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  1. It’s fine the chat is kinda not very active atm and idk what else to do rather than just trying to get the publicity needed
  2. I guess i’ll post it here anyways: Ml Server We are a fun community and very social talk we talk about games and usually make people have a nice time by talking to us.Our server has a liking for mobile legends and other fun games and we are a good community.We also got a music channel and a fun game channel.We are currently looking for new members to make the server more social. https://discord.gg/UQE682
  3. How you make a discord server more populated by that i mean get more people for it i have an discord server and i kinda need some ideas to make it more active and social and get more people? Should i stream about it or just make a description join message?,cause i have a join message but i don’t know if it’s etic to post it here
  4. ban xedlord because he was thinking that i was a woman (he still needs to be killed tho)
  5. ban xedlord because the forums are drugs that make us mindblown
  6. ban watermelon because he wrote "man" instead of ban so it's not actually a ban