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Kevin's information from Lethal Frags stream before Insanity.


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Here the information he decided to share with us!

You can watch it yourself at http://www.twitch.tv/lethalfrag/b/366558287

I made the torches last longer, but cost more. I want more night exploration to happen.

er.... picking flowers restores a bit of sanity.

The idea with the sanity monsters is that they are actually there all of the time, but they don't notice people who are sane.

Sleeping is pretty dapper.

There are a couple of different hallucinations.

I think that one was the "crawling horror"

When you are insane, you can collect nightmare fuel.

It has... various uses.

The dialog is the same sane or insane. We may add more, but it takes a long time to write it all

The beardlings will find you.

Getting too close to monsters, and ressurrecting also sap sanity.

If you want to try wes, there is a cheats button in the main menu in this special build.

Fruit trees would be a great idea. Probably post-launch. I've had "deciduous trees" on my to-do list for a long time.

(about the word puzzle) Secret? I have no idea what you are talking about.

picking flowers soothes the nerves. Eating them is a little unhinged.

Killing stuff doesn't affect your sanity. WIlson is a scientist, so he's used to it.

Question: Hey Kevin, here's a question. I know that Steve Buschemi is the inspiration for Maxwell. Has Steve ever played it?

Answer: I hear steve plays it every night!

Wes is a mime. He's harder.

Also, you have to stare at a mime.

The spider webs will disappear when you kill the nests now.

They got out of hand.

I found out about lethalfrag, and twitch in general, when we noticed a lot of traffic coming from this direction.

We don't have plans for tablet or console yet, but who knows in the future.

Hey Akamikeb - Love the cards! I think winter will sort of fit the bill.

Right on, lethalfrag. Singleplayer is so often neglected nowadays.

Research points were a bit of a disaster. They made people do the weirdest things.

Question: Roads should be on maps, and connecting wormholes should be color coded on the map.

Answer: We need to do another minimap pass eventually, yeah.

The web takes a while to go away.

Question: Kind of confused how stacked rotting items works. Is the green bar an average of the rot of each item in the stack?

Answer: scupizzaboy - yes. It's like combining unit stacks in Total War.

Naughtiness may not stick around.

Krampus isn't going anywhere.

Not really... the naughtiness wasn't super enjoyable.

Krampus could be found on the map, or could come randomly. He might get a re-skin

(not ingame) whoah. Nice ferret!

Science time!

Sanity is supposed to be a mid-term threat, so that's why you aren't really encountering it in the first couple of days. It's designed to kick in more towards day 10 or so.

(Game crashes) Ack!


Hmmm. Going to have to look at that one.

I can assure you that that wasn't a fake crash a la "Eternal Darkness".

I"m not sure what to do with the ocean yet. Right now we are using it as a barrier.

Nation - make games! You have to practice your craft.

Hmmm. please don't crash.

We will have a mac and linux version eventually. Not sure of the timeline yet.

Hmmm. looks like I should make it easier to place things.

Winter is coming.

Hey frag - press control-s before you go through the wormhole

Your testing build has special powers.

it is decoded in this update.

(that's not in the real game)

(jumping through a new wormhole, the last one crashed the game) We made it!

We're in Vancouver.

You could just let it be...

(Grue got EYES) I was worried about the grue there.

(Game crash again) Noooooo!

(Important) Hmmm. I may have to delay the launch for a bit tomorrow so I can track that one down and fix it

(0 sanity) poor wilson.

You can kill him. It just takes a while

Yeah, at night there are some 2d ground creatures that will show up.

(saying good bye) Thank you all!

Good night everyone, stop by the Klei forums if you have any more questions.

I'll just stick around to say goodnight to lethalfrag.

Good night, Lethalfrag, thanks for having us over tonight!

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Wes has nerfed stats and he is unable to vocal anything (like hounds are coming). I was a bit disappointed he did not try the Wes character even when Kevin mentioned a cheat built in to access him for the test build. =/ I did enjoy when his sanity was depleted and all the insanity animations. Wish there was more to see in the stream but the new update will be out tomorrow. (yay!) the stream had 2,500+ viewers at the time and saw a lot of 1st peoples impression viewing the game. Looked like a good turnout.

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I so sad he didn't decide to play Wes, I wanna know his perk. :(

I really enjoyed Shannonzkiller preview stream coverage, for the last update better than Lethalfrag's preview for this upcoming update. Shannon seemed to really answer questions and get involved with the viewers about the game and was much better prepared . Just my opinion. But yeah..Isaacq, I was sad too. =(
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I really enjoyed Shannonzkiller preview stream coverage, for the last update better than Lethalfrag's preview for this upcoming update. Shannon seemed to really answer questions and get involved with the viewers about the game and was much better prepared . Just my opinion. But yeah..Isaacq, I was sad too. =(

I agree she was better about answering questions and showing the new stuffwe did not see night insaneness, the bush hat, or Wes
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Hello, I just registered to the forum. I usually don't use game forums because the developers and admnistrators don't interact a lot with the users, but it seem to be the opposite here. After looking into the forum for a while and watching this last stream, I decided to join. I loved how much interaction there is from the devs and mods here. It's not that I don't like chatting or discussing with "normal" users like me, but is disappointing when the company doesn't care about their customers and just visit the forums for punishing swearing or anything like that.I'm in love with Don't Starve and wanted to use that space to thank all the people from Klei Entertainment for making this awesome game.By the way, the new patch looks fantastic!Now I should go to sleep, since it's already 6:40 AM in here. :crushed:Cya.

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