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  1. Hello, Since the last patch, my keyboard shortcus is randomly disabled during my game that I've create after this patch. I don't use any mods (only FR patch). When it occurs, I can't use Esc, any shortcuts letter, etc. If I reboot the game, it works again.
  2. ONI University

    Don't forget non english Youtubers, we also make great content. But thanks for this thread, it's a great one. I think there's a mistake in "Skill Training", the link goes to :
  3. Cooling water

    Yes, use the AT, here's an early setup : Send the hot polluted water to pincha.
  4. To use correctly your Steam Turbine, you need to have all the informations : 1. How much DTU/sec the turbine convert? See this : Steam Heat Removed - 877.59 kDTU/s Net Heat Removed - 789.83 kDTU/s 2. How much DTU/sec the AT produce? In fact, that depend the coolant you use : With polluted water (the best before super coolant), it produces only : 585.060 DTU / sec So it's not enough to sustain a turbine. As well, you will always need to sustain it with other generator, the point is not to produce electricity but "destroy" a lot of heat. 3. Metal Refinery cool by a turbine Metal refinery produce a lot of DTU/sec depend on which metal you choose, here's a tab :
  5. Cooling water

    Classic question. The answer is simple, the water from the cool steam vent don't need to be cool. - To store it, just make a pool close to it and insulated the room with igenous rock. - Use this water for you electrolyser then cool the oxygen that easier to cool. - For your restrooms, showers, etc, don't need this water given the restroom produce some. The only reason to cool it, it's if you want to have bristle blossom. In this case, you have to know that : - AETN can only cool 300g water / second from 95°C to 30°C. So you need to use a AT but you will need to cool it and then have a steam turbine or a lot of polluted water to immerse it and replace the polluted water when it hot. At this point, you can send it to Pincha.
  6. Hello, Launch Upgrade add a "quest" in the Portal that allow us to send a Duplicant to the Temporal Tears, a black hole that permit to reach a new galaxy in theory given this text from the beta-test (removed from the game). Now, on the release version, I've been on the Temporal Tears and didn't got anything, other than the steam achievment. I did all the others quests before. And even when my Duplicant came back, nothing. By the way, this travel is suppose to be a one-way mission as the quest say : During the beta of Launch Upgrade, we had : - A camera sequence shot that show the Rocket take off with all Duplicants jump happy. - An not implanted cinematic : - And the final text, show above. So, I feel this content really need to be deepen. At least, the Duplicant should not come back for more consistency and unlock a new feature like start an asteroid with this only one Duplicant that have already all the technology. By the way, the quest is bug, I didn't have the checked. PS : here's the proof of my launch
  7. Hello, I feel, it will be interesting to have a speed bonus or the possibility to scan more than on asteroid at the same time with severals telescope. At this time, it's totally useless. :/
  8. That's not the point, the most important is to have enough steam to don't burn the AT. Even with steel, if you don't have enough steam (> 10-20Kg / tile), it will burn because the steam have a really small thermal conductivity so you have to offset that by a mass effect. But you also have to don't put too much steam if you don't want block the liquid vent.
  9. Hello, I notice when I use a pump in a low pressure gas environnement, it creates vaccum around it and if you put a thermo sensor it will unactivate it given sensor don't work in vacuum (that's really ennoying by the way). As you can see, in this case I can't put the sensor close the pump that generate a not expected gameplay. It's not really a bug, but I would like to hilight this.
  10. Hello, Since the last patch, there's a new machine aging system : You can notice, now there's an "Age" and a Uptime. Is it the first basis of a wear system by the aging of machines?
  11. Yes, the game in it actual state is not perfect. But you have to remember it's an indy game that only cost 20$ which give us a huge content (thousand hours). A new player will have a lot to learn before considering the problems you point. An given, Klei is still working hard to improve the game, there's no problem. Considering the EA status, Klei consider the game is enough good to be on a launch version.
  12. Cooling.

    Turbine / AT to cool anything. Make early Drecko to have plastic, and steel it's no so hard to have.
  13. You have to wait the rocket reach the Temporal Tears, around 50-60 cycles, you will have a cinematic. I didn't see it during the beta given it wasn't implemented.
  14. How much meat?

    Why Pacu can't eat meat, it have the teeth for that