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  1. Book and Beanie?

    I really like that idea.
  2. When I minimize my map as much as possible, there are additional areas that look like the inside of a storeroom. Sometimes I can get a good look at them and sometimes I can't. They often have supplies, such a backpack and other useful items. Does anybody know what there are? Do we travel to them late in the game? Or is this an undeveloped aspect of Hamlet. Thanks.
  3. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    Awesome ideas!!!!!
  4. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    I love the colors during hayfever season. the lake is just beautiful.
  6. So, I finally built a greenhouse as an addition to the slanty shanty. Was rather excited about it, and then disappointed when I couldn't plant a farm. I used the greenhouse flooring. Has anybody found a way to grow food in the greenhouse? Thanks.
  7. Do developers check bug tracker?

    Thank you. I think essentially browbeating the dev's in the forums would not have the effect of making them want to work more on Hamlet.
  8. Great Progress!

    I also got it for free. Considering they charge $6 for it: 1. I would have gladly paid $6. 2. Your point is well-taken. How could they make up for giving away so many free copies, when paying customers only paid $6?
  9. I don't play DST, but what you just described sounds perfect and very fun! Those would be nice additions to the game. In DS, it seems to make sense that time would pass regardless of which world you are in, but it is a pain in a** (scuse my french) to rush the fifth island if you don't start in hamlet and want to delay the aporkalypse. Maybe, however, that is part of what makes Hamlet more difficult.
  10. I'm wondering how many people like the current system, with time always syncing between worlds, and how many would prefer jumping into Hamlet on Day 1 instead of entering during Aporkalypse? My answer: I used to feel we should enter Hamlet on Day 1, but as I think about it while reading this thread it does make more sense that all the linked worlds are synced, since the player is spending time in DS, not just in different worlds (if that makes sense.) So, I'm not sure what I think anymore and am curious to know how others think about it. Thanks!
  11. Wickerbottom is my favorite character to play. And now, you have given me additional reasons to love her. Instead of grumbling that she can't sleep, I can now think about all the dark secrets that keep me awake at night. Wheeee!
  12. So sorry to hear, @watermelen671. Take care of yourself.
  13. "i wouldst greatly appreciateth" That's manners, no?
  14. I love the elder mandrake clapping! Makes it look like it's something that would not attack and attempt to kill you, but sadly...
  15. [Game Update] - 337090

    I'm guessing it's a mod. Some screenshots players post in this forum have a small map in the corner.
  16. Samesies. I love it when people data mine and we get to see all the possibilities that developers considered and rejected.
  17. They die when you cook them, if you don't want to eat them alive. (shudder)
  18. <insert annoying hilarious meme here>
  19. Klei is an awesome game developer because (among other things) they truly listen to their fan base. Remember when they would *never* create a multi-player DS game?
  20. Samesies. I wear a backpack everywhere I go playing other characters, so...