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"...In with the new" -- Don't Starve Together Closed Beta Update 1 Now Live

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"..In with the new" is now live and ready to play for beta participants. 


Below, you will find the notes for this update.


NOTE: This update will reset your binds to their defaults.


New Stuff

  • Add Wolfgang as an officially supported character.

  • Add meteor showers and associated resources and craftable.

  • Add slash commands (emotes).

  • Add Slash Command binding. Pressing [ / ] (default) will bring up chat with a “/” already entered.

  • Add ability to feed other players directly (rather than giving them food that goes into their inventory).

  • Add an indication of the host’s performance to the scoreboard screen.

  • Add a icon that appears in the top left when you (as a client) get desynced.

  • Add ability to join friends’ games via Steam (right click on their name in your Steam Friends list and click “Join game”)  while already in a game or when Don’t Starve Together isn’t open.

  • Added Ban button to the scoreboard screen. Bans reset when the server restarts.

  • Added main menu widget to show login progress.

  • Add hover text for all details icons in the server browser.

  • Add friends icon to the server browser details column (appears for games hosted by Steam Friends).

  • Add filter for servers hosted by Steam Friends to the server browser screen.

  • Add mods icon to the server browser details column.

  • Add button to display list of mods enabled on a server to the server detail panel.

  • Add a warning when joining a modded server.

  • Add a list of mods enabled on the server to the bottom of the scoreboard screen.



  • Make default world size large for all presets.

  • Version mismatch between you and servers will make that server’s listing red on the server browser screen.

  • Increase PvP damage to .5 of normal (up from .25).

  • Increase distance between hunts that happen simultaneously.

  • MODS_ENABLED is now defined in settings.ini (which can be found in the Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether folder). To enable mods, open settings.ini and delete the “#” before the “MODS_ENABLED = true” line.

  • Change the chat font to match the characters’ dialog font.

  • Make the disconnected message for players who have been kicked more informative.

  • Put server name in report prompt.

  • Make server browser and creation screens say Back not Cancel.

  • Add new animation for exiting wormholes.

  • Make the default player color grey (rather than using one of the colors in the set of player colors).

  • Flattened the folder architecture: the DLC0002 folder is gone.


Bug Fixes

  • Improve combat responsiveness on clients.

  • Improve bug net responsiveness on clients.

  • Optimize netcode.

  • Improve (local game’s) performance.

  • Fix a crash that could happen with workable things getting haunted and breaking.

  • Fix crash that would occur when joining incompatible servers: now handled with a could-not-connect dialog.

  • Add missing characters to the (chat and character dialog) font.

  • WX-78’s upgrades are no longer capped at 255 (health: 400, hunger: 200, sanity: 300).

  • WX-78 now properly saves upgrades and overcharge state.

  • Prevent a currently-haunted thing from doing its haunt reaction again.

  • Fix client visual artifacts when digging up/placing turf.

  • Fix insanity monsters flickering on client when host is insane.

  • Fix erroneous hunt-failed announcement dialog.

  • Fix capital and lowercase server names with the same start getting sorted separately.

  • Fix animation issues that would occur sometimes after a client stops moving.

  • Fix sounds sometimes playing out of sync with their animation for clients.

  • Fix clients hearing double footsteps.

  • Fix sound not playing on character select screen.

  • Fix tallbird egg using wrong anim after being cooked.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in the scaling of the chat input widget
  • Fixed bug with ranged weapons not working beyond a certain distance from your target

  • Fixed bug where boomerangs do no damage to your target

  • Fixed bug where sometimes the server does not cancel a client’s action properly


Hotfixes included:

115220 Changes

  • Reintroduced countdown on main screen



  • Simple account ban messaging.  Notify users who have been globally banned from Don’t Starve Together for breaking our terms of service.

  • Ignore crash reports from games that are not authenticated.

  • Crash reports from games running with mods now include details about the mods that were enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed graphical glitches with fishing

  • Disable revealing minimap as ghost

  • Fixed crash bug at server shutdown

  • Fixed minor memory leak in networking

  • Fixed crash when trying to use fallback haunt shader

  • Fixed hounds permanently howling and not attacking

  • Fixed animation bug where players sometimes appear to be facing the wrong direction



  • Moved report server button to the left hand side of the server listing screen

  • View Steam profiles from the player status screen

  • Filter out old incompatible servers from the server listings page

Note: You may see an empty server listing right after the patch goes live,  this means no one is currently running a compatible server.  We will address this in a future patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash sometimes when two people haunt the same object

  • Fix crash sometimes when haunting a workable object

  • Fix crash on player status screen

  • Make report button use actual server name in prompt

  • Fix crash when two people use drying rack at the same time

  • Fix crash when igniting explosives such as gunpowder

  • Disable player controller when minimap is up

  • You can now properly rotate minimap

  • Fixed WX sparks sometimes showing at the wrong position

  • Fix bug where clients would sometimes drop animations



  • Scoreboard now shows players’ correct ages

  • Improved reliability of accounts and server broadcasting

  • View server description ingame

  • Increased minimap reveal radius


  • Fixed map and camera button tooltips to reference their correct key bindings

  • Fixed crash when shift-clicking blowdarts in containers

  • Fixed bug where client actions were being incorrectly dropped by the server

  • Implemented fallback to the haunt shaders for graphics cards that don’t support them

  • Fixed bug where player badge is broken for some characters on the scoreboard

  • Fixed target indicator to support mod characters

  • Fixed bug where clients sometimes crash when the host shuts down the server

  • Fixed animation bug when transitioning between player and ghost



  • Added a scoreboard screen.

