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  1. specially if the chef is also using manure / bucket of poop
  2. Thats the fuelweaver ornament
  3. Ok already figure it out, Loot Stash gives a random Ornament from No eyed blue, No Eyed Red, Klaus and Krampus. Fuelweaver gives the Laser Deerclops one.
  4. What about the other ornaments? Do i need to kill enraged klaus and normal klaus?
  5. oh, but i see that the game profile says deerclops ornament xD
  6. Question, why that Feastclop ornament has 3 eyes, does deerclops drops it?
  7. Lol "mastery achievements" Dont die by acid xD
  8. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    i did it in 35 minutes, Wicker Woodie WInona (winona cuz she can dart heal and hammer)
  9. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    The new achievements are coming today or on weekend?
  10. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    Haha i was going to craft everything like 30 minutes after they shut down the event xD now more days to get more things
  11. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    But thank you Klei, very much, this will make community very happy
  12. Can i be an alpha/beta tester?
  13. mmm set mod as off, or in the ingame mod menu?
  14. Now fix wood fences and wood gate that also slide when placing them
  15. Do you want to play with me? a 2 ppl world?

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    2. Soulk


      nice i'll send you the invitation and then we could play

    3. Soulk


      I have the same pick and name is Soulk

    4. Soulk


      Same  profile pic*

  16. Oh thanks a lot, now i will buy the Mega pack to play full game, another silly question, how to mention people on reply its good to know.
  17. Hello there, i got one question: I am actually thinking about buying the Don't Starve MEGA PACK since it includes Don't Starve game plus it's DLC (RoG which i'll like to play) it also includes the Multiplayer Dont Starve Together; but as you dont mention that the MEGA PACK doesn't allow to play the Early-Access(or via Beta Key) i dont know what to buy either Frontier Pack or MEGA PACK to play online. Thank you for reading.