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  1. I always thought Wilson was a brit. I'm not one just to clarify. And I thought Wolfgang was German, because his name is Wolfgang.
  2. I haven't even touched adventure mode yet, I'm scarred of what I've heard about it. I like sandbox, and custom sandbox even better. Maybe during the next adventure focused update, I'll give it a good whirl.
  3. Maybe you could somehow merge the new clock with the old one, because the old clock is too pretty to just do away with.
  4. Do things despawn yet after a set time? Cause if not chest have no value, and you can leave mainly anything on the ground, besides food, which there is an icebox for.
  5. Just think of all the goodies and treasure trove of items and features that'll be thought of and implemented. That will hopefully cause the game to sell even more, and then cause it to get more updates!
  6. All I hope, is that all the unimplemented characters they have in the game files, will one day be implemented.
  7. Just started a new game, huge starting biome, with plenty of resources. No roads at all, or even "paths" that I've heard about. There was a savanah biome, but it had no beefalos in it at all, just jackalopes, and grass. Can't find the pigs anywhere either. And I haven't found any wormholes. This update seems lonely.
  8. You don't have to right click the machine and press play, you can actually just click on a specific lever of it, to pull it down to "play" it.
  9. Klei should release an official extended soundtrack for the game, I would buy it.
  10. Well shouldn't Wilson, Woflgang, and Wes all start out being unlocked then, so people who prefer different difficulties can play right away.?
  11. And without any regular bees at all.! That's another major part of this throwoff.
  12. *a lot Sorry. But in all seriousness I think they should change the border that happens when you get low low sanity, these thick squiggles just aren't doing it for me.
  13. I came across this too, some were attached to beehives though. No regular bees in sight. Took some a pic.
  14. I'd rather not, just getting those two screen shots alone left me with a health of exactly zero. I hardly made it out alive of the killer bee field.! Wilson survives, just barley.