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  1. Faroz Character [DST]

    can you make it for DS shipwrecked too?
  2. The Lamb (DS and RoG)

    can't you make it for shipwrecked too?
  3. ban xedlord because i changed my profile picture
  4. ban watermelon because now i'm haunting for bans
  5. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    you gotta be swifty,you gotta be swift with this song
  6. ban xedlord because he was thinking that i was a woman (he still needs to be killed tho)
  7. ban xedlord because he needs to be lynched
  8. ban watermelon for misspelling someone's name
  9. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    i offer an pineapple for all the good songs that this place has
  10. ban xedlord because the forums are drugs that make us mindblown
  11. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    they both sound the same kinda
  12. ban xedlord because he wrote watermelon's name wrong
  13. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    he looks happy tho
  14. ban xedlord because the governor is here
  15. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    i'll make sure to gift you a pineapple pizza on your birthday then