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  1. But do toads exist? And if so, are toads actually frogs? ----- If you don't get that reference, don't worry
  2. I wish people would stop complaining about the amount of werewolf games.
  3. Granted, but the rainbow looks worse than my avatar. I wish that I wished that geni0529 wished that MenaAthena wished that Palpetinus wished people would stop wishing in the well.
  4. I also have only one thing to say... THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!
  5. Well, obviously this guy is suffering form severe beetroot deficiency.
  6. Bacon sucks, y'all should eat the real foods, like turnips and beetroots and thus, using the holy power imbued in this cheap Logitech mouse, i rate this thread 1 star! ---- I declare myself as an:
  7. You're breath. I can smell it form here O.o
  8. Lelouch looks epic!! Better than i expected tbh! I can't get enough of your work!, soooo can i make another request foooor JoeW
  9. [outside] doesn't make sense, plz change your post --- i said: quickscoping the Alpaca,. "quickscoping the Alpaca, get rekt by" doesnt make sense
  10. (outside) The alpaca king mentioned earlier,
  11. quickscoping the Alpaca, ---- updated the OP again. This story is getting ridiculous, keep up the good work!
  12. @greenglacier, if possible, when you do Lelouch, can u put his red eye with the Geass symbol in it instead of just a normal eye? That would be soooo epic. Plz plz plz plz plz <3 example
  13. My top 5: 1. @Halved's triangle 2. @Dara999's triangle 3. Kratos 4. @DwerBomb's triangle (2nd one) 5. @ThePreChewedTree's triangle