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  1. I thought that DR Style would suit the main menu's new look better than the default DST main menu theme, so I tried to make a client mod to change the music there. However, when I go to the mods screen, the game immediately crashes to desktop with no error message at all. I'm pretty sure this is because I did something extremely wrong with the mod. I dunno what could be the problem, exactly. Yes, I know I gave the soundbank the wrong file name, but that shouldn't be causing this, I don't think.... DR Style Menu
  2. The Forge Has Ended

    The Forge was fun for a time, but I quickly got bored of it. Something is needed to keep me coming back to an event like this. Certainly, the late-game levelling on the event needs to not be such a tedious grind.
  3. Update: It's not actually giving me free crafting, as I can't build anything once this happens. But it shows all recipes and gives the illusion that I can craft anything. Additionally this seems to occur once I make the Science Machine. I found the problem. It was a client mod I had installed.
  4. All files successfully validated. I looked through them all, and I don't see anything about this problem i'm having.
  5. I started up a vanilla-esque modded server with a friend. Nothing too crazy, just a few mods here and there for a vanilla-ish experience with just a few tweaks for quality of life purposes. Automatic Health Adjust, Epic Healthbar, Simple Healthbar DST, Global Positions, Trinket Variety, PartyHUD and AFK Detection. And yet when I go into the game, I automatically have god mode on, and have creative mode enabled. Additionally, when I was able to try and get it to turn off, I found myself unable to build structures such as the Science Machine, and god mode kept forcing itself on, on me. I really have no idea why this would be the case. Any ideas?
  6. I tried commenting out that second line, and feathers stopped dropping altogether, like before. So the fix isn't that simple, apparently.
  7. @rezecib Thanks a lot. It works, but it works much too quickly, actually. The birdcage seems to be producing feathers at hyperspeed. And the config options have very little impact on the feather drop speed. I'm talking 40+ a day. That's a bit much.
  8. I seem to be unable to get the Birdcage Drop Feathers mod to work on the current version of DST. I was thinking I might open up the mod files myself and try to fix them up into working condition again, but I can't seem to figure out what's wrong here. Birdcage Mod When I get a birdcage loaded up and set up with a crow, it reads "failed" a lot in the console, which is a clear indicator that it isn't actually working. At one point I had gotten it to work again and it read "feathers", but now even my attempts to fix it have gone back to "failed". It's been exactly a year since the mod got updated in any way at all, so i'm presuming that mod developers stopped caring altogether. I could use some help getting this to work. My attempts to fix things that didn't work out: modmain.lua
  9. Wendy OP plz nerf

    I feel unduly accomplished here. I was a vital part of that, even though last match was only the first time I won. I had to take up the healing staff and save the run after Eusong crashed out.
  10. Guide to Field Roles in The Forge [Beta]

    No, not really. Having a singular Wilson, and expecting them to both handle healing everyone AND doing revives is putting too many eggs in one basket. That Wilson gets downed, you're out heals AND revives, which can single-handedly ruin your chances. I do however agree with Winona being a good role for heals. Keep in mind that the game actually gives an XP reward for not having more than one of each character.
  11. Willson is not a healer.

    Yep. Had a run spoiled by a Wilson player who figured he could do both heals and revives. +1.
  12. Group Lobby

    I would very much appreciate it if we could form groups in a lobby by invite only, and use those to hook into a server with enough players. Not everyone has five friends to invite onto a password-protected server.
  13. I can't even get my one or two friends into a public server, because randos always beat to the punch. +1-ing this. Yeah, sometimes kicks get abused. it happens. Still better than not having the ability.
  14. I was just thinking, it'd be nice for those who are continually given extreme trouble by Don't Starve's combat, if there was a way to block attacks. Like a shield/bracer type thing that goes in the weapon slot. Maybe it'd lose a variable chunk of durability depending on enemy damage on strike. A wooden one that's quite flimsy, but doesn't require science, then a stone shield, a marble shield that slows the player, and a gold shield that's fairly costly, but has a chance to knockback on taking a hit? Something that's not just "kite or die". Now, perhaps it'd make sense for giants/bosses to ignore shields, via config options, too.... EDIT: Of course, how could I forget Bee Shield and Dark Shield? Bee Shield with damage reflection onto enemies, and Dark Shield with a strong melee bash, but sanity drain.
  15. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Should players who have difficulty with the combat in Don't Starve avoid the Forge? I suspect the answer is very much a yes, but I want to ask around.