Chester & the Limited Edition Snow Chester are in the Klei Store! (Going fast!)


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We just put Chester on the Klei Store and they are selling fast. 


If you didn't get a chance to get one through the Kickstarter, get one now, before they are gone!




Snow Chester:


Also, check out some more new stuff available today!


Limited Edition PAX 2014 Pinny Arcade Wilson Pin


Limited Edition Klei Lanyards:


Don't Starve 4 Button Card Backed Pin Pack


Don't Starve Clear Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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I noticed some people had a Gold chester badge. Whats that for? There were never gold chesters?


KickStarter Backers who pledged $220 or more received the special golden "Chester Founder" badge. Snow Chester backers got the Snow Chester badge, and Shadow Chester backers received the Shadow Chester badge.

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I was in the store at 9:55am spamming the "refresh" button on my browser until Snow Chester showed up. Sold, thank you Klei! My regular Chester was feeling a bit lonely. :encouragement:


EDIT: Joe or Jan, any chance you'll be offering the Beefalo plushies in the future also?

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