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59 minutes ago, ResettePlayer said:
  1. I don't know if you can even tell what's going on in this doodle, but I expanded upon that thought slightly.
  2. Maxwell torture always puts a smile on my face.
  3. I must confess I never before considered the potential consequences of a tribble infestation in the Constant. I suppose Willow would probably just set fire to them as an extermination effort.
  1. 5926b20bbe708_charlieskinmagazine.thumb.png.55f87e59448ff8d5ab3bf9eba34dcde3.pngClick the comic to read.
  2. 5aa76668a4032_arielimpliedevil.png.f2a55a086558e295fb0100772b340f4a.pngI got a comic coming up that shares that fetish. It's a bit graphic too, so you'll know it by when it's spoilered.
  3. Wouldn't that make Wilson the red shirt or wes?5bfe2c4bc698b_Arielthoncdiscord.png.5510791e124c2132fa82ba92b8d32585.png
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On 12/22/2018 at 11:22 AM, ResettePlayer said:

Another idea that has been plaguing my mind for months is drawing Winston Churchill as a playable character. This has probably been done 75 times already, but my stupid brain won't shut up about it.


surprisingly not so go ham


On 12/23/2018 at 1:28 AM, gallusvarius said:

think the anime girls outnumber the cats at this point. 

Furry anime boys and girls are ok though right? they better be ok! *pulls out pistol*


On 12/21/2018 at 4:37 PM, minespatch said:

Thank you so much for cobbling this together. I'm going to try getting you and everyone else's presents as soon as possible.I was actually thinking of Inn keeper when looking at wight's design.

Maybe due to wight being a survivor, he gains sanity while eating rot and poop but loses health if eating regular foods?

He's probably a slower character but has better strength to make up for it?

I don't remember it ever being a good idea to eat fecal matter in any setting far be it survival. as well as rot.

On 12/21/2018 at 6:49 PM, ResettePlayer said:

Maybe. Rot and poop may be hard to get a hold of on the first day though. And it just seems appropriate for him to eat raw meat/freshly murdered animals, doesn't it? He'd have to eat a dozen or so berries in order to get a decent "meal," which adds a smidge of challenge.

As for speed, that's a decent idea to enhance the idea that he's an ancient corpse hobbling about. His knees probably aren't what they used to be. That might conflict with the low health though, since he'd have a hard time dodging and then he'd just... be killed. How strong would he have to be to make up for that?

Another idea that crossed my mind: Wight would eat Nightmare fuel for upgrades (similar to WX-78), but they'd be temporary. Probably wouldn't work alongside fuel for health, but a it's way to incorporate his undead status into gameplay a bit more.

Oh dang, the resemblance certainly is there. Underbite, fur cape thing, the fact that the innkeeper seems to be on the verge of death anyway... maybe they're related. Wight is noseless and (probably) blue-hued, and that's the main facial difference, I suppose.


On 12/23/2018 at 12:58 PM, ResettePlayer said:

Yeah, that makes sense. The "Murder-o-Meter" could be constantly depleting... wait, no, that would basically be Wolfgang's hunger meter.

You could say that he's light-averse in general (though still perfectly killable by Charlie in darkness). That still wouldn't be enough. Meh.

Balancing a character is proving to be about as challenging as I had expected. Adding seemingly arbitrary drawbacks (such as, for example, slow movement speed when wearing armour items) can feel untrue to the character. Like it's just being crammed in there with little reason.

If we really must have the nightmare-fuel-for-buffs thing, it could be a recipe. Three fuels and some spider glands and maybe an evil flower or somethin' makes the Necromantic Snack. For... snackromancy? There's a pun in there somewhere.This would give a good, but still temporary, buff. Regular unprocessed fuel would recover some health. How 'bout that? What would make that recipe more hassle for an experienced player?

Ok so first before you go all nuts or did go all nuts I'm gonna make a list from all the things i've seen from a zombie being able to do.

break objects and doors. windows with ease
shamble about.
be increasingly hardy
fly into a muderous frenzy at the sight of prey
have basic understanding of itself and surroundings
specialized zombies in some form of basic speech.
have night vison
are more powerful during night time
weak during daylight}
and then wighs themselves seem to be unlucky souls.

feel free to add to this list, and surprise zombies aren't known for being fragle. they only look taht way because they are getting decapitated. with shovels and the like and i point out. thats really hard to do.

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14 hours ago, minespatch said:

worth it just for Wilson's expression in the first panel

hwell then I could have stopped there! And saved a few hours for procrastination on other stuff!

11 hours ago, Raspberry Milk said:

Is this a secret Evangelion tie in?

I am no weeb. But you can interpret this as you please.

