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  1. Hi I made a server and it worked perfectly and now I have just a quick question..^^ How do I correctly shutdown the servers? Is just closing the two windows ok? Don't they need to stop at the same time? I tried typing "c_shutdown()" but it only closed one of them.
  2. Everything you type after .com/ leads to this site, if it's not a.. special site.. ^_^
  3. Found something! In the source code you can find this long text If you remove all the capitalised letters you can read "a new reign" over and over again
  4. I think that the crossed out "Praecantator" just simply means we have to ignore http://www.dontstarvegame.com/science/mdocs/ta-da/praecantator.html Which says "Intermission" So it says: "Intermission is over, now the story will be resumed." There must be more to it.. we didn't learn anything new so far.. I could have told you before this video that Maxwell and Charlie land in the Don't Starve World..
  5. For me it's also gone.. We solve the puzzle and the background disappears.. this can't be a coincidence, can it? =D
  6. What Was Your First Death?

    Because I saw some videos of the game before buying it, I knew how to stay alive. But not how to deal with monsters. My screenshots tell me my first death was in a swamp.. so I guess I died because of tentacles. And after that: hounds. Often.
  7. Don't worry, I've sent someone in to get us some keys.
  8. I'm not sure but it seems that my screenshots don't show? I try it again. (I hope this is right.. I'll never understand how Forums work.)
  9. Bug Submission: Category: Crash Platform: PC Issue Title: Crash by dragging guard behind bookshelf Issue Description: This happened to me twice now and I thought I'd report it now. In one room there is a bookshelf. Behind that bookshelf is a pretty good hiding spot, so I draged a knocked out guard behind it. Both times I did this, the game crashed after putting him down. After restarting the game, it cotinuous normaly at the point it crashed, the guard being behind the bookshelf. I attached 2 screenshots to show the room and the spot. (The spot where my coursor is pointing.) Steps to Reproduce: 1. Knock out guard 2. Drag behind bookshelf 3. Put him down - game crashes -