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  1. Let's play tic tac toe. Anyone can continue the chain.
  2. Your child is spending too much time on their computer. How do you turn it off?
  3. Good god, normal cooking will never be the same. Say, the regular old crockpot could use a bit of a revamp.
  4. Did you know that your suggested searches are based off of your previous search history? Hmmm....
  5. I think this will be the last gorge related thing from me. I spent far more time on this that I am willing to admit.
  6. The word "Willow" can be swapped out for the word "Webber."
  7. The tool I usually use is this free tool called "," you can find it online. It works similar to photoshop, but without some of the more complex tools. With some practice, you can get pretty good with this.
  8. I would love to get this as a steam profile background.
  9. For all the people worrying about being "no"ed because they have a mac, remember, Klei is looking for a large amount of different people, and because macs have a different operating system, having players who can play on a mac can be critical to making sure all bugs are cleaned off.
  10. What is a telltale heart? I heard it get mentioned as they were talking about player revival.
  11. Because I'm tanky and I'm in the front and there's no way that anyone is passing through! Because I'm tanky, hardly taking damage, there's nothing Maxwell can do! Because I'm tanky, always dealing damage, it's too easy to pull through! Because I'm tanky, diving bosses for the loot so that's what I'm gonna do! ...Because I can't kite...
  12. Worst mistake was thinking that setting the world to eternal darkness was a good idea. Never again.