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  1. Yes, you're right my idea is only good for the steam vent geyser. ^^ Maybe a bug?
  2. Hello, Since this version : All doors have a metallic background that prevent the gas escape to space vacuum when it opens but it also prevent the fall of any creature that place on it. So you can forget some automated ranching setup. I've tried with the 3 doors models. What do you think about this change? On the other side, eggs still go through closed pneumatic doors. o_O
  3. The last version of your Rocket Calculator is really good. About the geyser calculator, I don't feel it's intuitive like your graphic is. In fact, what I want with geyser calculator : - How many electrolyzers, plants, etc. I can use with it. - How many wheezewort I need to cool it steam. - How many tiles I need to storage the total water produced during the active period.
  4. Wires overloading

    As bleeter6 said Power Transformer count by why you use multiple power transformer in earyl game. It's only usefull when you have a huge power source. To avoid overload, just check the circuit status of the cable and be sure tu never have more than 1000 watts simultaneously.
  5. [Game Update] - 308684

    Because with the Mk2 we can't anymore overlap Drywall and tile so without that we can't use those tiles in the space.
  6. [Game Update] - 308684

    Unlimited AETN cooling or just a bug fix in some case?
  7. I though the mass effect would enough efficient to produce steam given you have a lot of water in front the steam and other material. But I've tried it and yes, it overpressures quickly.
  8. @6Havok9 I'm interested by you cold steam vent setup, do you test it during a long period? I really like the concept.
  9. Hello, Since the QoL Upgrade Mk2, we use really more often the portal and I feel it's not intuitive to have a big purple button on the first choice that "reject all" the choices. What's your opinion?
  10. Hello, Since the new ladder system, when you mouse over a geyser or volcano with a ladder it returns white instead of red.
  11. You coud add the same thing for the cook?
  12. You have some good suggestions, but this one I don't agree : - Most of the cool steam vent produce enough water for at least one electrolyser and most of the time 2-3 electrolysers. You probably don't optimize the cooling of the steam that block the geyser by overpressure it. - Yes, geysers with 500°C gas is mostly useless, but it will be to easy to just put a steam turbine on it, the game always have an alternate way to use a system. So increase the flow is not the point. I think if we will certain to have all the best geyser of the map it would be really boring. If you want that just use the seed map web site. About the puft, just do a room with two gas as the drecko, it's not really a big deal.
  13. Hello, Duplicant ignore the atmosuit checkpoint.