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  1. 1. I dont think Werepigs effect Krampus, but not 100% on that one.2. Werepigs always drop 2 meat and 1 pigskin, making them more efficient to farm then normal pigs.3. Pigs infinitely respawn in pig houses, just takes a few days to make new piggies.4. i believe a werepig takes 3-4 hits with a spear, again not 100% on the exact amount.Double ninja'd!!
  2. Pretty sure if you kill all the killer bees, normal bees spawn from the hives instead. I think its just to prevent people from making mass honey farms early on, and makes the world a little more interesting. XD
  3. even if you only got half of the items percentage, so dropping a 10% spear on a 80% spear would only give you 85%. to try and encourage using a weapon until it breaks, but still giving the option to free up inventory space when you have a few damaged items
  4. I think we should be able to merge damaged weapons and armor together so that if for example, i have a spear at 10% i could drop it on a spear with 80% and end up having one spear at 90%