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  1. Ysul was fast asleep. His tail was wrapped around Leah's ankle though, for a brief moment. Then, it loosens up and lets her be.
  2. Nadas realizes Trevor was asleep. She ***** her head to the side "Oh." she took the chance to inspect his leg wound, kneeling before him and humming in contemplation. "Hmm... This is one suffered some serious blood loss, and the cut is deep... Can't do much with what I have-- which is nothing-- but it needs to be cauterized immediately... I have no--" she stopped, tracing off for a moment. Otto was recently playing with some sort of fire pit of sorts, was he? If so, then she could use that fire to... She snapped her fingers then. "I wonder if anyone has a knife... O-or, flint..."
  3. In the midst of the darkness, Trevor suddenly sees Nadas standing beside him, apparently inspecting him from her position, and she blinks idly. "How is your injury?"
  4. Ban destros for having an extra "09" after his name
  5. Nadas let the two talk on their own for the moment, since she still needed to offer aid to some others. She approached the second of the three large sea creatures, the one called Meritursas. "Excuse me, great one. Are you feeling alright? Would you please take the other two fainted humans off Jaw's back? I'm... Too tired to carry them." she also didn't want to admit her leg hurt incredibly, and it was visibly bleeding, apparently the wound had opened yet again after that incident. Luckily her bandage helped maintain most of the hemorrhage. She wanted to climb up Jaw and stand before the dragoness, but she didn't. She's seen the ring object work: it both healed and had some fire properties, maybe she could use it as well to help the others? The ring thing was being worn by the dragoness now, though, and she didn't want to disturb the slumbering one. She would wait until Meritursas replied and then asked. "Are there any other wounded ones I'm not aware of?" right before the booming voice of Jaw almost brought her down to her knees, covering her ears with both hands, and hissing.
  6. Nadas took the liberty of also walking back to Jaw, then returned to the speaking ones with the thing of scale object in her hands. "The voodoo left some anomalies on him after being used, I expect you know a solution to this? But the question is, are you alright?" she asked the sea creature, "I would assume the same effects affect you as well"
  7. Seeing as Dragon was too tired to help, Nadas hummed and climbed up Jaw's arm again to try and carry the injured to the island. When Niella asks that question, the Gecko waves at the giant sea creature that is now small and then brings the moth person to solid ground, keeping him next to Niella. "Here he is. He's suffered from the transformation, as far as what I can understand."
  8. Finally, land! After several seconds of pondering, Nadas talks, "Miss, would you please help me carry the injured?" she asks Dragon. The gecko slides down Jaw's arm and pets his cheek after testing the ground with her feet, then notices several pieces of kelp and seaweed stuck to his scales and decides to collect them.
  9. The physician did not want to hurt the small one any further, since she did not know how those alien objects worked exactly. Once they were all less occupied, she'd ask someone else to help her with the situation. Last thing she wanted was to leave both her and Silven in unwanted conditions with her poor handling of the thing. "Alright. But give us a moment to find a safe place to test this voodoo artifact. It'll be safer if I don't try using it, yet..."
  10. Nadas blinked twice upon listening to the whole explanation of what just happened and decided to leave the thing of scale a couple of feet away from her immediately, not trusting this bewitched object. "Uuu-huh..." she muttered, checking his floppy arm and taking it with her hands, it seems it was numb. "Try not too move too much." Voodoo magic? No! Nadas didn't know how to treat that with medicine! What was she going to do?! And the shaman was asleep; shamans know best about the voodoo. She frowned and grinned innocently. "I'll... Try to fix this, yes. Don't worry. You are saying you should be larger than what you are now? Should we use the device again to enlarge you?"
  11. Nadas checked Kate's wounds and frowned when realizing they were burns. They didn't look like they were of high grade so her situation was not critical. Still, the little girl was probably in pain, and it pained Nadas that she couldn't help this little one in her current state. She had nothing to treat her burns with. The gecko glanced at Dragon's wound and checked if it was still clotting and inspected Syndir quickly to see if he was still breathing before continuing with Silven. He looked smaller than she remembered, "Hello, moth-person. My name is Nadas. It's nice to meet you, and I'm glad you speak the same language we do." she said and then checked Silven's limbs, confused at first; what was exactly happening to him? "What do you feel? Anything hurts?" she noticed the thing of scale though, and took it carefully, inspecting it. She didn't know what it was. "Huh...?"
  12. Just as Syndir appeared to show signs of life, Nadas watched as the little girl collapsed on top of Jaw's back, and she gasped. First, she made sure Syndir was ok by checking for a second and then she rushed to take Kate into her arms, picking her up and then carrying her next to the shaman. Once she was settled, the gecko lady also went to look for the moth person, a being she was not accustomed to seeing-- which means she has never seen such a body structure before and was also inexperienced as regards what kind of organs or bones did it have. After all injured were "resting" in close proximity to each other, Nadas gave priority to the young and so she knelt before Kate, next to her side. "How is it that such a little girl can shape the fires at her will?" she asked to herself, checking if she had any visible injuries before continuing with Silven.
  13. You mean I shouldn't be shaking all over and slithering on the ground while froth spews out of my maw? Oh.
  14. Nadas had to do a double take to realize something descended from the sky, a creature of unknown origin and that she didn't recall seeing around with the rest of the group. With the characteristics of a moth, this being writhed on the ground, and seemed hurt as well, she could tell by the lack of movement coordination and apparent panic. Even though she saw this, the gecko had to see if her aid was helping the human whatsoever.
  15. When placed on Jaw's back, Nadas would stay close to those who are wounded, such is the case of both Dragon and Syndir. Magically the wounds on Syndir healed except for the burnt scars on his face, but his critical state was due to his lack of breathing, and thus Nadas once again attempted to push the water out of his lungs by pressing down with her hands on his chest rhythmically; this was of course after asking Dragon to set him down nicely. As last resort she also tried to breathe into his mouth with obvious difficulty.
  16. Once Nadas is grabbed and dropped on Jaw's left arm, she gasps and looks up to his gigantic face. She sighs and then collapses on the scaly surface, breathing deeply in sake of relaxing. "T-That was close..."