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  1. Roolback your game version to Occupationnal Upgrade, you will have an ultimate hardcore mode.
  2. In fact, you don't need to cool water in early game, mostly for Electrolyser which fix the temperature at a minimum at 65°C, more if the water is hotter. Secondly, it's easier to cool oxygen (1Kg / sec) than the water (10 Kg). So, you need 6 to 8 wheezwort for your oxygen pipes, and same to convert steam to water. Just use this site : AETN and Wheezewort are more efficient in a hydrogen environnement, see this :
  3. Klei use to release their patchs (beta of final) tuesday around 9 am / 10 am (Vancouver time), so we can esperate something next tuesday or wednesday if they encounter some problems.
  4. You don't need to destroy the water with the bead pump, even it's a small amount, just use a waterfall : (Autor : Marco)
  5. I think it will only on the DLC given the new system is working with the new feature that allow to visit multiple asteroid.
  6. Don't forget there will be a new content patch for the vanilla game will come with the DLC. So it not replace the original game, it's just a parallel experience.
  7. They're overhelmed so I'm not sure they have time to do a Youtube video that represents few precious hours. Maybe later, when the situation will be more smooth.
  9. I did your first version of you farm on Badlands, and yes it's a masterpiece and it's doable on a standard game without dev mod. It's a really good setup if you need a lot of water. I've just change the liquid clock by a standard clock with the new sensor.
  10. You need to know an important thing, in the vaccum (in a room or space), a radiant pipe do not touch any machine since there's no liquid or gas on the machine and the pipe. It will be usefull to cool the other machine in the space.
  11. Yes, if you have a bad achitecture with a lot of gas conflit, you will have gas deletion. Here's one I use for a long time is really good : The interruptor is not need, it's just if I want to turn it off. The most important is the two empty case above the electrolyser that avoid hydrogen deletion. here's my stats : Two pumps mix in the same pipe (1 filter) - 75% Uptime - 100% Oxygen oxygen production - 100% Hydrogen production Each pump have a separate pipe / filter - 95% Uptime - 100% Oxygen oxygen production - 100% Hydrogen production
  12. I feel you don't expose enough your crude oil and your methane to the heat / cooling exchanger. See this master piece to improve your setup even if it's already a good job.
  13. You have to keep in mind one important thing : it's an extension (DLC), not a content patch. It's like Don't Starve and Don't Starve Shipwrecked, the gameplay loop is totally different. As well, it should offer an unique gaming experience disconnected from the one we know. Take the rocket system, it's completly new from the sneak peak we saw. Now, we have to play on multiple asteroids simultaneously to have all the ressources. So, it is possible that we will only have nuclear energy available on the starting asteroid, with of course the wheels and eventually the coal generator. Starting from there we can imagine a progressive system which consists of learning to manage radioactivity, with the new decorative plant for example : Then channeling this radioactivity with the new system shown : Use this "ressource" to unlock the nuclear technology : To unlock the nuclear reactor and technology which will then give us access to the space and rocket to grab other resources and asteroids. Finally you will have to manage the nuclear waste and the multiple asteroid system. With this new system, I think Klei want to reduce the mining boring time by give us a new gameplay loop more speed. Beside, we can also imagine, the new nuclear bee could be a new energy system as the "abandonned electrical bee" from the alpha :
  14. To make them useful, avoid the construction of ladders on the surface.