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  1. @Raiden_Sola Some things look a bit odd in the log, try to check them out if you can. It looks like seven of the mods are not loading their modinfo.lua, which I think would case the names to not show up.
  2. Gotcha, could you look into c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\mods Look into the workshop-XXXX folders and then into the modmain.lua? logs would also be appreciated with the original startup command
  3. Hello, in your startup file/.bat you should have a command that has "-shard Caves" in it, delete the entire line in it and start the server. Hope that helps.
  4. What was the output from the command line? I tried it just now and it should've looked something like this
  5. Would you be able to backup and remove the entire mods folder, run this and tell me what happens? cd /D "c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin" start dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -only_update_server_mods Edit: After that put the mod setup lua file back in, run the same command and tell me what happens.
  6. Hit "Windows+R" to bring up a run prompt. Type in "cmd". This will open up a command line interface, in there put in the command and press enter. Make sure the server is off when you run it.
  7. @Raiden_Sola Hmm, this is odd. If it is the case that the file is getting wiped on startup, My hunch would be that the file might be being saved incorrectly. Basic text editors like Notepad are known to do this. I'd suggest using Notepad++ if you aren't already. Make sure to save it in the UTF-8 encoding. The logs that would be useful would be your Master shard server log and the output you get that you get when running this c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit
  8. Hey, would you be able to post your startup script, your logs, tell me what kind of server you're running (OS, if you're using SteamCMD or the Dedicated Server Tool). Once you do that, I can take a look.
  9. When you run the update.bat, there should be a command prompt that opens up and spews lots of information
  10. Yes, yes if want you, you can copy off the world files and then reset the world to make a new one. Could I also get the output of the updater bat file? and the startup files are somewhere in C:\server ?
  11. Hello, no, there's no need, I just need to know so I can more or less figure out what's going on. In your Klei Documents folder is there a folder called "MyDediServer"? If so, my bets are that is the world file for the server. Second, would I be able to see your batch files? And are you hosting on the same user as you play on? (Like when you run your server you just keep your computer running?) Finally, when it comes to updating, there are multiple ways to do it, the way I do it is run steamcmd in the server startup script but that might not be what you want because you still need to stop and start the server. Another way to do it is in the guide, though I'm less familiar with it. You'd need to take a look at it yourself if you want to do it that way.
  12. @YesterdaysLemon Hello, for copying/backing up, you are correct, the Clusters 1-5 are your world files which correspond to each slot. You could copy each slot individually or copy the entire folder containing all the clusters. Do keep in mind though, if you are to restore a world to an earlier version, for whatever reason, you can't copy to an empty cluster. This is because the weirdly game "thinks" that the cluster doesn't exist even though it does and won't load it correctly. The order for restoring should look like this: (Optional) Create & load a "junk" world if the slot is empty Exist DST Delete the files in the Cluster_X folder Copy & Paste the backup files into the Cluster_X folder Load DST I do caution you, when doing this, make sure to copy instead of move when you can, it's easy to accidentally ruin a save file For Dedicated servers, I'd need a bit more info, are you using the Steam tool or did you use the guide? @gaymime More or less follow the same instructions as before. Though in your case, it may be easier to just copy the entire DoNotStarveTogether folder and then put it on the other computer.
  13. Pufts don't eat enough gasses to keep themselves replenished even at full metabolism and when there's alot of eatable gasses nearby. This makes ranching pufts for oxylite or bleach stone or even slime basically imposssible.
  14. ISO date format, bruh REAL people use the UNIX time stamp which is about 1565221039. /s