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  1. Aqua tuner cooling?

    Here's mine, really easy setup : If you don't have enough polluted water, you can use crude oil that will be cool by the refinery.
  2. Don't worry, it's coming...
  3. Hello, Could you add three sensors like those for pipes for the rails as well we can make really interesting things.
  4. Since the release version, I feel the diseases are really too common in the early game, it's just insane and I'm a confirmed player. During the beta, it was less crazy even with the last version. I really think the system need to be rebalance.
  5. Here's the Pufts setup : - 96 tiles - Waiting rooms for eggs for each species. - I send the slime in my waterlock as well it doesn't disolve.
  6. Don't need sensor or plastic, just use this one : Fill 3 water tank without open the exit. Once it's filled, you can open the pipe.
  7. Hello, Still a small bug in the planning that don't display the Duplicant face correctly when he don't have hat :
  8. It will be available around 10:30 AM PDT (Vancouver time).like every patch.
  9. Cool the pedestal, not the machine itself.
  10. Hello, Before QoL Upgrade Mk3 the Learning bonus give "Research speed" and "Skill Leveling" that increased the leveling speed for the Duplicant's statistics (dig, supply, etc.). With QoL Mk3, we have a Skill system so does that bonus affect this new system or still the statistics? I think it's a little confusing.
  11. The steam temperature define how much electricity you produce. With a steam at 125°C, you will only obtain a third of the max potential (850 Watts). More the steam is hot more you will have electricity. The amount of steam only define the duration. But the fun fact is the turbine start at this temperature (125°C), so if you want a maximum electricity, you can add a thermo sensor in your hot room to wait until the highest temperature before run the turbine. I don't have a number yet but arount 300°C.
  12. [Game Update] - 324351

    No, it's from the new plant that emit the sporechid germ.
  13. [Game Update] - 323841

    A suggestion about this new system : you could add an liquid output on the exosuit docks to extract the polluted water.
  14. My steam vent is eaten!

    Install the Dev Console and add a steam vent.