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  1. poor performance

    Play it on Geforce Now
  2. It's not power free, you need one pump for each liquid so instead a liquid filter that need 120 Watts, you will need two pumps on the top of your filter and two other on the bottom, so it will cost 960 watts to filter only two liquids. So no, it's not power free, but it's a fun (and old) concept.
  3. There are some errors : - Your pipe are not full so you downgrade the mass effect. 1Kg of hydrogen is cooling more than 100g. - Enclose your pool because in your case you're trying to cool the water and all the gas around. - Add a lot more wheezewort, use this calculator to help you : And as Neotuck, AT is really better to cool water as the coolant is a liquid so you have 10 Kg / sec of coolant versus 1 Kg of gas. Mass effect. Also, cooling the water in early game is useless, if you need warm water, use those are from the bathroom (it produces 6 Kg / Duplicant / cycle) or the slime biome, it generate enough for your base. All the hot water, will be use for the electrolysers. Store the hot water outside of your base.
  4. Hello, My game constantly crash, I don't know why. Éden Phlegmatique.sav
  5. This is not exactly true. This one destroy hydrogen :
  6. 10 Kg / sec -> 5 generators continuous This setup has been created by Francis John :
  7. Hatches and Doors

    Here's an example : Or this one :
  8. Nope the liquid can't go up given the tile is already occupied by a gas. I use it for thousand cycles.
  9. No needs to flood the liquid, just use a gas :
  10. Yes, it's also a good idea, I did that with Pacu egg when we didn't have the critter sensor.
  11. Funny I'm also working on a fully automate Puft ranching, here's my setup : Personnaly, I detect the Prince's death with it meat by storing it temporaly in a fridge that given me an automation signal. I'm also use two virtual room that count 96 tiles in total. The central waterlock allow that and avoid the Puft to change room as well I can identifiy the meat. On the incubation Prince's room, I let the door cloosed until until I have at leat 2 eggs/creature in it and close the door when I have less of 2. I also detect when a normal Puft die with it meat.
  12. As every year, they take two weeks of holidays during this period, so it's normal to don't have any news. Moreover, they must be very busy with all the games they are developing in parallel. I think we will have some new content around febuary-march. And yes, there's a big content patch / DLC in development as they do for DST. Anyway, before that you have already a lot of content to finish : leave the nine asteroid, finish the 35 achievments, master all the setup, try mods, etc.
  13. Is space doable?

    Because, I don't want to expose the hydrogen in the pipe to a 120°C steam even given I've only ceramic.