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Drawings and Drivel

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5 hours ago, minespatch said:

You gave the devs sass

Di... did I? [squints] ...maybe? Iunno. I try to remain mostly true to the source material.

5 hours ago, minespatch said:

simplified except for the eyelid compared to the detailed figures

Drawing every leaf would be pretty agonising, and also it would probably take too much attention away from the points of interest. Woodie and WX are supposed to be the focal point here, with the eye immediately following, so those things were drawn with extra care. I drew the leaves inside the mouth, thinking it would look darker that way, but the result is that those leaves appear to be in front of the rest when they are supposed to be further back, since they are so defined.

Woodie and WX are also in front of the birchnut (closer to the viewer) and therefore they should be more detailed, because as a general rule it is easier to see things that are closer to you.

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Wortox's red coat probably serves as a sort of anti-camouflage. Or maybe it blends well in the blood-soaked fields of war, where the wasted souls of the sons of our nation wander, seeking answers as to what it all was even for. When the Krampi come to pillage what weapons and boots remain in one piece, they say that there is another wanderer in the battlefield, taking nothing material, but consuming the very souls of the dead before they can find rest.




We've been practicing using wet media in life drawing, and the instructor recommended using bingo dabbers/markers as a source of cheap ink. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to buy three of these things even though I definitely did not need that much. The open red one is still practically full and there is a whole 'nother container there. I'm gonna have these for years probably, even if I use them in like every DS drawing I do.

They're not even the right Starving/Higgsbury red. They tend to dry a leaning towards pink.


The violet one is almost empty, but that's because I accidentally spilt most of it on the floor one time. I'd like to avoid that in the future.

But yeah. If you want a cheap red for your art, one of these might not be a bad idea for you. Just get one, not three.



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11 hours ago, Bluegeist said:

I wanted to say about your Poison Birchnut piece, that I liked how you designed WX's chest door to have a "grip" (handle?). It's a simple but pragmatic design choice I didn't think of.

Thanks, good eye! I figured that since they have no jaw and their mouthpiece seems to be a speaker more than anything, they "fuel up" via this hatch. It would be pretty weird if they just ate in a traditional manner.

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