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[Game Update] - 274069

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We didn't want to spoil things before you all found all the recipes, so now that you have, we added a nice loyal portrait for everybody who plays during The Gorge event. Additionally, there are more Gorge profile icons. Thanks for playing!


  • Improved controller support for the Recipe Book.
  • Additional Gorge food Profile Icons added.
  • Loyal Gorge event Portrait Frame added.

Bug Fixes

  • Sap can now be harvested while holding an Axe.
  • Fixed issue with granting DLC items that were previously claimed on the beta branch.
  • Fixed crash in Host Game screen when failing to contact Steam.


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20 minutes ago, PeterA said:

Mind taking your sooty shoes off the food? The Gnaw wouldn't find that very appetizing. ;)

Wes will be able to convince Gnaw with his words. After all, he's very persuasive... :D

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for a future update you should update the text since portraits cannot be sold

EDIT : so the youtube video said emotes did you mean emoticons? and when is forge coming im really jealous of people having robot emotes ;-;

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Hey @V2C , thank you for this addition, but i was wondering if you have any plans to add a version of the Shovel and Axe Skin to the Gold ones ? I love their Design, is just sad its only used within the first few days, don't even get to use the shovel one, since i always go for the gold one right way :)

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50 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

Great... more profile icons that i can get instead of head skins...

Just kidding. 

That's actually what I was thinking. I saved all my chests (56) and wanted to binge open them. Will I get the new profile icons with these chests? Or will they contain the skins from before the update? Is it predetermined or random?

Edited by disies
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