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  1. Pufts don't eat enough gasses to keep themselves replenished even at full metabolism and when there's alot of eatable gasses nearby. This makes ranching pufts for oxylite or bleach stone or even slime basically imposssible.
  2. ISO date format, bruh REAL people use the UNIX time stamp which is about 1565221039. /s
  3. Opening the colony summary in Linux and looking at the graphs such as power wasted wont have the lines rendered
  4. The game inconsistently reads my system keyboard layouts I have set. Recently I switched to a Dvorak layout on my keyboard for a (supposedly) faster typing setup although the issue arises with ONI keybinds. I have a hotkey to quickly switch back and forth between qwerty if I need to although the game only seems to read my layout only once during startup so if I accidentally start in qwerty the controls are messed up I need to restart the game in dvorak which makes things a huge hassle. What I would expect to happen is either: A. The game forces the use of qwerty or B. The game has better detection on when your layout is changed.
  5. I wonder, will Hamlet get a teleportato? It would be nice to duplicate keys for everywhere.
  6. The season after the Aporkalypse will always be Temperate instead of the previous season if relogged. This is because self.pre_aporkalypse_season is never saved and loaded from data. Ex. If I'm in the Lush season then I trigger the Aporkalypse after I relog and end it, the season will be Temperate, not lush.
  7. Music and Sound Doesn't play on Linux. Ex. Working music, World gen Sounds, Battle Music, Prefab sounds such as Pig guards attacking
  8. Trying to Battle the Pugalisk Causes a Crash on Linux log.txt
  9. On Linux, the music doesn't play. Such as: * Menu Music * At work Music * Battle Music There's probably more. The only time I've had music is during either the Lush or Humid Season and it plays Regular DS Music, not Hamlet music.
  10. On Linux I am not able to connect to any Gorge Servers, Including Creating a Custom one. ID: 76561198352494489
  11. Yep, it's intended, they added new geysers, as well as more geysers, It's up to RNG if geysers spawn there, I wouldn't mind for it to heat up your base too much, they're quite far away.
  12. I can't get latest content updates on the DRM-Free Version of the game for Linux, I used my key from HumbleBundle. EDIT: Also I can't run the Updater, it just runs DS instead, also I have been able to run the updater in the past, although every character is a box, rendering the updater useless.