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  1. Tony Tony Chopper's Monster form?On topic:Me gusta Deerclops. If only we can fence him too :C
  2. Just w8 until you reach 100-200+++ dayAnd hope ur building wont move :Dor until u use wall
  3. On what I observe all those buildings that are updating are the one who are moving....Like:Crock Pot after cookingFire pit after the fire die
  4. I made this a long time ago and it's still fine, Nothing has change I can still pass though unlike on the other side walls. I notice that too. Like this, I use the pitch fork grid to align my buildings... I have build this pot at the middle of the green square but look at right, now its on the edge! This happen to the other pots too D:
  5. I was the one who attack that stone wall..Yeah some of the ecchi beefalo attack my wall but they're not supposed to move.It will be ok if after you repair they will be back on their original position but they dont.
  6. Before After Is it just me again or the annoying thing happen to you guys too?? I really get piss off of this...why the heck this walls move?? now I can't pass through to get dem poop! This is the only Reason I could think of When this guys are too close to dem walls and when u load ur game the walls disarrange it self. Or if this guys sleep on that location the next morning the walls move!. Is this a bug?? Please fix this ****!
  7. I Agree with thisI only eat honeyed hamI Have an over population of beefaloesMy 15 pig can only kill at least 3-6 of themI need moar pigs, I don't need dem farms
  8. Now it will not be weird if we will see a wolfgang spiderling after this one....
  9. Is all map generated like that way?? I mean Mine same as that... It to Lenghty and Not round-ish.It a pain to the ass going from one end to another, like your swap and savanna LOL.