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I have not experienced this and i have two bee boxes running. When i went to collect combs i only faced 1 killer bee in the two hives i collected from. I had armor and a bee helmet, i guess the progress update had me overprepare. If i had known i was not going to get insatiable killer bees on me i would have gone naked.

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I have two biomes with a huge amount of beehives.One is normal, and the other is a giant land mass loaded with hundreds of the red/killer kind.I think it's a bug for sure, but I would like to see them leave 1-2 killer bees outside the nests...just not this many. :)

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I have an area with around 12+ beehives.THERE'S A LOT OF KILLER BEES. They don't seem to respawn. I went on a bee-killing-spree with 2 logsuits and a spear, after killing around 50 killer bees (NOT EVEN HALF OF THEM) and wasting my two logsuits the area cleared up a bit.I plan to kill the rest later on. Wish me luck because they're a lot.

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