10 hours ago, Russian Philin said:

Charlie's face is a masterpiece. Just super.

Thank you! Her face used to be very challenging for me, but I figured it out eventually.


13 hours ago, Donke60 said:

shamble about

Well, would a Don't Starve zombie be a traditional zombie? Probably not. A playable wight would have to be one of the cognisant undead, so he might be less murder-frenzy-y.

Giving him night vision and daylight weakness could be interesting, 'cos though he wouldn't be killable by Charlie, the greater part of the 24-hour cycle he'd be debuffed. He'd only have a small window of time to wreak destruction.

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4 hours ago, ResettePlayer said:

Giving him night vision

night vision is very powerful. it allows you to work around the clock with little hinderance. for it to be not totally insane. his night vision would have to be pretty limiting. and I can just imagine the pain that would be to code correctly. seeing as no character has fixed night vision and the only person close Woodie has full night vision but he has other limiting factors that stops him from working. as a werebeaver

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Okay, so I was doing that thing where I end up just, sitting on a page to make me remember to respond when I come back, and then I never respond because I feel like I don't have time and as a result never open the tab, causing me to ignore this place... Uhh, but here I am.   I had a lot of relatives visiting for Christmas Break.


On 12/23/2018 at 1:26 PM, ResettePlayer said:

I drew these two for the summer themed stream prompt as well. It's weird to think that was nearly half a year ago! It feels like no time at all.

I like WX examining the Klaus ornament, as if he 'doesn't understand Christmas,' as implied in other places and drawings of Klei. It's amusing to me. 



On 12/23/2018 at 1:26 PM, ResettePlayer said:

Wilson has inherent winter advantage not only in the beard, but in the fact that he can roll down his sleeves as well. Characters such as Wendy, on the other hand, are somewhat under dressed.


It occurred to me just now that I should have made that blanket a quilt. If Charlie presumably sends the survivors new clothes every now and then, they might put the rags of their old outfits to use. Stuff it with beard hair, various birds' down, and miscellaneous animal furs for insulation. Sew it together with Webber's face secretion and you got a nice blanket with a bit of everyone in it. Yeah, it's kinda nasty, but you can't have standards in the wilderness. Just think of all the memories that quilt would hold! So... cosy.

This makes a rather bit of sense, really! Clever idea.
Wolfgang has even less clothing than Wendy, I think, or at least, she appears to have some kind of tights or something on her legs. But Wendy is a more cute option for Wilson to give Hot cocoa to, heh. 

On 1/3/2019 at 3:44 PM, ResettePlayer said:

lugh okay I said I'd do this months ago. But, of course, I lost interest.

And then that second panel turned into barely legible garbage. Mistakes were made, but I don't care anymore. Have a lame jok

Oh, this is hilarious XD And don't worry, I can read the second panel very well! It's one of my favorites, and very well depicts the chaos of Wilson's thoughts after Charlie's remark. 

Reminds me a little of how It'sTheBlob portrays Charlie in her 'Maxwell and Wilson get shipwrecked,' casual and inviting people and such. I know it wasn't intentional, of course, though.

On 12/23/2018 at 6:34 PM, ResettePlayer said:

Maxwell torture always puts a smile on my face.

Me too, me too... 

His face of realized disgust is quite amusing. Not to mention, Wilson's expression as he mentions all this.
As usual, you do very well depicting these characters!

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8 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Also her slitted eyes are a nice touch.

Well, she's kinda got a wee bit of a cat thing going on, right? Or did I just imagine that...

2 hours ago, gallusvarius said:

His face of realized disgust

I wonder what he did immediately after. Pretend he didn't hear Wilson? Get up wordlessly and walk away, being sure to keep his back to Wilson? His dignity was harmed, to be sure.

Thank you for all your kind words!

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1 hour ago, Raspberry Milk said:

Those are some very impressive legs

Haha, well, you know the Roc is a legendary bird, right?

The only way the Roc could get a leg up in the vicious Hamlet food chain, yeah? Look what you made me do.


Anyway. Couldn't let that Xenomorph mouth(s) go unappreciated.



Rawk Hawk Rock for the Roc


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I was going to ask what the secondary piece was and then I scrolled down to the other piece.

I'm not sure why the first piece feels like it's popping out more compared to the second color wise but I like both. Woodie's pose on the second has nice depth but the coloring on the first one feels like the colors are brighter. Did you use a burnishing technique?

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9 hours ago, minespatch said:

first piece feels like it's popping out more compared to the second color wise

That's because I used gouache on the first one and coloured pencils on the second. Gouache covers the paper much better than coloured pencil, but I find it takes longer to use (probably due to being unpracticed in that medium), so I switched for the second piece.

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