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  1. So as you can tell Ive been MIA for awhile, my laptop broke and wow ds makes me anxious as hell now. Anyway since I just popped in to see whats going on I cant say I wish to stick around. My tumblr will stay up I think but i haven't done much on their because of thr already said broken computer. Send a pm with your steam Id if you wanna add me on there if you havent already. tumblr is, steam Im not gonna say since id rathet add you myself since Ive gotten an influx o...

  2. I sort of assumed it was because multiplayer itself is new. In with the new features and gamemode and such.
  3. Maximum124

    Not much of a dog person

    I use pigmen the first few waves and then toothtraps for the rest. Logsuit+spear is also pretty good for the first few waves depending on the character you're playing as. But toothtraps are amazing. Also a general thing I think is good info, hounds can aggro on anything except other hounds (I think) so you can lead them into bees or beefalo and they'll do the job for you.
  4. Maximum124

    Draw my life! No, I can't draw.

    Uh...well I dont really know what you're trying to get at with that OP but unless there's going to be some DS related art here, you may want to ask a mod to move this to the off topic section.
  5. Maximum124


    I kinda think thats a bad idea, as it just puts people off from playing him. Just make his text between asterisk as his miming animation plays it'll be like he's signing.
  6. I really like ham, cheese, lettuce and chip subs.
  7. Maximum124

    Eet's Impressions [Doodles. Because Boredom.]

    I do not play eets, what is going on
  8. Did someone say... Puzzle?
  9. Maximum124

    Q&A Thread

    Ive played all of them up to unwound future, and I hope to get the rest in the future
  10. Maximum124

    Q&A Thread

    I think pineapples are gross unless covered in chocolate and frozen no I just had some bacon actually, with some orange chicken and rice.
  11. Maximum124

    New video

    Nice to see a bit more of that poster, also is that Forbidden Knowledge playing on that TV in the back? Neat. 64 player servers?? I need it I need to see it, I need to be able to zoom my camera out and see everyone moving around like ants.
  12. Maximum124

    Q&A Thread

    @JoeW how do you keep that mustache so nice looking?
  13. Maximum124

    Hello I Draw The Art

  14. Maximum124

    Because Pokemon

    #1: What is your favorite Pokemon? The bird pokemon #2: Pokemon X or Y? I have X, my sister has Y #3: What was your starter in Pokemon X/Y? (If you didn't play X/Y you can chose a different gen.) FROAKIE I LOVE FROGE #4: What's your favorite Eeveelution? The fairy one is cute and the glow in the dark one I dont know their names #5: What was your first shiny? Never seen one #6: Which was your first Pokemon game? my first owned is Platinum, I played leafgreen though on a random kids gameboy waiting in a DMV first though.
  15. Someone on reddit ask Klei if the intermission is ever going to end

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    2. Maximum124


      Nope, at least I didnt see it answered.

    3. InaneDugong


      That's beautiful.~

    4. ThePreChewedTree


      Its been since October. I need the intermission to end.

  16. Maximum124

    Hello I Draw The Art

    you see a doctor about it?
  17. Maximum124

    Hello I Draw The Art

    Just an update for those unaware Im a sickly mess, I havent been producing art because I shake too much when holding my tablet pen and it effects the quality of my art. so thats why you havent seen anything from me lately, and Im sorry for that
  18. Sort of, but instead of focus being comics its video games.
  19. Maximum124

    The Hype Thread

    Im hype for stuff coming in the mail, I hoping I can find the tracking information on it so I can be home when it comes.
  20. Maximum124

    : ) 3: Revelations

  21. Maximum124

    : ) 3: Revelations

    Aren't you just a ray of sunshine.
  22. Maximum124

    : ) 3: Revelations

  23. Maximum124

    The Hype Thread

    If you can do that I am very hype now, I do like dominant strategy just to get the story, but after Im done with that and If I find the game good enough I will defiantly be setting restrictions on myself.
  24. Maximum124

    The Hype Thread

    Im hyped about playing dishonored, as i picked up the game of the year edition for under 20 bucks today.