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  9. Can you upload your log.txt (from your Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder) after you experience the crash? Thanks.
  10. [Server Crash] - Server crash when saving.

    Hi zsefvlol. It sounds like you're experiencing the snapshot saving crash that some players have been having. We've got someone looking at it right now, but in the meantime, if you open the settings.ini file in your Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder and set "enable_snapshots" to false, that should stop you from crashing.
  11. Hey Enemyterror and Masakra, are you two still experiencing this bug? We believe that we fixed it, but it seems like there are still a couple ways it could happen. If so, could you upload your log.txt?
  12. We've seen some reports of individual types of items not being clickable (or having very strange and small clickable areas). If you could provide a list of the actual items that you're having trouble with, that would help a lot. I've not yet seen this exist as a global issue... Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the report, Some1. Should be fixed in the next patch.
  14. Just to be clear, those 2 million keys aren't _just_ for the beta: they're for the released game as well (as in: a key for the beta is a key for the full game and vice versa). When we start selling the Frontier Pack, those keys will pull from that same pool of 2 million. Since the Frontier Pack will be available to everyone on Steam, it is indeed an open beta at that point.
  15. Exactly what Shenny said--the release of the Frontier Pack will mean that DST has a public presence on Steam. We need a trailer to put on the Steam page for the game and none of the small videos we've made to date would be appropriate for that. Since we're a small team, we don't have the bandwith to make a video depicting the few new things in this update AND a Frontier Pack/Early-Access-launch trailer, so we're concentrating on the latter.