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  1. Hello, I was playing on my 160th Day when the map auto-scroll to the right of the map. I can't come back, the camera still want go to the right. I've try to restore an old save, it's same. Help ! No Wilson's Sky Cycle 162.sav No Wilson's Sky Cycle 161.sav No Wilson's Sky Cycle 160.sav No Wilson's Sky Cycle 159.sav
  2. This patch looks really huge, thanks Klei. Here's an abstract in French (Résumé en Français) :
  3. French summary (Synthèse en Français) :
  4. I'm really hype. Can't wait a playable version.
  5. Hello, Since the Agricultural Upgrade, I encounter a display with the Kcal, see that : Before the screen below, my Kcal was 75,005 Kcal and it brutally downed at 2,000 kcal before come back at 75,005 Kcal. Death Rat's Nest.sav
  6. Multitool graphic bug

    I've still have this graphical bug with the Agriculture Upgrade.
  7. Hello, Since the last patch, I get this graphic bug : It only appear during the gathering. The Antigravity Laboratory Cycle 174.sav
  8. Hello, I've encountered a big memory crash that closed the game and I've obtained a Windows Message about memory using. Now, if I click on my save I go to the new game page. MaJ : now when I'm clicking on "Load a game", the game crash. No Wilson's Sky Cycle 311.sav No Wilson's Sky Cycle 310.sav
  9. My game crash a lot without any related reasons. Outrageous Paradise Cycle 9.sav Outrageous Paradise.sav
  10. I've "fixed" easily because I can load my game after the crash and make a "Save as". It still occurs some times. Now, I'm in my Cycle 222. It seems it's the "auto-save" look like bug sometimes. DxDiag.txt
  11. Hello, My game crash at Day 66 with no raison even if I releoad it. It just close the windows and return to Windows Desktop. Here's my save if it can helps. The Not-So Ultra Citadel Cycle 66.sav
  12. The lioness has no fur around the head, so AntLion is a male.
  13. Ok i've tested in deep this new patch and here's what I liked and disliked : Pro : Oasis system and new cactus are cool. Sands storm is pretty immersive and intense. AntLion's skin is nice and fun. Succulent plants is a nice idea. Cons : Sands storm is really too long. The AntLion's wrath is really cheap and the effect so trivial. Here's an idea, when the AntLion is not in a good mood he trigger the sands storm, and when he's happy the sky is blue. I would have liked that AntLion is a new boss instead a new PigKing like. The new boulder system is really limited and I don't understand the finality. Why succulent veggie is so useless as food (only +1LP)? And why I can't put it in a crock pot? In conclusion, the patch gives me the impression that there are good ideas but that you aren't get the job done.