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  1. Please fix the lure plant mass spawning problem ASAP.
  2. Do I need to make a new world for moles?
  3. This is great news! It's great to see progress. Will try!
  4. Any character can grab a torch and burn stuff. Willow lost her uniqueness. One of my friends actually liked playing Willow, she's great on private servers. It's not Willow's fault that she can be used to grief, it's the people playing as Willow. Maybe a "Nerf Willow" option when creating a server? Klei please change it back or make it optional
  5. [Gameplay] - Shadow/Snow Chester

    Not a bug, it hasn't been implemented yet.
  6. This is epic! Free multiplayer DLC? Can't wait!
  7. Coloured Beefalo

    Very descriptive, much good!
  8. Oh man, the hype! Keep up the great work, Klei!
  9. Passing the time

    I'm already insane...