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  1. You forgot something : Corner = not heat exchange between tiles.
  2. The geyser become amazing with the new patch on the vanilla game (which gain the new conservation system) : CO2 @ -50°C = Deep Freeze + germ killing.
  3. You should be perplexed by seeing food get a -18°C bonus only by the fact there's in a vacuum that's a total illogical thing. Vacuum don't have any heat exchange or contact with element, so it must be totally neutral to the food. Yes, previously, you have two choice : - Use a fridge that cost energy, emit heat and don't give "deep freeze" bonus, and have malus if the gas around is not sterile. Or - Just put your food in a square with vacuum that offer : unlimited food storage, unlimited food conservation, not heat production, no energy cost. Klei decide to deeply modify the food concervation system so they can't let an overpowered option. Player complain only because they used to, to use an overpowered system. Each time an usual glitch or overpowered feature is fixed, player don't keep in mind it can be fix will fall from high, when it comes.
  4. Just food? Like just Oxygen? The ressource you need to survive? Yes, it's a central ressource and yes, it was overpowered since the last patch where vacuum add the deep freeze bonus for free while a wired fridge was less efficient. Klei change the food conservation system with the last patch, they just forgot to check the vacuum. And don't worry, you will have a 9% malus. Produce less food and don't over store it, and you will not have problem. Check my analysis, you will understand :
  5. Yes, you're right. Yes; but with your old save you will have all the new feature include the new starmap, but you will not have the new POI above. Because it was illogical and overpowered. There's no exchange in vacuum so the food can be deep freeze.
  6. You obtain the artifacts for the new interests points with the new artifact module.
  7. EDIT : ok it should be a mistake in the text because my old save get the new starmap content.
  8. Yes, especially since the radbolt loop generator has been fix. We really need more radioactivity source.
  9. I feel it's logical when you dig an asteroid with a drill rocket, you will not able to choose with ressources you will obtain as the ground is a mix of them. May Klei should add a special rocket storage for this module to avoid confusion.
  10. That's the developpers which breaks the food preservation meta by incite us to use plugged fridge. So if they want to do it completly they need to erase all the exploit. Otherwise, I don't see the utility. Why fix a lot of glitch around fridge when you can still avoid it with vacuum.
  11. No needs radbolts infinite loop for atomic research, only 2 wheezeworts are enough. Play in French and your life will change. :P By the way, thanks to Kelda which doing a huge work with the translation.
  12. Hello, Next patch, now in the beta branch, will change the radbot infinite loop. To recall, we're talking about this : Author : Now, when two radbolts meets, you obtain some nuclear waste : Rads disapear really quickly. Klei modify this because they think it's overpowered, but it's not my though as I use this system during thousand cycles. For me why it's not overpowered : - It cost a lot of energy (1920 Watts for this example) - It produce a lot of heat, espacially in vacuum. 5K DTU/sec seems to be low, but overtime it's a lot of heat. I've obtain magma by melting my generator. - I use it mainly to refull my radbolt rocket, and in this use, I agree it's too much powerfull. - About plants mutations, when you see the Cyclotron Crop Mutator, it can appear overpowered, but it gives interests to this system that really need some. Mutation is a fun concept, but in game, it's too long and hard to setup for the gain. I much prefer add some plants instead of wait hundred of cycle to have the good crops. The problem is we have only 3 main source of radioactivity : shine bug, wheezewort and light on the surface. We have also secondary source as satellite (one) and uranium biome but it's not enough to be reliable. About the research reactor, it's too hard to setup to do it just to have radioactivity source. My proposition : - Radbolt generator cost 1200 Watts. As well make full for the rocket will cost more than produce LOX/LH. - Generate 12 000 DTU / sec. - Radbolt explosion generate less radiations and produce a lot of nuclear waste. As food preservation and vacuum, if you keep this modification, personnaly I will come back to my shine bug ranch that cost nothing :