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  1. Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2019

    Ahh. Alright. Yeah the drop rates and spool gain are actually fairly scattershot and slow outside of events, i've found.Glad to hear it's at least being considered.
  2. Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2019

    Paid DLC characters....ugh. Not sure that sits well in my stomach, brain or wallet. Yes, sure, it'll be weavable, but how much is it gonna cost to weave? If it's something absurd like 10K spool, i'm really not gonna appreciate that. I get the counterargument just fine, but still, uh, yikes. It's way too early to pitch a fit yet, I suppose, so instead i'll just hope that the weaving price isn't too painfully high. I definitely am not feeling dishing out whatever double-digit dollah-dollah it ends up being to get 4 characters that I will inevitably not use at all because i'm a horrendous Wendy main now and forever potentially not care much for, depending on how it plays out. The rest of this is awesome. I am a lore fool, so any excuse to learn more about them characters is great.
  3. Crash on Startup

    ....then I seem to be having a slight problem. I uninstalled ONI, wiped the folder, scoured my PC and reinstalled from scratch, and yet it's still modded? Is there some folder I forgot about? EDIT: ...Nevermind. I see the problem now. Apparently, Steam decided not to actually delete everything like it was supposed to. Ok, it's fixed now.
  4. Crash on Startup

    When I try to start up ONI, the message about a black hole having eaten my game happens before I make it to the main menu for only a moment, then the Early Access screen shows up and the game CTDs on me. Attatched is the Output log. For further clarification, I already tried deleting my save folder, reinstalling ONI multiple times and even restarting the computer. Nothing's been able to fix it.
  5. SUp Silent, how's it been? Been awhile since uh.....2013-wow its been a long time since i have been on here. Lol. Got a name change and all that good stuff

    1. Silentdarkness1


      Yep. I'm still kicking around.It's all good. Waiting for evening attempts to do Forge beta.

    2. YetiCake98


      Ive been doin some good stuff since then-mostly rp and school haha. When i get wifi i think im gonna be bing-gaming dont starve together

      and or modding Dont starve-both worlds


  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    PillsStealer, it looks like.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Well, it's been a while. Let's see what kind of memery this thread has going................................................................on.
  8. The Forge Has Ended

    The Forge was fun for a time, but I quickly got bored of it. Something is needed to keep me coming back to an event like this. Certainly, the late-game levelling on the event needs to not be such a tedious grind.
  9. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Should players who have difficulty with the combat in Don't Starve avoid the Forge? I suspect the answer is very much a yes, but I want to ask around.
  10. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    I don't really know if i'll be able to participate in The Forge, or any overly combat-centric event like this. The most painful part of Don't Starve for me, has always been the combat. I'm not really any good at it. Never have been, really. Especially tacking on the reliance on the internet connection not being a pile of unbearable manure.
  11. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    It's quite nice. Btw, I know you've been a fan of the rubberhose cartoon stuff. What do you think of Cuphead, on a 'currently unrelated but potentially soon to be related' note?
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    So I was just pawing through the speech files after this latest update, and, what is that? ....
  13. [TUTORIAL] Making a Custom SetPiece

    Is there a way to use Tiled to make entire maps? Wondering if I can manually articulate Wilson's beard and all that. : P
  14. Generic Fanart Thread Title

    New Request: Rubberhose-style Wendy and Abigail. : P
  15. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    Wendy can carry around the heavy head of a marble statue without herniating her spine and killing herself.