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  1. Ive got the Wilson figure, so the basic shape wasn't so hard, just retopologizing it the UVs are a huge mess though
  2. really not a great idea but reply for DS related draw requests, i need to practice some drawing. I probably wont do every single one.
  3. not too happy with the coloring and shading, but i dont wanna redo it
  4. I hate this i hate you and i hate that you reminded me i have something to add to this
  5. In general, wagstaff was added via the moonstorm event, people are freaking out over that- for the recent thread posts, theyre referencing the white kings speech in hollow knight so spoilers for that
  6. the comic is very cute, and god id love royalty skins klei please
  7. huge file if you click on it, finished the card today on stream! compared to my old one which didnt have correct symbology for the card- also all the lunar stuff just fits well for a card about knowledge with the whole "enlightenment" thing
  8. with webber i just wanted him to have chitonous parts, i made another version without them
  9. Drop the fa├žade In some of Wes' animations with the Triumphant skin his glasses skew, I think its cute also working on redoing my Maxwell tarot card
  10. Your illustrations are absolutely stunning, I wish I could express how much Ive enjoyed looking at your art better than "wow good art!!"