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  1. Unfortunately you can't move structures, hopefully we'll be able to some day! If you smash a structure with a hammer you'll be able to collect most of the resources you put into the object.
  2. I liked it a lot better when all it did was change characters. Now we have to leave everything behind to do that
  3. Hmm thanks! I guess maybe it seems fast in comparison to the mining hat
  4. You can get 3 hits in before he strikes back, so keep hitting and then running away. If you time it right you can even get 4 hits in a row.
  5. I've heard people say the torch is good now, but it seems to go down as fast as it always did. Was there a different improvement towards it I'm missing?
  6. I don't think this is really a glitch, I only see a few hives there. Sometimes all of the hives are in one spot rather than spread around the map. Besides, once you kill the red bees, the nice yellow ones will spawn and you can make lots of bee boxes for food =)
  7. When Wolfgang examines a rock and says "It's hard like me" or something like that =P
  8. I hope it stays this way! I always build pig villages, this will just save me the work
  9. Oops I thought I had everyone beat with 162 hours. Except for you haha
  10. Ah I was wondering if there would be a difference between the two. Thanks!
  11. I started a new world with the last update. Everything showed up in my new game: walls, worm holes, etc. However, I have yet to find any of the pieces to build the machine that lets you travel to a new world, and I believe I have explored my entire map. Am I mistaken and this was not part of the new update? Or perhaps this was a bug and I should start a new world again? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated =)
  12. A character that has trouble staying alive with no listed bonuses. Why should we pick him? haha
  13. The first world I ever played in had no bridges, the "islands" were just overlapping each other. Pretty great if you want to move around quickly =)
  14. Thanks! I never noticed the comments section. With all the new updates that will probably come in handy.
  15. Hmm I think you need to put actual food in the crock pot first before you can add fillers. At least that's how it was when I tried the twigs awhile back. But maybe with the new updates you're not allowed to anymore.
  16. Also I know this isn't a complete list of the recipes, so if anyone has more to add that would be great! I'll have to start writing down the new ones I find
  17. Ok, well sorry for trying to help anyone that hasn't seen this before. F*ck me, right?
  18. Found this site that gives recipes and health value for each food, hope this helps!
  19. My fire dart randomly appeared in the ocean and now I can't get it >.< On the map it shows up as a picture of a trap. Very odd.
  20. I've seen pictures of other people's maps that look like a bunch of small islands. Mine just seems to be one giant piece of land, unless the "islands" are just squished together. What about you guys?
  21. You made me feel so much better haha thanks! Although I'm quickly making my way towards that...
  22. Ah yes the hammer, I always forget about the hammer >.< Thanks!