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  1. Here's few advices : - Loud sleepers are immune to light. - Don't let open the room door. - Kill it.
  2. Like this : Replace the crude oil by water, the automation "overclock" the liquid tepdizer to unlimited heat. By the way, you should add a thermo senso to control it. Image source :
  3. Worldgen seem to be broken, 50% of time, I obtain empty planet (Moo and Water), no geyser and no Moo.
  4. Sure : I've used it in a real game, and it works perfectly.
  5. Great guide thanks for the share.You just forgot this free and automated seed generator : From my estimation, it generate one seed / cycle. No Duplicant needed
  6. When the DLC will be release, the vanilla game will have a content patch, so I imagine Klei will take some change from the DLC to import them to the vanilla version : Pacu, durability on atmo suit, etc.
  7. Yep it's more about reed fiber, even it's not a big deal in the game.
  8. Since the last version of Spaced Out, Atmo Suit and Jet Suit have a durability so you can't use it until you repair it. Given the vanilla game will recieve some features from Spaced Out, there's a chance this version will have the durability system. Here's the pros and cons for me : Pros : - Reduce the Atmo Suit usage only when it's usefull. - Micro management (Thimble reed + Forge) - Atmo suit can be transported by the rails. Cons : - Another micro management that can be feel too much.