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  1. Samesies. I wear a backpack everywhere I go playing other characters, so...
  2. Peagawk hat

    I read "peagawk hat" and thought of the Swishy Hat.
  3. Bridges

    That's not really what I am interested in doing. We already have underground connections via the ruins. I want to build bridges where I happen to want them. This includes connecting two separated spots on the same island. Your idea strikes me as something completely different -- but valuable for what it is.
  4. Bridges

    Maybe Kleir will add it some day -- I sure hope so.
  5. Bridges

    Yes! That is exactly what I was talking about.
  6. Just a thought -- would be nice to be able to build bridges, similar to how we can use rafts to connect islands in SW. would like to build bridges to connect islands, or even just connect breaks or holes in one island. thoughts?
  7. can you burn the map by accident?
  8. Aww! That was hilarious.
  9. Pretty sure that is only if you continue to chop. three chops = one tuber, so if you chop a big one 12 times you get 4 tubers and a stump. What I don't know for certain is if you leave the trunk like before, will it grow more tubers?
  10. 500 oincs? really?
  11. Thanks for the offer; it was nice of you. I am certain my coding skills are lower than you describe your own, and I am squeemish about uploading something to the game and causing it to implode, even if I could figure out how. But your character is adorable, loved watching it on your video.
  12. I thought it was awesome. Would play it if it were available. Well, good job, then.
  13. what character are you playing in DS? Looks like a mouse?