    • Shows server name and server day.

    • Shows player’s characters, color, days survived and ping.

    • Host can kick players.

    • All players can mute other players’ chat messages (known bug: mute only mutes global chat, not chat displayed above heads).

  • Set TAB key bound to show Scoreboard (hold to display). Control is bindable.

  • Set M key bound to show Map display (toggle display). Control is bindable.

  • Add a widget to the top left corner of the frontend that displays if you’re connected to Steam.

  • Display a “left game” message when someone leaves the server.

  • Disable the Refresh button on the server browser screen while a search is in progress.


  • Fix event announcer widget moving around the screen when the window gets resized.

  • Fix a server creation screen crash with server data having a nil day.

  • Fix a crash that would occur if you plugged a controller in after startup.

  • Fix players sometimes turning their back after picking up an object.

  • Fix crash from haunting Mactusk’s hounds.


Bug Fixes

  • WX overload mode now works properly on clients

  • Players can now reset tooth traps even with an equipped item in hand

  • Player HUD is now properly hidden when logging back into a server as a ghost

  • Fall back to default shaders on systems that do not support the haunt shaders

  • Improved stability of server listings

  • Fixed some errors for calculating combat range on clients

  • Fixed crash sometimes when a player leaves during winter

  • Fixed crash when a player leaves after spawning a ghost from a grave

  • Fixed crash when haunting a tooth trap

  • Fixed crash sometimes when an axe breaks while chopping a tree



  • Added booster shot item

Bug Fixes

  • Removed duplicate world gen customization options

  • Minimap is now correctly saved between play sessions

  • Morgue is now saved to their respective clients

  • Items with walk speed modifiers work on clients now

  • Clients can now equip/unequip while moving

  • Pressing escape properly closes chat input

  • Wormhole audio now functions correctly on clients and servers

  • Fixed crash when using the ‘backspace’ debug information

  • Death/Resurrection announcements now happen at the proper time

  • Saving happens at the proper time

  • Fixed lua assert when picking up haunted mushrooms

  • Removed unsupported adventure portals and cave entrances

  • Fixed crash sometimes when haunting a heat stone

  • Fixed backpack sometimes staying open after it is unequipped



  • Added report server option

  • Added UI that displays your average in-game ping

  • Added server description to the server detail panel

  • Made the Chat Queue display when the chat input screen is open

Bug Fixes

  • Enable all characters for chat ;)

  • Added Chess Pieces option back in

  • Fix the Bishop being invisible

  • Torches and Willow’s lighter properly set combat targets on fire instead of yourself

  • Fix a bug where resurrecting from a touchstone broke sanity

  • Combat support for boomerangs and blow darts

  • Fix event announcer crash due to a player killing another player

  • Sort “???” pings to the bottom of the list

  • Fix occasional crashes on the server browser screen due to an empty server list

  • Fix a crash when attacking a target that has just been trapped


Server passwords are now limited to alphanumeric characters

Fix crash in inventorybar for some players loading into game



  • Heat rock needs to go to level 4 heat before it can degrade so oscillation doesn't happen during fall

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hard crash when steam goes down

  • Fixed melee combat range issue

  • Fixed server crash when a ghost disconnects

  • Fixed clock hover string at dusk

  • Book crafting is now available for Wickerbottom on clients as well as on host

  • All players will now receive their proper starting inventory when starting a new character (e.g. Willow’s lighter)

  • Fix soundemitter crash when haunting certain objects

  • Fixed server browser lua crash when changing filters with an empty list

  • Fix tilde bringing up the console while in chat mode

  • Removed mandrakes from build as they are currently unsupported

  • Removed unsupported world sizes from generation options

  • Fixed crash from picking up staff at hounds set piece

  • Fixed crash from crafting a tooth trap

  • Fix crash when inspecting a compass

  • Fix crash when re-joining a server that has pigs with hats

  • Fix crash when haunting blowdarts

  • Ice and blood UI overlay fixes for client

  • Disable spawning of unsupported items from generation options ( chess pieces, mandrake and caves )

  • Improved stability for starting or resuming on a world with slower connections

  • Fixed screen flash when spawning into a game

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  • Developer

Do we have to start a new world to get the new resources?


Yes: the meteor showers get put into the world at world gen time. As fair warning, this will be something that happens frequently with updates: in order to get all of the new content, you'll have to start a new world.

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Yes: the meteor showers get put into the world at world gen time. As fair warning, this will be something that happens frequently with updates: in order to get all of the new content, you'll have to start a new world.

Unhammer-able moon rock walls lol. We just found Don't Starve's version of bedrock! Or is this a bug?


EDIT: Nah u can hammer them, u jsut need 33% of your hammer durability

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I have found these emotes so far:








are there any more?

/no (and) /confused are the same

/happy, /cheer, /cheers

/bye, /wave, /waves, /goaway

/no, /cry

/angry, /grimace, /frustrate

/click, /heelclick, /heels, /joy, 


/bonesaw, /goingnowhere, /playtime, /threeminutes


There are a few more, but those are the ones I know.

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If you can feed players directly, cant you just feed them monster meat to kill them? That not really fair =/


I wonder about this as well. Heck, a bunch of candy could kill Maxwell. Also, can you waste food by force feeding people even if they are full?


Not to mention that feeding others directly seems like it would be pretty awkward.

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I wonder about this as well. Heck, a bunch of candy could kill Maxwell. Also, can you waste food by force feeding people even if they are full?

Not to mention that feeding others directly seems like it would be pretty awkward.

It's also a way to waste food by overfeeding wolfgang.

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