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IS there a way to get the tragic torch (timeless) after the cyclum event?

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Okay, I know of a solution to this. It might be a bit messy, but it's better than nothing.

Here's what you'll need:

  • The game DST and a computer that can run it. Preferably one that can also run caves. If not, eh, whatever.
  • A color printer.
  • Colored ink.
  • Printer paper (Or a sheet of paper from that one notebook you kept after high school). Also, pencils, crayons, pens, coloring markers, and a desk.
  • Scissors (Make sure you have an adult with you when using these bad boys).
  • A glue-stick (Or some tape).

And now, Arts and Crafts with your host, TheKingDedede.

So you want to have a Timeless Tragic Torch, but you couldn't obtain the first one due to unforeseen stuff that came up at the time, so instead of moving on with your life you shook your fist at the sky and cried out to the heavens, asking for an in-game virtual item that has no real significant world value and need it because you'll feel incomplete without it?

Fret not, my children, for I have a makeshift solution to your problem.

Steps to fix this (Not really) sad conundrum you've found yourself in.


  1. Find a picture of the Tragic Torch. Any picture should do, as long as it's in color. If it isn't, don't worry. I won't judge. Just use a regular old printer and print out a sad black and white photo that would make your grandparents remember the good old days. Back when the world was actually in black and white!
  2. Print that bad boy out, but make sure you show it off to your friends and if they say you didn't actually get the Timeless variant, cut all ties with them. They weren't really your friends anyways. If you're having trouble finding a color printer, that's what the crayons and markers are for.
  3. Find an adult to help you cut out an outline of the torch, preferably a parent or a loved one. Scissors should never, EVER, be used without adult supervision.
  4. If you had to get a black and white photo of the torch, color that sucker in to the best of your ability. Use markers to really make it stand out, or use crayons if those aren't available, Heck, you can even use a pen. You know, one of those fancy ones that come in five colors? Really cool stuff, I think. If you're super-fancy, use one of those markers that glow in the dark, just for that extra oomph. Oh, and don't forget that Timeless dark green outline.
  5. Bust out the glue-stick and rub that bad boy all over the side of the paper that you didn't draw on. Rub it good. If you want, have an adult watch as you do it. Nothing weird about that. If glue-sticks scare you, you can just use piece of tape! Take a piece of tape and make it look like a piece of rigatoni pasta! (I like to tell myself that the tape looks like a caterpillar trying to do a sit-up, but it just keeps rolling around the place. Tee-hee!)
  6. Look the up the price of your monitor, along with make and model. If it's worth over $599 in price, stop right now. Don't do step 7. I'm serious. You're probably going to need that monitor for CS:GO or something later. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for what happens next.
  7. Fire up DST and go into your inventory. Look for an item that is absolutely worthless to you (Like an Elegant on the first page of your inventory or something. You have to make it it look genuine, after all), and stick your hard work on that thing. Do it, stand back, and marvel at what you've just done to your inventory.


You now have the Timeless variant of the Tragic Torch in your inventory! Anyone who says otherwise can just...







So, I hope this works out for you. If it doesn't, get back to me on this. I should have some spare coloring pencils or something, should you need them. Except a coloring printer and ink. That stuff is expensive, yo.

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11 hours ago, ThemInspectors said:

I saw someone get a Tragic Torch skin from a present...

It could happen. You simple use the command c_connect through the console before redeeming it, and you'll be able to redeem it ingame.

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