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  1. This game is still in beta, which means a lot of hotfixes and updates coming out, not all the mods will be 100% up to date, which can lead to failing or possible crashing the game. (even one of my most loved "add ons" is still not up to date yet to use *sniff* But that's okay!). If you are not using any mods/add ons, and your game is still crashing, Klei has a support center and bug tracker forum to help you and anyone else with problems playing the game. Please read this and follow the instructions on how to make a bug report, if you have issues with your game: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/41337-submitting-bug-reports/ Please note this will go on the forums and will be public. (So, don't post any private information you are uncomfortable with sharing to everyone). Also note the attachment button may not work the first time, and you might have to re-attach. You will need 5 posts to be able to edit a post. Good luck!
  2. As a host you can remove items, as well as spawn them in (If you want to of course). http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Console/Commands Delete Item Under Mouse: More information/discussion on using commands as well here, if needed: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45192-console-commands/ As for banning after they leave, there should be a way to. I thought I read somewhere about it. I don't have that information on hand though.
  3. If you buy the Frontier pack you will get a DST key for your account and also an extra to gift to a friend. So, yes you would then be able to play DST now after you get it. - Depending on if you own Don't Starve or not. If you do not own Don't Starve you would have to pay more but also receive the base game, "Don't Starve". It is still in beta and mac is not exactly supported yet. Just FYI. Hope that's clear!
  4. Hrm. I'm curious to know where people are hearing about getting their free DST from owning DS during Early Access, I'd be curious to know. I'm thinking it's a misunderstanding though. The only "gift" that was mentioned for Early access involved the Frontier pack, you can buy that will give you a DST key and also get a "gift" of a DST key to send to a friend. It's still in beta, I think by launch they mean release, and the launch/release is still roughly a few months away. Sadly, you still have to wait for the free DST to be sent to you.
  5. Ahh! Okay, relief, I was worried you got scammed from someone! Anyways, buying/owning Don't Starve before the release (as you currently own) will allow you get the DST for free once it's released, that will sadly still take at least a for more months. So, right now it's still in beta, which there are giveaways for free dst keys available, or buying the frontier pack, or simply waiting to own it for free without having to do anything! That's about as much as I know on it.
  6. Where did you purchase DST keys from 2 weeks ago? They were just released on steam yesterday, Monday Dec 15. They were not buyable before, so I don't understand fully. -Edit: Unless you mean you bought Don't Starve? The only keys that would have been sent by email was from you applying to the sign up application for DST. And all keys from that should be distributed. Here's more information on that : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/46411-all-dst-closed-beta-keys-have-been-distributed/
  7. "But I keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop moving. It's like I got this music in my body and it's gonna be alright!"

    Shake IT OFF! :D
  8. Once DST is released you will not get the DST for free if you purchase Don't Starve after the release date. If you do not own DS, but own a beta key for DST, you will still be able to play DST once it is released. You essentially now own DST once you get a key. (This used to be different, but they have since changed this) More information on this here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45747-will-dst-remove-from-my-steam-account/
  9. Thanks for that :) I appreciate it. I'd feel so pressured being an actual mod though! @_@! lol :)

    1. Fyrjefe


      That's true. You'd actually have to deal with posts instead of be congenial and stuff. Been there, done that in another place and time. :)

  10. Hey. I'm new on the forums today and seen what that other guy said. Don't listen to him, you've linked me to official responses to the issues and stuff and been very helpful at making the forum not feel ignored today.

    1. Hellkitty


      Thanks a lot ^^ I really appreciate that :) I had good intentions behind it all. :]

  11. Thank you, again! That was very nice of you! :) Cheered me up! :D

    1. Ridley


      Ah, no worries!

  12. Hey, I just wanted to say I've been really impressed with all the forums firefighting you've been doing. Thanks for being awesome and answering so many of the constant barrage of questions :)

    1. Hellkitty


      Thank you! :D I try to be thorough as I can or at least steer people in the right direction. :) I think you're pretty awesome too with how helpful and knowledgeable you are with everyone!

    2. Halved


      Yup. You are awesome, man

  13. Oh, dear. My discontent for Steam/Valve might be showing. *Smirk*

    1. Nickolas2600
    2. Hellkitty


      Oh, gosh, that dates waaaay back. lol. But I suppose overall, the customer service hasn't been as super as I'd care for and I'd personally like more control with my games that I paid for offline. I just like to "zing" 'em one (for lack of a better term) whenever possible. lol xD

  14. I noticed an error when I use the "Always on Status" (I use map icons and mini HUD as well) but when I use this I get a crash, wondered if anyone else had the same issue? I noticed the problem yesterday. If I don't use Always on status and use the others, I don't crash at all. (I have not changed or messed with the files since I first installed, as I am no expert, and have no issues up til now.) Added image.