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  1. It seems tallbird generation has changed as i have found only 1 in the multiple games i played. My last game i think i explored pretty much all the map and tall birds seem to be generating on the periphery or right on the cliffs/coast rather than inland rocky terrain. I'm not really sure what the incentive to play around with tall birds is so hopefully the team addresses them somehow. As far as winter update i think it's perfect. My winter we hell but i survived and when i saw the snow melting i had a great feeling of accomplishment.
  2. Usually i do plant my own forests and then wait till stage 3 trees come. I do the same to generate charcoal. This playthrough i'm on the razors edge and have been spending lots of time Exploring trying to find teh pig king, still haven't. I typically chop wood at night when i'm waiting for nightfall to end and only as i need it. Also I've begun to use beefalo fur for fuel making wood a little less valuable, though rope is an amazing fuel source. Also my source of lumber has been cutt off by Mac Tusk and son and hi have no projectiles other then boomerangs. Deer clops has just made an appearance and smashed 2 of my farms. He then moved south which is where i have my meat effigy.. Now i have to go check that! My priority now is getting through winter because my last 3 playthoughs all resulted in deaths before or during winter for 2 stupid reasons and 1 totally unexpected learning experience.
  3. OP has a point; chests are somewhat of a luxury. I'm in winter now and rather strapped for wood and i'm keeping about half a stack in case of emergency. With minimal storage all the grave robbing items i have are scattered about my base. I do like the rabbit idea but capturing rabbits is itself time consuming and like wood time is a valuable resource in the game. It occurred to me hunting during winter is a valid strategy and beefalo are always abundant.
  4. Potentially sorting your stuff easier so you can more quickly access it. Chests also keep items safe from fire wolves who might burn the objects on the ground.
  5. I tend to settle near a spider nest and a beefalo herd. The spiders provide an abundance of silk if you use rabbit traps you will have large volumes of silk, use the monster meat to bait the traps but sometimes they will capture spiders if un-baited . This will allow you to make boomerangs before winter which are great for killing birds or rabbits and obtaining food anytime.Though if you can kite beefalo well which is a skill you should develop you should be okay for winter. A living beefalo will keep your meat fresh and warm until you come to collect it. Just dont 'take on multiple beeflo simultaneously, hit and flee until the pursuing numbers drops as low as possible. Don't bother with teh baby beefalo.Also you should be able to kill rabbits without needing traps. I still have yet to explore tall birds as a renewable food source.You might even be able to fish, haven't really tried that yet.
  6. 40 meaty stews ? Does this mean you've driven beefalo to extinction ? I cannot even imagine that.
  7. That sounds like it has a potential to screw up concealment.
  8. Kevin definitely made a comment about further evaluation for it and 1 person asserted that it saved him from a spider queen advanced when he was pinned into a cul-de-sac, otherwise i havn't used it in the winter update. Not much useful information in this thread so far for a legitimate question which i would hope gets answered.http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?9603-bush-hat-fascinating-no-doubt-but-offers-no-immediate-practical-application&p=80097&viewfull=1#post80097
  9. So then spring and fall don't exist? A yearly cycle is ~ 35 days and almost half of that is winter? I got to about 26 days in my last game and i had to hunt even in winter to maintain adequate food. Fortunately I had 26 silk and could make boomerangs easily. I don't see how it's possible to stockpiel food that early in the game, unless you're mass slaughtering beefalo which i tend to want to preserve to shave them (good fuel source) and as a means of using their own immune systems to preserve their meat rather than having to build a fridge early game.
  10. I have normal and the barely perceptable alpha channel dirt roads. On my minimap the stone roads are grey and the dirt roads appear black. I don't see a problem with having two road types but the dirt alpha-channel paths look terrible. Still i suspect this might be some sort of rendering issue or bug that will hopefully get resolved.
  11. I have never had much trouble with spiders until i started trying to kill tier 3 nests with a spear and wood armor alone and had to engage multiple arachnids simultaneously. Something i noticed by happenstance is that the wicker rabbit traps are F$#$%King amazing at dealing with spiders. surround a den with about 4 wicker traps, throw boomerang , run and wait to thin out the pursuing spiders. Those that return to the nest will likely get trapped, those that continue to give chase will be smaller in number.
  12. I think this actually happened to me in the progress patch. I can vaguely recall i killed an adult beefallo and had a beefallo hat. Other than that i'm not sure the sequence of events. Anyway the baby followed me , even through wormholes, but he would run away the minute he got close, then turn around adn run back toward me. Other then amusement at the neurotic behavior it was kinda pointless.
  13. I have not experienced this and i have two bee boxes running. When i went to collect combs i only faced 1 killer bee in the two hives i collected from. I had armor and a bee helmet, i guess the progress update had me overprepare. If i had known i was not going to get insatiable killer bees on me i would have gone naked.
  14. I've run into quite a few treeguards but i don't think I have ever run into one near a swamp. In fact I rarely settle near a swamp and in the more recent patches i've been finding it necessary to make my own tree farms making it even more unlikely. Still this seems like a good idea on the off chance you happen to awaken a guard near a swamp.
  15. So it's night seven and the hounds haven't attacked yet, I'm ready for them, one of the first things I've researched is spear and armor. The sky is beginning to darken and the hounds begin to bark. I wait for them next to my burning stone fire pit, spear in hand as the everything turns pitch black. Something unexpected happens; bizarre music starts playing and shadowy hands reach out from the darkness toward me. I step aside quickly but they continue to extend toward my fire pit. The next thing I know my fire is extinguished and I'm smothered in the dark. I try desperately to fling some beefalo dung into the fire pit but I can't find it and dogs are continuing to bark with greater frequency...