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  1. me on my deathbed: a change of scenery is always nice


  3. I'm getting morrowind this weekend and I have no idea how I'm going to even begin playing it I couldn't even stand playing oblivion without modding the hell out of it

  4. you should probably change the skeletons names to not be you know boner
  5. people on this forum are such transphobic trash it's ridiculous

    1. Maximum124


      and whats really great is there isnt enough concrete proof to report them


    2. PopcornTattoo


      ah yes my faVORITE

    3. Symage


      What did I miss?

  6. just going to say this before it goes anymore off-topic: saying that Pyro is a potato or legitimately considering "it" when referring to them is extremely dehumanizing towards people who identify as nonbinary and them being a fictional character doesn't mean you can make transphobic jokes or comments about them because those are harmful towards real life people who may find positive representation in Pyro being genderless also assuming only male or female pronouns exist or defaulting to male pronouns for a genderless character is something that shouldn't be done (as well as using dehumanizing pronouns such as "it") and it would be much better to use they/them pronouns since Pyro's gender is unknown or they identify as something outside of the gender binary in lore that is the last and only thing I will say about this topic since we've derailed enough and this isn't a gender-speculation thread about a TF2 character
  7. I'm pretty sure that's not a joke and Pyro is actually intended to be genderless
  8. seeing as Don't Starve Together will be a thing it will effect me if someone else chooses to play as them no I won't bash people for playing as them no I won't think less of them no I won't play as the character myself I just don't like Pyro in the first place or TF2 and think it's annoying to have reference characters in a game like this just because you don't play as a character yourself doesn't mean it doesn't effect you in some way, and mocking others for being upset over this is really pointless??? it's not like we're saying we're going to stop playing the game or it's ruined we're just saying we hope it's not shoved in our faces
  9. ugh still extremely unhappy about this if it gets implemented I pray at least it's a mod and I don't have to suffer through seeing the Pyro on my character list every time I start a new world
  10. a roofed spawn point is the only thing I can think of if anything tentacle spots are not hard to get at all especially when Together comes out because two people will be able to attack the same one at once and if combat works the way it does now then it will only be able to target one at a time. if not it'll still be taken down twice as fast, and then you can just grind the tentacles until you get enough for raincoats we've survived just fine through all the seasons and weather since the game first came out without roofs, and now that Together is coming out the game will become much easier in some aspects so a roof isn't really needed when up to 4 experienced players work together to get all the supplies they need for the seasons I'm not really opposed to the idea of roofs but I do think it would be pointless to add them since we already have countless items to fight the environment
  11. oh my god I feel so bad for the people who were working on multiplayer in the modding community
  12. to all the people who say they're going to quit playing because of this: good