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Don't Starve: Resumptus

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minespatch    85574

I feel silly for the first thing I see with Jack Carter's hair on the sunflower skin is Jessica Rabbit. I'm sure he's gonna kill me for that. :wilson_ecstatic:

The Victorian look of Bobby's outfit looks really nice! I kind of imagine the outside of the umbrella resembles one due to the paintjob. My parents sold turn of the century umbrellas like that when we used to run a shop in Hollywood. Jack's similar motif also work with the plant theme. I'm sure it fits his gardener hobby.

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DragonMage156    27590
19 hours ago, TrueCooperAtion said:

If anyone has any links to tutorials for:

Creating custom items... hat and hand weapon scythe with the possibility of map icons and how to have characters spawn with them... crafting recipes and how would also be appreciated.

How to create custom abilities... I want to have the abilities of sanity gain from farming, double sanity from flowers, double loss from evil flowers, and not being hurt from cactus and viney bushes.

Tutorial on how to create custom voices... not just how to add them to a mod but how to create the sound and mp3s that will be used.

Idk about custom sounds and items but I think @Mobbstar can help with abilities.

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NightWonder7    5124
1 hour ago, Aileen-Rose said:

Dat face in the last panel. I'm sure Maxwell was internally screaming for maybe 30 whole seconds.

The same face I make when I accidentally bite an ulcer in my mouth x_x 

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