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  1. Ban Watermelen for being a slave owner.
  2. Ban Watermelen for being a Junior Member.
  3. Ban Shadow for being hated.
  4. Ban Watermelen for implying I have a job. I don't.
  5. Ban Watermelen for actually following through with a dare to look up vore on DeviantArt. And also for mentioning vore on a SFW forum.
  6. Ban Watermelen because the Senior Member part is irrelevant.
  7. Ban Watermelen for not realizing I haven't been on this forum for... what, 9 months? So of course I haven't seen the fanfiction area. But now you've made me curious.
  8. Can I have a title now?

  9. Ban Watermelen for mentioning porn on a SFW forum. You went too far. JoeW gonna smite you down, boi.
  10. Ban Watermelen for being in the mafia. This isn't a video game.
  11. Ban Watermelen for using puns. I'm the punny guy around here, melenhead.
  12. Ban Watermelen for thinking I know everything there is about drugs. Where have YOU been learning this stuff, huh?
  13. Ban Watermelen for confusing me.
  14. Ban Watermelen for using emojis.
  15. Ban Watermelen for not knowing that appropriate can also mean "adopt or apply."