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  1. are you sure are fully tamed? they change their hair style, also the rider should run faster test it out
  2. thats your opinion, this option has been there for a lot of time (years) and very few ppl wanting to take advantage of getting 2x1 are complaining :S
  3. is not, you rather buy only 1 game with no giftable copy?, what you want is to buy 1 game and be able to gift 2, thats clever
  4. you buy 1 game that comes with a giftable copy, you are not buyin 2 games. sooo much different
  5. The lasser comes from the Red Bulb not the boss so they can aggro the Eye xD
  6. Why Wes Underpowered

    why dont you become an editor and help to improve the wikis?
  7. Why Wes Underpowered

    Please buff wolfgang i cant 1 shot deerclops with HAMBAT and 300 hunger :@
  8. maybe you can add steam money to her account?
  9. whats the error you get? can u send screenshot?
  10. that Deerclops has Klauses eye, that's what OP means
  11. Also learn to Sync enemies and then kite groups, i can kite around 4-8 splumonkeys at the same time, i frist sync then i kite hit twice kite. they die in 3 hits with a weapon that does 42 or more dmg, if you are wolfgang you just 1 shot them with darts too.
  12. Thats the fuelweaver ornament
  13. Ok already figure it out, Loot Stash gives a random Ornament from No eyed blue, No Eyed Red, Klaus and Krampus. Fuelweaver gives the Laser Deerclops one.
  14. What about the other ornaments? Do i need to kill enraged klaus and normal klaus?