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  1. I know that. I know too that Pigs do not talk, spiders do not have half a size of a human, walruses don't use hats and hunt with darts, etc, etc.I just thought that we would have to stock wood in order to keep feeding our fires.
  2. I agree with you.I really was surprised when I saw that trees still grown during winter, because stocked a full chest of logs for winter, and then I saw that trees were growing normally.Grass an Twigs are important, but you can still collect a lot of it during winter, since everything is ready for harvest, they just won't grow back until winter ends. Not having clothes to walk during winter might be a problem, but not that big of a deal.I think that when it's almost winter, like, snowbirds are already landing but it's not having snowstorm, those itens should be collectable, but when full winter hits the ground, the plants should die (harvested stage) and the trees should stop growing.That would make winter preparation a thing.
  3. Cheap?Honey Ham: 1 Honey, 1 Monster Meat, 1 Morsel, 1 Vegetable (Not Durian)Nuggets with Honey: 2 Honey, 1 Monster Meat, 1 Vegetable (Not Durian)
  4. I think he just did what Kevin wanted people to do.If I'm not mistaken, he said that ranged atacks are supposed to be used more often than melees, that's why the improvement on mob AI for battles (aka kiting pigs / bees)
  5. You can use tentacle spikes to kill tentacles and get more tentacle spikes, so it's not like on day 100 you are unable to fight anymore because you have no more flint.Even if you don't have flint, you can plant some spider eggs by the swamp and wait for the spiders to kill the tentacles.I had a World with more than 250 days survived, and had a lot boulders left to mine. And never used more than a stack of flint. Can you post a screen shot of your map?? A few weeks ago I was convicted that I've had explored my whole map, but a little corner was unrevealed, when when I got there, I saw a lot of new areas to explore. Now that's a good idea. A golem would be really cool, and it's not like boulders respawning, since you need to fight to get the rocks. Even if I don't like the idea of all resources being renewable, this could work.
  6. They don't convert. They plant flowers and keep living, but it takes a while i would say. Butterflies are quicker.
  7. Please don't.Rocks are one of the few items that you need to use wisely and not spam the world with stone walls mazes and such.A little bit a resource management is great to the game.Flint is non renewable too, but you don't use that much because golden tools are way better, razors don't break so you just need one anyway. I think just spears need flint in late game, but if you farm tentacle spikes you won't even need that.So Rocks shouldn't be renewable, for resources management sake.But I think that when caves get implemented there will be rocks there too, so we can get a bunch more.
  8. Have you bought the game on steam?Upload your image to imageshack instead of a file sharing sites, that might be better.
  9. What? I can only get 10 bees/butterflies/fireflies per bug net.
  10. Oh yeah, it's usefull.I call it lame because I got very happy when I finally found a road, but it wraps around.A little bit more and it would be a race course hahaha.The best part of it was the wormhole. It took me right to a giant beefalo herd, the MacTusks, a grassland pond, rocks and huge graveyard. I just need to find the pig king now.
  11. That's the only road i've found so far. Pretty lame I would say, hahahaha.
  12. I have the same problem. Sometimes I lose track of it before hounds come. It's a nightmare.
  13. And there is no dens close to this area. :/The closest one still pretty far away.@Edit: Double post, I'm sorry. I meant to edit my last answer. D:@Edit 2: Just got in the game and the creep disappeard. Was this a hotfix or it just takes a long time to the creep fade out?
  14. Actually I'm at day 42. I did destroy the den during winter, right at the end of it.But it can't be the snow. I've destroyed one before the first winter (Around day 15) and the creep still there.
  15. Looks like the spider creep won't go away now with the winter update.It has been 8 in game days since I've destroyed a tier 2 den, and the webbing is still there.When the spider queen leaves the nest, it looks like the creep disappear, but if you destroy the den, it doesn't.Anyone have seen this?
  16. Dude, eat cooked morsels. Since they don't recover a lot of hunger, you can eat a few to go full stomach and raise a lot your sanity.Pick flowers. Use top hat ( it DOES increase sanity, but during day only).Kill de Walruses. Their hat is the BEST for sanity.
  17. I'm very happy with the update. Died a couple minutes ago on day 61, the first time I died not on purpose since... before Krampus maybe? Something like that.I was hunting the winter Koalephant, being chased by two spider queens, nightime, and then... Hound fest.Got my *ss kicked by 6 hounds. Right after being murdered I realized that I should have used my fire darts.And that's why I'm so happy with the update. I need to learn how to deal with stuff that I was already used to and the new features.Before winter it was like playing farmville, now I really feel like playing a survival game.Thanks one more time, Klei!!!
  18. Yes. And it's gone already. Looking foward to the next one. Walruses will be hunted
  19. Well, I can't say about hound atacks abover day 100 because I'm only day 45 with my new map, but instead of standing still and hiting them, I just avoided their atacks like every other mob. Got a few hits, but my armor didn't break.And the ice hounds seems to be easier than the normal ones, so that helps a bit.
  20. You were just unlucky. Camping by one spider den (tier 2) gives me an average of 5 silk/ night when it's summer, and 6 during winter.
  21. You Don't need the pigs for that. Just camp near the den and kill the spider. Here's what I do.I make the camp fire before dusk, by the border of the creep/webbing (If the nest is tier 1/2) and drop one monster meat between the fire and the den.The spider you leave the den and run for the meat. Before she eat it, you atack and kill.Wait for the next spider, and do this all night.If the nest is tier 2, even with multiple spider it's not hard. Their behavior did not change with this update.With tier 3 it might be a little bit harder, you need to kill them fast, and be sure to have spare armor.
  22. He was talking about Traps, not Tooth trap.
  23. Crops, grass, saplings, berry bushes and reeds do not grow.Rabbits still appear, but bees i'm not 100% sure if they stop completely or just slow down a lot.Stock grass, twigs and reeds (if you use darts). Trees still grow normally. If you can't stock enough food, you can still use boomerangs to kill birds.
  24. Flower hat gives a boost to recover sanity, but I don't think it's worthy. Top Hat is much better and doesn't spoil.I use the flowers I pick to make manure (give them to the pigs).