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  1. Release Candidate!

    I miss being able to murder rabbits while holding an item on the mouse cursor (so I can pickup a trapped rabbit and hold the trap while killing the rabbit to create space for the next trap). Is this intended?
  2. Google Chrome cloud save

    I know I have heard people suffering the deleted saves from clearing thier chrome browser problem before. Ill leave the cloud answer to those that use chrome though.
  3. I certainly agree that the game needs more variety of regular enemie. However with houds, killer bees, tall birds and nightmares I dont think its fare to say its spider alone. Its just that spiders are the ever expanding threat where everything else is manageable.
  4. Damn guys dont make this feature pointless like you made gobblers and being naughty.
  5. You sir are a quack, they annouced the old reasearch method was disapeering in November last year: The game has always been striving for rogue likeness and kevin has publicly stated he disliked what it made players do. Now I get there can be some frustrations over reseting when you lose a game but I personally think its quite a charming system and generally find it quite easy to build what I want quickly now instead of having to spend hours farming plants to feed into the machine. Your post comes across as plain ranting, lacking critque that will get proper discussion flowing. *edit* I thought I would address one point: Going to new world you keep your research its only in death that you lose it (new game or dead).

    I believe the killer bee field is one of the landmarks for exploring the world like the pig water fortress.
  7. Food spoilage?

    I think food spoilage would encourage several new behaviours: 1 - Hoarding of food would still occur but people will begin to hoard them in thier unpicked states. This would add emphasis to farms, and berry fields. 2 - Rabbit warrens would become much less a popular camp site priority since they would become a site for emergency food more then as a stockpile site. 3 - High value foods would become much more important. camps will naturally be more setup to produce high hnger quenching food items so you can go on several days of exploration, come home and rapidly bump yourself back up to max food. 4 - This adds a semi hidden noob punishment system, not knowing how to preserve food or to collect high value items will quickly hurt newbies but provide little in the way of barriers to established players. These are my thoughts on what spoilage could do for player behaviour. I do not pretend to understand player behaviour fully It is just my interpretations of player habits.