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  1. Hello, The original Portal is bugued, it stay blocked at "3 cycles" remaining. output_log.txt
  2. Hello, Is it works as intended that when Plug Slug sleep horizontally, it also plug on the wire even it doesn't touch it?
  3. Hello, The new trait : Skilled : Super-Duperhard Digging doesn't work, the Duplicant can't dig hard ressource, even granite.
  4. You have three entities : Entity which produce heat : DTU / sec (DTU = amount of heat) Entity which move heat to their body : thermo regulator & Aquatuner Entity which destroy heat : Wheezewort, AETN, Steam Turbine So if you want manage heat, you have to see how much DTU you produce, it marks in each windows of machines, then use a heat remover. Example, you produce 12 000 DTU / sec with generator so you need 1 wheezewort in hydrogen. Use those links : - - - And for material : Also, you can use the mass effect. If you open a room which produce too much heat, it will dilute in the environnement. Same with water pool can handle a lot of heat.
  5. Rollback your game version to Occupationnal Upgrade, you will have an ultimate hardcore mode.
  6. In fact, you don't need to cool water in early game, mostly for Electrolyser which fix the temperature at a minimum at 65°C, more if the water is hotter. Secondly, it's easier to cool oxygen (1Kg / sec) than the water (10 Kg). So, you need 6 to 8 wheezwort for your oxygen pipes, and same to convert steam to water. Just use this site : AETN and Wheezewort are more efficient in a hydrogen environnement, see this :
  7. Klei use to release their patchs (beta of final) tuesday around 9 am / 10 am (Vancouver time), so we can esperate something next tuesday or wednesday if they encounter some problems.
  8. You don't need to destroy the water with the bead pump, even it's a small amount, just use a waterfall : (Autor : Marco)
  9. I think it will only on the DLC given the new system is working with the new feature that allow to visit multiple asteroid.
  10. Don't forget there will be a new content patch for the vanilla game will come with the DLC. So it not replace the original game, it's just a parallel experience.
  11. They're overhelmed so I'm not sure they have time to do a Youtube video that represents few precious hours. Maybe later, when the situation will be more smooth.
  13. I did your first version of you farm on Badlands, and yes it's a masterpiece and it's doable on a standard game without dev mod. It's a really good setup if you need a lot of water. I've just change the liquid clock by a standard clock with the new sensor.
  14. I feel you don't expose enough your crude oil and your methane to the heat / cooling exchanger. See this master piece to improve your setup even if it's already a good job.
  15. To make them useful, avoid the construction of ladders on the surface.
  16. I think it's like the mod, the airlock door will block the gas, check the other room, like the one with natural gas, there's only a door and doesn't seems to have any natural gas in the base.
  17. Could you allow to use it without spent all skill points because, in the actual version you can't use the scrubber if the Duplicant still have remain points.
  18. The heat exchange between a flowing liquid and hot abyssalite still make instant heat exchange :
  19. Hello, Since the new patch, when I close the game it remains active in the Windows task manager and if I want to launch it again I have to close Steam and open it again. I've unactivated all my mods. EDIT : here's some captures. "An error occurred while updating ONI (application running)" When I try to launch ONI after close it few minutes ago. And when I try to close Steam : "Waiting for the stop ONI..."
  20. Hello, I notice that the critter sensor, regardless of it settings, send a green signal when you load a game. It's really annoying with door where we lay eggs, it drops on load. The signal go back red after 1 sec, it's only a quick on/off. This bug is in the Live and Preview branch.
  21. I did a try with a big save, still no change for me since my last test here (maybe it's my CPU is too old) :
  22. I've tried with this save : And unfortunately, I notice no improvements during the "new cycle saving" and the manually save. Before / during the save performances : i7 3770 GTX970 16 Go Ram SSD Éden Phlegmatique.sav
  23. Hello, Given you're working on a new patch, could you fix this old bug that is really ennoying : This tile can't be dig. We have to destroy the bunker tile to drop it and then we can dig it.