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  1. @Gubbey I think it's because the Caves can't load those tasks because it doesn't have them in it's taskset, it can't find a spot to put it therefore it freezes. You're going to need to have a way to test if the level locations is not the caves. Or only the forest.
  2. How to create empty biome?

    If the world isn't generated, yes... you can mod a thing in, if it has already been generated, that may be harder to do.
  3. @santaboy7 Try Messaging Steam Support or Klei Support.
  4. I may have found the problem. I took a look at tuning.lua and tuning_override.lua Those are responsible for the chance of which a treeguardian spawns and other things including regrowth. If you take a look at the relevant lines of regrowth here: You can see that that for regrowth how it will work for an evergreen tree on desolation on "Very Fast" is like: Full Day x 50 x 7 so it would take 7x as long or 350 days for "Very Fast" to have tree desolation regrowth Alternatively for "Very Slow" It would take 1/6 of the time for regrowth to kick in, meaning Yes, regrowth gives the opposite effect. Moral of the Story, @BluesyBuesy is right, the devs are silly.
  5. As far as I know, I don't think that a mod would be able to do that. It's a local table, meaning that there generally isn't a way to edit it. EDIT: Although you could use simplex's method.
  6. put this in your modworldgenmain.lua GLOBAL.SIZE_VARIATION = number
  7. You can't do it in the DST client AFAIK because The DST client is super hard to work with on a world editing file standpoint. Well, Yes actually, you can. Set up a Dedicated Server and load the world file in.
  8. You're like the Ken M of Klei.

  9. @ZupaleX It's actually been usable since at least before when the port to Linux It quite nice, works as expected, some of the features aren't in it. assuming you know know how to build it or if if you can't grab the latest (pre) release and give it a whirl.
  10. Hello! If you are in the same LAN, yes. Switch the "Friends-Only" to Local, your friend will need to look in the LAN tab of his game to find your world.
  11. Okay editing a worldgen option file AFTER the map has been generated does not work! Period! (!.!) These are the commands you need to run. After you run them you need to reload the world using these commands, although you can run the commands in bulk before world reload: c_save() c_reset() Please refer to this answer from me on a separate thread, #selfshamelesspromo I don't want to repost that. = "onlynight" TheWorld.topology.overrides.frograin = "never" No..., Yes?; If they've already spawned you need to manually dispatch of them. If you want them to stop spawning Disable world regrowth delay world regrowth: TheWorld.topology.overrides.regrowth = "veryslow" Can you disable world regrowth? @V2C?
  12. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    @JoeW Was Working on the Badges, probably an oversight.
  13. Probably, wait for when the world is saved and see where Your known KU associates with the encoded save file. like for ex. KU_ABCDEF -> FJODKSI or something like that. EDIT: Actually you can do it on server join, look for this, the KU is at the top while lower down you can see where the session files with encoding are.
  14. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Hey @JoeW for me it sortof looks like the forum "Dashbar" Is cropped out. And using the Image embedder puts it in twice.