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  1. So there seem to be some french and spanish speaking folks. Jemand da der mit mir ein paar Worte auf Deutsch wechseln will/kann ^^
  2. I wonder what you would do if you didnt buied the beta version, 'cause the full game throws ALL of that you are complaining about at players which never played DS before, when the game will get its full release.
  3. If you stop at the right moment when Wilson pulls the switch you see this:
  4. Exactly, Pan Flute becomes a rather rare item in the winter update since it needs a mandrake.
  5. It will probably end like this.A voice appears from the dark woods:Mistake #1 Just 2 Ice hounds and one blowpipe, should 've spent more resources on the equpipmentMistake #2 You are trying to get me just with a 2 men hunting party, a ****ing insult.But most important mistake *McTusk looks around*, exactly, you run right into my "playground">: )
  6. Well at least something, thx for the quick answer.
  7. Will we have to make a new world for the winter update, and in case of YES, does using the wooden thing counts as "New" world?
  8. I have to admit, I rearly use the tent, and when I finally do, its for cosmetic purpose.I really liked it when you could change between the chars, but as alredy said, that was a bit OP.
  9. Well, I cant remember back whenever you got a stack of more than one dart for crafting "one". Currently you get just one per craft.So 2x reeds + 1x Crowfeather + 1x Sting = 1x Sleeping Dart. Ahh thx for decrypting that, I was close though.
  10. Mkay I do my best.I dont know what you do, ----should be clear-------,but I use my *CRITICAL TRANSLATION ERROR* to follow me and win noobs like spiders.-------------------okay I dont get that part----------- -------could mean an NPC does the dirty work like killing for him, a pig mabye? or a smallish tallbird?-
  11. Werner, I'd love to see that character ingame, roaming around with a motorcycle xD(Werner Movies: Beinhart, Das muss Kesseln, Volles ROAÄ, Gekotzt wird später and of course Eiskalt)
  12. It seems like Red has some free time and want to put some new stuff into it, go look for yourself in the forums, but enough OT ^^
  13. Wait what, Terraria still gets updates, I thought they dropped the game a few updates after the hellmode. Heading right to the their mainpage i need to see that.
  14. AFAIK thats correct, the winter update and probably another last major update and then the game gets full released. But Klei plans to support the game at least for another 6 months after the release.
  15. I usually have 1 amulet in my backpack, but I was just in the middle of ahrvesting an my inventory was full, and the hounds catched my absolutley by surprise since my sound was off, okay blame on me for having the sound off and being to slow to put the amulet on, but goddamit Klei seriously has to fix that meat effigy. I mean I'm normally no whiner and I really can handle many drawbacks, but this pisses me off so much because the final 2nd kill wasnt my fault after all.
  16. Okay, I know its my fault if I turn the sound off and get ra*ed by a group of hounds, by its the games fault if I respawn AND WITHIN THE RESPAWN ANIMATION I GET BITTEN AND ONEHITKILLED BY THE SAME GROUP OF HOUNDS- GAME OVER FOR 114 DAYS RUN.Sry for the caps but I'm really pissed off right now.So please Klei, fix that, the point of respawn is to get another chance if you put in the effort to build a meat effigy.
  17. Currently sandbox, but I'm gonna try the adventure mode today.
  18. Why does everyone thinks Wolfgang is stupid, have you ever come to the thought that Wolfgang is a german name and english maybe isnt his motherlanguage?
  19. Wilson do you read, we have a code terrorbreak, I repeat code terrorbreak xD
  20. For those who dont know, you get Taffy (which regenerates many sanity points) by putting 4 pieces of honey in the crockpot. Dont know if there is an other way to get them, but this one works for sure.Sry if thats alredy common knowledge.
  21. Seems like the same problem as with the gobblers at night when they run from berrybush to berrybush for hiding. They eat the berries and they visibly disapear but you can still harvest them.
  22. The sanity system is great as far as I can tell, I dont know if the majority just plays as Wilson but I dont, and cause of that I'm very pleased that you get a possibility to farm beard with non Wilson Charachters thanks to the sanity update.
  23. I found them too, and I start to belive that they are really intended