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  1. I play with no mods, on the most recent version with a new world, and I have gotten many of these bugs. It's not safe to assume that just because you don't get them, everyone else doesn't.
  2. I had both of these issues, but the guard pigs also happened on regular DS:RoG
  3. Flowers don't change into Dark Flowers either.
  4. Any ETA on giants by the way? I can't wait show my friends my sick skills 8)
  5. I didn't have to regenerate my world for the rain to stop destroying my plants! Huzzah! 3 cheers for Klei!
  6. It now works for me, showing the correct price. Thanks Klei!
  7. Watch people's videos and streams of DST every day, check my inbox every hour and check the Beta Key Depot every minute T_T
  8. Only Wigfrid can craft her spear and helmet, but you can give other players character-specific items in DST.