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  1. Finally got my DST key, just before DST Early Access release, what a joke :)

  2. I'm super old forum member and played Don't Starve since early alpha Chrome release... Did tons of bug reporting and I can't believe I have no key of DST

    1. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      That's what ya get for not being as active as before anymore

  3. It's time to survive against everything again!

  4. Understood. Thanks a lot once again! <3 Just to make it clear to others. The first part was completely done by Vamakey (Ivan Makoveenko). I helped with the animation of second part and did two music tracks (which wasn't intro and outro ones); Vamakey did most of the work: all backgrounds, sketch stages for post-animations, story, film editing, sounds and etc.And, no, SiCkness, it was just a classic guitar
  5. Ah, thanks a lot, MilleniumCount What exactly music did you liked? The one, that was in the intro and outro or music, that was in the animation exactly? And… That thing about shortness… Did you meant, that there should be more character's reactions to whatever is around? Anyway, thank you for your post, we'll try to make our animation a bit more obvious next time
  6. We'd really love to hear some serious criticism from you, guys, please
  7. Uh-uh, guys! Guess what?! Second part of cartoon is out!Have a nice watching! Victor's (Wictor) monologue:1/ And what's next?2/ What shall I do?3/ What is this mechanism (machine)?
  8. Easily. Oh, god, no! Haha! It was based on OP cartoon, obviously, geez
  9. Like or dislike ;b - - - Updated - - - Post your own links, guys
  10. Why, sure! Go for it, friend! Walter advertisements to the masses! xD
  11. Looks awesome *thumbs up* I'd love to see that character in the game ♥
  12. Отлично! Особенно порадовал момент противостояния добра и зла (момент с цветком)
  13. Just a really little thing, that I wanted to share with forum Bonus:
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Chester stucks in Berry Bushes (9 of them, garden) Steps to reproduce If Chester walks in 9 of Berry Bushes it stucks there forever Describe your issue I think the same will happen with other creatures, but I'm not sure
  15. That's sad. Any enemy shouldn't react while effigy animation isn't finished :\
  16. It gets worse if you eat them, but if you just PICK THEM UP your sanity restores a bit :)So, just collect them, DO NOT EAT THEM.