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  1. Yes, you need obsidian for the wall and some steel for the door. You can use door-crusher but you will destroy the magma, the Esher's cascad only store the magma. It's a proof-of-concept, you can add a thermal exchanger to extract the heat from the room.
  2. I've broke the magma challenge on the inverted asteroid : To inject the gas, I've used sandstone and granite for the pipe as well they melt when the magma came. Then Iv'e got an Escher cascade that will compress all the magma.
  3. Still have this game crash that appeared during the beta branch :
  4. Yes, it's close to the launch : I don't think we will have major world generation change until the release.
  5. Hello, EDIT : ok I identify the crash : I've sent a first Duplicant on the radioactive cluster with the trailblazer module, his rocket is still in the orbit. Then I've sent a second rocket with 3 Duplicants to this cluster and land it, as the first Duplicant have constructed a rocket base. When I try to change the rocket acess to "crue" to "all", the game crash. Maybe because the other is still in orbit? I didn't clearly identify the cause of the crash, but you can start my save game, and after a few seconds the game will crash. I think it comes from the colony of the 3rd cluster (radioactive), where my Duplicant is trying to access the rocket I just landed with my other Duplicants. I am using the DGSM mod, it was given to me as the root cause, but even disabled the crash continues.
  6. Plugged fridge looks really more powerfull than before only 0,6% of freshness loss and it kills germs (as before?).
  7. Hello, I've the last version of the beta branch, and I can't cancel a module that will be construct. From the shortcut or directly from the windows of it.
  8. Hello, Since Spaced Out, the calorie display is a number whitout separation, like 458345234, could you restore the old display with the separation : 458 345 234?
  9. Vanilla game last in is state with some news features : If you want big asteroid with the new space system, new creatures, radioactivity, etc. You have to go to Spaced Out, classic mode. It emits CO2, it's the not the better item for a room you don't want add gas.
  10. Just food? Like just Oxygen? The ressource you need to survive? Yes, it's a central ressource and yes, it was overpowered since the last patch where vacuum add the deep freeze bonus for free while a wired fridge was less efficient. Klei change the food conservation system with the last patch, they just forgot to check the vacuum. And don't worry, you will have a 9% malus. Produce less food and don't over store it, and you will not have problem. Check my analysis, you will understand :
  11. Yes, you're right. Yes; but with your old save you will have all the new feature include the new starmap, but you will not have the new POI above. Because it was illogical and overpowered. There's no exchange in vacuum so the food can be deep freeze.
  12. You obtain the artifacts for the new interests points with the new artifact module.