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  1. So how does the patron thing work? A fascinating and shrewd Lady:
  2. Heehee, it is bewtiful! 5 Stars!
  3. *square yin yang starts whole new branch of philosophy* Hard edges vs fluid ones? Its like a round peg through a square hole! They are opposite and yet the same; harmonious in their juxtaposition! Chaos within order! Light within dark! Dark within light! Good within evil and vice versa! Mind. Blown. Are you happy geni? Your art has become a religion. I need -1 glasses of wine and an adult.
  4. Run south? Pleasedon'tbeadeathtrap pleasedon'tbeadeathtrap. Milla Kunis maybe? I dunno. People say I kinda look like her. That's my best guess since we've probably never met (unless you're into the club scene in L.A. Then maybe we HAVE met) ‚Äč
  5. Your profile picture gives me the heeby-jeebies. I don't know why, but something about it is terrifying to me.

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    2. Auth


      No, but that makes it worse.

    3. greenglacier


      I want a spooky friend like you Meda.

    4. Auth


      You are now 90% less spooky.

  6. *shudders off creepy feeling of deja vu feeling* Since now there are only three bottles left and trying to take all of them nearly killed me, I'll just try and take the black potion this time. Hopefully the Slenderman will know what it does.
  7. Ok, gotcha. If we are starting from the beginning, I search in the bushes by the start-point.
  8. Damnit @Palpetinus ! I want to play again if the OP and others do. We haven't gotten to the good part yet! Although I haven't played at all yet, but...
  9. Hey, sorry I didn't answer this earlier but somehow I missed it. Honestly I paint a lot of stuff and needed dishes (because my former roommates liked to break stuff and not wash anything). A girl's gotta have SOMETHING to eat out of. This one I DID keep under lock and key though. Spoiler: it isn't from don't starve, so if that offends you, don't look. Any Doctor Who fans out there?
  10. Oooh, I wanna be derp-tastic too! Pweeze?
  11. According to your tree-kind, would you consider Woodie to be more like Hitler or Hannibal Lector?
  12. Awwww. Not too long ago I painted this Alice/Malice in Wonderland soup cup with spoon. It was pretty cool, had the same sketchy style as Don't Starve, and the spoon had this twisted Cheshire Cat's grin on it. My roommate left the spoon down the garbage disposal and turned it on. A sad day. I think I have a picture of the cup and spoon. I'm not bitter! No, not at all! Sorry for the terrible pic, but *sob* I can't take new pictures of it!
  13. Oh my goodness, I was watching that and thinking "Wow, aparently I have no sushi manners!" until about 2 minutes in. *facepalm* Somewhere there is a recipe(?) for a sushi roll with bacon, egg, crab, avacado, and a hint of cream cheese. OMG it was noms. Aaaand on that note.... I WANNA BE THE SUSHI PROPHET!!!