to explore more so than really thinking of the giant birds quest to make sure the Markless Tursai of huge origin would continue his life.
  6. Welp today is my birthday and I tried to do a big project for it but sadly only got a little done wether from distractions or not being able to work on it soo I'ma show the ones done and then post the others once they're finished @DragonMage156 @Mr.P @Ysulyan @LiptonPee @Chris1488
  7. Here's another post before I forget to post art here for a while ouo Gunshot with her Flower salad @Weirdobobs Broodling Droogafloo Dragonfly/Glommer that @Weirdobob wanted
  8. Yup this is it, Weirdo named em gunshot since I got it when the pets came out and it stuck ouo
  9. @Paxtonnnn Broodling/ Glomglom And Gunshot my ewelet
  10. Silven looked over himself. "Yes, yes, everything seems to be functional. A small jolt in the system but it's clearing up. Though it is a wonder such a small devise you effect the entire environment,"
  11. "Smaller? Why the environment would give off that effect since it has changed. But I assure you I will find out the cause of this and fix it," Silven said, as he crossed his arms and nodded.
  12. Silven shook, only his left arm twitching at times. "Thank you Markless Nadas, I feared the ever growing environment may put me at a disadvantage while my wings need a bit more time before I can take flight," he said as he tried to get up, fell, yet got up again. This time he stood rather balanced. "Markless even more giant Tursai..." He squinted at the other. "Did the environment not only effect me but you as well?"
  13. Silven nodded his head. "Why yes, with the environment larger now I may be the size of a small mammal.. A bird, I think it is called in this language. But I should be!" He looked back n forth. "Well my original height was a bit small, only just fitting into the occupation I was given... But I was about 3 clicks.. I mean uh.." He scratched his head before that hand twitched causing him to stop. " Perhaps about a small member of your species? Like the Marked one," He looked over at the Marked one (kate).
  14. "Oh I just had a little jump in my system, resulting in the erratic behavior of my limbs. It should pass after a bit as I have been in this situation once before! But land and objects growing bigger at an alarming rate is not something I have witnessed before. Oh but that is.. It is.. I'm not too sure, the Markless Tursai of huge origin Meri had told me to use that on the Markless even more giant Tursai. They said to pull the crank and it seemed to do.... Something! And then there was a surge of electricity, or I assume, through my body and everything else seemed to have gotten bigger. Rather interesting device. Or I think it is, perhaps not," He said as one of his hands was moving around to signal to everything else with the other seemed to be flopping on the ground.
  15. Silven twitched a bit before noticing the same Markless creature from before who helped him was back. "Greetings Markless creature, I've noticed how this place original size seems to shift drastically. Once my limbs stop getting the wrong signal I should be good as newly made to investigate this phenomenon.Oh but I don't think I've introduced myself! My naming is Silven," He said as he tried to sit up, only to fall back down as one of his arms jerked to the side.
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  17. Silven tried to pull himself to the area that the Markless Jaw suggested they go. "I may be in need of assistance," He squeaked out.
  18. Silven didn't expected to be picked up all of a sudden. At first he thought he was being carried away by something angry until he landed on something else. He looked around as best he could and saw that he was on Markless Jaw, who seemed way bigger than he remembered.