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  1. MAJOR Wormwood Oversight...

    I'm thinking maybe because cacti are a$$****s? what happened?
  2. whoa, it's that easy? wow.
  3. Wickerbottom is my favorite character to play. And now, you have given me additional reasons to love her. Instead of grumbling that she can't sleep, I can now think about all the dark secrets that keep me awake at night. Wheeee!
  4. slanty shanty

    Ah, and since I play librarian I can make a crockpot and alchemy engine just as soon as I can gather the materials. Agreed, alchemy engine needs to be built inside. When I play other characters (every now and then) I build the science machine as soon as I can -- pretty much wherever.
  5. slanty shanty

    I'm curious if anybody else makes purchasing the Slanty Shanty at the beginning of the game a priority? (or am I the only one?) I like having a spot to dump everything without building multiple chests (which the pogs will rummage around in.) I also like the sanity boost. Since I usually play Wickerbottom, I can't utilize sleep to renew and regenerate. Anybody else like buying the house? why or why not?
  6. Lore of the Pinnacle?

    Love this. Actually, pig children would be a nice update...
  7. Ro Bin Hatching Technique

    Ro Bin takes about 3? days to hatch if you take care of the egg. Meaning, time to hatch happens only when egg is taken care of -- I am having trouble finding the right words to describe. So, time to hatch passes when the egg is set on the ground and not steaming or cold. Time to hatch does *not* pass when: 1 -- egg in inventory, 2 -- egg is steaming, 3 -- egg is cold. 4 -- egg is stored in chest or on bookshelf. You can get it to hatch faster by *not* carrying it around with you. I think the fastest is 3 days, but others may know more about that.
  8. looking for guide

    You can't mine suspicious cracks. You need to Has anyone found a current way to mine suspicious cracks?
  9. Meaty nettles

    I've made regular nettles with three nettles and one monster meat. Maybe 2 and 2, like you suggested, could be a meat dish, such as "stuffed nettles" with meat inside.
  10. Grounded Wilba

    It would be cool to play as Malfalfa.
  11. So sorry to hear, @watermelen671. Take care of yourself.
  12. What about a third option, such as a very, *very* pale rose? More like a warm yellow. Might work with the blue cork trees, but be too much alongside the red cork trees.
  13. Closed Beta Files

    I forgot how "multi colored" the floor of the deep rainforest was. Swirls of red and blue.
  14. Closed Beta Files

    is this a request that @watermelen671 might be able to help with (if you say please)? never mind -- I think posted at the same time as @ThemInspectors