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  1. All Skins Concept Art

    Bigby Beaver 10/10
  2. Wilderness is really good, but for Co-op Endless or Survival is the way.
  3. Wilsdow the Widow

    It looks like when you're facing to the side that the "face" isn't in the place as you intended.
  4. Koalefanta Proboscidea [DST]

    Looking good.
  5. Thinking about buying on PC

    1. PC Master Race 2. Mods 3. Dunno 4 ??? 5. Profit
  6. CONFIRMED CONFIRMED CONFIRMED It'll be worth the wait. tho i thought it would be out in Summer not after.
  7. Melting snow around fires

    this needs to be added. +8
  8. Not quite Pyro

    Yeah i haven't really tried it just judging by the pictures but by any chance you don't have the DLC? it's required you'lo.
  9. My first chester

    I like it.
  10. Grease Fires

    10/10 would f- Eat.
  11. Not quite Pyro

    Looking good.
  12. Woodie Ignores Full Moons

    Old Bell for Woodie i guess.