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  1. Ban Watermelen for being a slave owner.
  2. Ban Watermelen for being a Junior Member.
  3. Ban Shadow for being hated.
  4. Ban Watermelen for implying I have a job. I don't.
  5. Ban Watermelen for actually following through with a dare to look up vore on DeviantArt. And also for mentioning vore on a SFW forum.
  6. Ban Watermelen because the Senior Member part is irrelevant.
  7. Ban Watermelen for not realizing I haven't been on this forum for... what, 9 months? So of course I haven't seen the fanfiction area. But now you've made me curious.
  8. Can I have a title now?

  9. Ban Watermelen for mentioning porn on a SFW forum. You went too far. JoeW gonna smite you down, boi.
  10. Ban Watermelen for being in the mafia. This isn't a video game.
  11. Ban Watermelen for using puns. I'm the punny guy around here, melenhead.
  12. Ban Watermelen for thinking I know everything there is about drugs. Where have YOU been learning this stuff, huh?
  13. Ban Watermelen for confusing me.
  14. Ban Watermelen for using emojis.