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  1. Its silly to say that there are any rules to break in a sandbox game like Don't Starve. I get the gist of what you're saying though.
  2. Its interesting how people define "cheating". Cheating is gaining an advantage through illegitimate means. Deleting a tentacle spike that has 3% durability on it rather than throwing it on the ground and letting it lag my game is not "cheating".
  3. Console to delete useless items. There will be no clutter in my world!
  4. Everything goes into chests. Everything. I typically have 20+ chests in every base I make. I noticed a lot of players on youtube/twitch leave stuff on the ground and it drives me crazy. Also, pig houses must be several screens away from my base. I am not taking any chances with those darn werepigs.
  5. Hah, yep. Although I can see that if you dont clean up the moleworms and bunnies that fall from earthquakes, your cave can quickly become overrun by them.
  6. There's a bunny floating in my cave. I noticed this after an earthquake, but it may not be related. When its nighttime I can also see it sleeping. Its cute but it did scare the hell out of me the first time. Mods: Always on Status Display Food Values Lighter Logs Where's My Beefalo Edit: I'm able to hover over it and "Examine Rabbit". There's no option to attack it at all, even if I hold CTRL. Edit 2: I reloaded my game and it was still hovering. I moved a screen away, came back, and the rabbit was now on the ground and I was able to attack it. o_o It may be notable that this was right near the underground swamp where a lot of giant tentacles are. If rabbits are falling from earthquakes like moleworms are, then it may have been in the process of falling and gotten stuck because of a giant tentacle.
  7. Ahhh what a great trailer! Kudos to everyone who worked on it.
  8. O_O A moleworm just fell from an earthquake! I was trying to take a screenshot and he got up and burrowed right into the ground. I was in the caves, not the ruins.
  9. Thank you for all the fixes! I've been waiting to explore the ruins.
  10. Ouch, that's rough. At least you got a screenshot? Unless there's a feature where the game will take one for you upon death, I've never taken one because I usually sit and stare in shock whenever I die.
  11. Eh, I'm not a fan of them. If they really do spawn randomly and they're just imposed on us like that... well, thats a huge pita. Thanks for the help jbeetle.
  12. I havent opened any sinkholes yet, I dont believe Ive even found any.
  13. Started a new game and much to my surprise, a lureplant and its eyeplants spawned on my base around day 14. Scared the hell out of me, I was heading back to base at night with a torch and ran right into a bunch of eyeballs. What causes the lureplant to spawn and how can I avoid it?
  14. Rumor has it, many children have entered Wickerbottom's library and were never to be seen again..