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  1. Your Wormwood tips

    It's not 100% chance. I think I read on another thread a gold nugget has an 80% chance of healing you if dropped in a well, but I'm not positive what the % is. point is, you got unlucky.
  2. Suggestion: chocolate

    And, while this is controversial: It gives you a speed boost, similar to coffee (perhaps not as much)
  3. S/he could potentially be commissioened by Klei...
  4. Suggestion: chocolate

    should restore sanity and maybe a small health decrease. stronger than cooked green mushrooms.
  5. I would love more lore! ETA: I wonder if the devs are working on it, or if they would like fans to pick this up?
  6. Have you dug up nettles and relocated them next to water?
  7. evolving quotes

    I was so glad to see that Maxemeleon says something different when Woodworm starts a game. (I know, he didn't land.) I love the idea of evolving quotes.
  8. I'm embarrassed to admit around 30. I get bored waiting for night to end and go out and about when I know I shouldn't, and take risks...
  9. Grass tufts grow long or short depending upon the turf, so I am guessing that bringing tufts over to ROG would not span weevils. The grass tufts in ROG turf are all short.
  10. Suggestions for Furniture

    I'd love the sewing machine in my shanty -- could repair clothing and armor. But, as Wickerbottom, I'm wondering if there is a comfortable enough bed that she can get some sleep... might have to be expensive for balance. Functional furniture would be fun, but would probably be a whole bunch more work for devs to draw the characters in sitting positions. A wood burning stove would be perfect.
  11. Endothermic fire pit

    Do you want the pit just for light? Asking because I'm not certain you can cook on the endothermic fires, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I guess getting cold isn't an issue in Hamlet, and Woodworm should like being wet.
  12. No feed troll hijacking thread. C'mon, Roosev, what's is your favorite thing about Hamlet?