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  1. I love the elder mandrake clapping! Makes it look like it's something that would not attack and attempt to kill you, but sadly...
  2. I'm guessing it's a mod. Some screenshots players post in this forum have a small map in the corner.
  3. Samesies. I love it when people data mine and we get to see all the possibilities that developers considered and rejected.
  4. They die when you cook them, if you don't want to eat them alive. (shudder)
  5. Klei is an awesome game developer because (among other things) they truly listen to their fan base. Remember when they would *never* create a multi-player DS game?
  6. Samesies. I wear a backpack everywhere I go playing other characters, so...
  7. Pretty sure that is only if you continue to chop. three chops = one tuber, so if you chop a big one 12 times you get 4 tubers and a stump. What I don't know for certain is if you leave the trunk like before, will it grow more tubers?
  8. Hi, I have died in the relevant games so cannot send a file. I killed the Mant Queen in about three different games, each time as Wigfrid. After, she can't seem to hear. I am told on the general forum that this is a bug, so to report it here. Thank you.
  9. It's the gift that keeps on giving! I'm just here to see how long the "Warbucks War" continues to be strung along...
  10. It would be great to have a character whose perks include exploration right away, especially of the ruins (which is so fun.) Thanks.
  11. thanks -- I checked and fixed it. Should have checked first...
  12. He answered this question in a long-ish post earlier in this thread "we will make a new trailer for sure."
  13. Samesies. Warbucks and his issues have caused the forums to explode.
  14. @JoeW Serious question: What about the trailers? Will you re-do them? I'm just curious.
  15. Is he wearing a green gem? I couldn't see it on him when I played him, but in the pictures it looks like he is wearing one. Also, what to green medallions do?
  16. Same here. Didn't play him much, but was it really necessary to delete the character?!?