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  1. I'm no expert. But you've got so many, the sheer number may be the problem? You could attempt to find the answer to the "which one" question via trail and error: open the game with only one enabled and see what happens. If they all open, then two may be incompatible, or you just have too many.
  2. I recommend disabling mods and if that doesn't work, report the bug so Klei can help. Your error message notes that it is likely caused by a mod.
  3. Eeek -- I was really thinking something along the lines of a wizard. But, it could be...
  4. I'd love a character that relied on magic. Maybe start the game with magical abilities, and incorporate you stats suggestions. Kiting would be necessary for survival, even more so than for Wheeler.
  5. I love the colors during hayfever season. the lake is just beautiful.
  6. I love the elder mandrake clapping! Makes it look like it's something that would not attack and attempt to kill you, but sadly...