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  1. ban Xedlord because he's against cursing
  2. ban Watermelen because watermelen is **** anyway I know the truth hurts
  3. ban Watermelen because who said that it was yours? Get your own jokes you silly
  4. ban xedlord for assuming my gender
  5. ban Birbewelen because i should give him an achievement Gabe!
  6. ban xedlord for only banning me and not waiting for others and ban xedlord for mentioning me
  7. ban xedlord because i'm high
  8. ban XedLord for mentioning my waifu in a ban
  9. ban Birdmen because he is a birb
  10. ban Watermelen because he looks like an stinky dragon fly so he's lying about the black merm thing,if it was true that you are a hole can i throw this dead body in you?
  11. ban watermelen because he's a black men in disguise
  12. ban datshadowjk because spoilers ain't the way of showing your feelings to me,just kiss me and i'll give you the 5 rings
  13. ban asparagus because can you marry me with datshadowjk?
  14. ban datshadowjk because i love him
  15. ban DaTshadowJK because he is gangster fly that is smoking weed and getting high like a kite also ban him because he is watching me with his profile pic and he is creepy and ban fim for many other reasons