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  1. How to disable click to walk

    yes i updated thanks
  2. I would LOVE to play with less than 150 ping :S but i still play
  3. But that usually means 3 slots = 3 days if its configured to save 1 slot per day
  4. How to disable click to walk

    THANKS! i will use it for survival mode as well
  5. Forge Top Speedruns (Videos Included)

    Another thing that i can say, this is DST not DOTA2 / LoL where scripters are punished, this was just an event that klei was testing, was something new, they gathered a lot of feedback and yes the best solution its to find that exploit fix so everyone can be happy.
  6. I'm with you, your points are very valid for me. even wes is pretty viable @Chromo about your question, indeed Woodie can be a good pick for Mid-Exp players but its also about likes and dislikes, as Toros said you dont need to justify you pick if you enjoy playing woodie go ahead. in my opinion the best pick for people above average knowledge of the games is Wickerbottom hands down, Logs use Beager/Rooks/ Animated skeleton (Late game), want rocks do the same with Bearger/Rook/Animated, want grass twigs use the OP book, want Krampus spawn birds of the world get insane by using the book plus farming feather for darts + krampus + NM fuel. I consider my self an advanced player because i am able to do this: Day 1-6 Dragonfly killed and pseudo base construted near dragonfly explored a big the caves for ruin entrances. Day 6-11 Farm tentacle spots for 5 books make a tentacle trap for Queenbee and kill her, on fullmoon day 11 i use 9 NM fuel on chester to get the shadow version for more slots Day 11-18 ish, ruin rush where i kill ancient guardian (aiming for lazy explorer/moonstaff) get around 6-10 thulecite armors get around 2 or 3 stacks of NM fuel and most importat magni amulet. (Get around 1 or 2 bundle wraps with lichen + lightbulbs) Day 18-21 explore a bit more the surface (with shadow chester and magni amulet) to either get a better base location or improve the pseudo base i made. Day 21-26 prepare all for klaus and kill it. (Get cane if lazy explorer didnt drop) From day 26 i just farm McTusk party and set a Pig / Rabbit farm Kill deerclops on 30 and set the ground to farm all the Goose/Goose i see. After that i do whatever i want xD (kill antlion / set a base on desert) or spend summer on caves fully exploring it idk. Tame a beefalo prepare the SHadow piece figths.
  7. Forge Top Speedruns (Videos Included)

    @GlassArrow thanks my friend ;D we did played some games, and actually my record was 13:26 with you and @eXiGe playing together and i remember using max as fire staff user and i was pretty bad with animation cancel xD and we still had that time. Also i congrat you a lot for that awesome mod for the detailed summary, if the people used it they could've noticed that even the fire staff user doing over 50k dmg it wasnt even the 30% of the team dmg, so as you said Forge was a Team Oriented event where everyone played a important rol.
  8. Forge Top Speedruns (Videos Included)

    can't understand this guy :S
  9. Forge Top Speedruns (Videos Included)

    Im sorry if you were not able to get a good time, maybe u could've found better team mates or make friends to play with.
  10. Thats also a good idea, but the thing is that the game doesnt provide any hint for new players, maybe guide them trougth a hosted endless mode to learn how to play by themself too, cuz i honestly like the game concept to slowly discover everything by yourself
  11. @Raspberry Milk that's what im saying, new people open the game and face a menu with 2 options Browse or Host, maybe change that approach for new players. I think there is nothing wrong with gameplay, thats why klei made a Setting options for the world, u dont like grass gekko set default variety, you dont like desease set to none, dont like frog rain etc etc etc. I think would be great to have a kind of tutorial for the game, just teaching that you need food, you can gather stuff like logs to make fire, there is a nigth monster called charlie so you need light at night, maybe guide the ppl to create a pot to cook and teach the meatball recipe, idk.
  12. I advice klei making a tutorial for the game. With the basic stuff, u cant make ppl play with other when most new players will do annoying things, or at maybe integrate the vanilla version within DST if we look at the menu we see Browse Games and Host game, there is no hint for anyone. With is would be great to change the Browse Games/ Host game options to one like the Original DS when you hit play gives you the option to either play Vanilla/Rog/SW then select the character, why not to implement a only Play button that send you to a new menu where you can choose: *Online Games *Hosted Games *Turorial
  13. OMG yes, im 28 years old, when i played Zelda Ocarina of times at the age of 6 yo hahah i wasnt able to leave the kokiri village xD couldnt find the kokiri sword xD nor buy the wooden shield
  14. Thats exactly the biome where i usually find him, not that close to the lichen but still the same ground color, and mostly if that biome its near the cave spider nest. You know what im gonna do, gonna post every location picture where i find it to get some position