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  1. Yes, it's only the heat deletion problem, and that's a good news you have identified the problem.
  2. Could you allow to use it without spent all skill points because, in the actual version you can't use the scrubber if the Duplicant still have remain points.
  3. You don't need Duplicant to feed them, just use arms. And there's another inconvenient, you're limited to 3 plants each 9 tiles, so you will need a huge room for a small cooling effect.
  4. Important thing, wild Wheezewort have a cooling factor divided by 4. So 1 WW in Hydrogen will cool 3000 DTU/sec instead of 12 000 DTU/sec I really don't see the advantage to use it in a wild form given you have tons of phosphorite on the asteroid and you can produce some with Dreckos.
  5. The heat exchange between a flowing liquid and hot abyssalite still make instant heat exchange :
  6. As any machine in Space : crude oil on ground + radiant liquid pipe + AT/turbine.
  7. Yes, this was before the covid. As Canada is still confined, I think there will be delay.
  8. In a stream they say they will probably able to show first informations about the DLC this summer. But it was before the covid. So assuming, their plan didn't change, here's a personal estimation : - End of august : first sneak peak. - October - november : alpha version - January : early access - April : release
  9. According the dev stream, the first picture was the ancient skin of the rock granulator not a butcher. But yes, it's from the game files.
  10. Hello, I've discovered by chance a new game mode which was added recently apparently, I had not seen it passed in the patch notes. It's the "Faster worker mode". It available in the setting menu : What it does : - Duplicant mining really quickly and almost instantly with the x3 speed. - Duplicant do task really quickly and almost instantly with the x3 speed. - Duplicant construct really quickly and almost instantly with the x3 speed. What it doesn't : - Unlock recipe. - Allow player to dig or do any task without the Duplicant like in the dev mode. - Unactivate achievments. Here's a demo :