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  1. Thank you smarter people for putting all this together, I wonder if were gonna get more "cutscene" stuff with once the update goes live
  2. my vote goes to maxwell, as magic=power in the constant. Any other magic characters coming in after him. also the people voting for wilson, I love you and never change
  3. really not a great idea but reply for DS related draw requests, i need to practice some drawing. I probably wont do every single one.
  4. not too happy with the coloring and shading, but i dont wanna redo it
  5. Very long ago, before ROG a few of the characters and all that. I cant remember any actual playing aside from trying adventure mode over and over to unlock Maxwell. I played on a laptop with a trackpad, wasn't so bad but my poor computer at the time couldn't handle the Next Gen Graphics sometimes and made the game slow. Sadly that laptop doesnt charge anymore otherwise id go look and see what my saves were like.
  6. Vote kick, and things like it are fair if used responsibly. If the majority is griefers who just want to kick anyone new joining then it becomes unfair. theres a lot on the poll that is very context sensitive. The only ones that just seem objectively unfair and unfun in any context is spawn camping/trapping and the alt account one.
  7. I met my partner because of dont starve, thank you to Wilson personally for hooking us up haha
  8. I doubt it, since they're made by the ancient civilization which is all about that shadow magic.
  9. one of the portraits I warped accidentally when putting in in place, and we did this before the skin was released so we were using the concept art from the "unused" wiki page
  10. I hate this i hate you and i hate that you reminded me i have something to add to this
  11. You know this is a good excuse to show the tierlist me and my SO made of all the skins Ill draw you something if you can find the one portrait that got skewed also if anyone wants the PSD lemme know so you can make your own
  12. how are you ranking them? how they play? how much their voice annoys you? what kind of shoes they wear?
  13. Its interesting to see the combat focused characters leading the poll, DPS mains always seem to outnumber every other "class" in games- which makes sense you feel like you have the most impact.