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How do you manage your sanity?

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Cooked green mushrooms before that or cooked cactus flesh as they're so close together.

Otherwise it may depend from character to character. Like planting seeds as wormwood.

Early game picking flowers for emergency sanity to put me past the insanity threshold or just prototyping stuff.

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59 minutes ago, Waoling said:

But what if I was playing as Warly?

A couple of options:

If you're lucky enough to get some butter early on you can craft an ocean fishing rod and catch a wobster from land (they sometimes spawn very close to land).

1wobster +1 butter+2 sticks you can make wobster dinner for

60hp 37 hunger 50sanity

With a fishing rod you can craft surf and turf

1 monster meat + 3 fish morsels

60hp 37 hunger 33 sanity

With your starting potato and garlic (I recommend making them seeds and farming them asap but if don't want to...) you can make a creamy potato puree

2 potato's + 1 garlic + no meat or twigs

20 HP 37 hunger 33 sanity

Kill bees for taffy

3 honey+1 twig

-3hp, 25 hunger, 15 sanity

Those are the sanity dishes you may come across early game. You can still pick a few flowers in a pinch and prototype some things for sanity. Surf and turf will probably be the most reliable one. You can eat 2-3 surf and turf and the wait the three days to refresh his timer, fit in some meaty stew in between so you don't starve.

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I made a little tier list for hunger, sanity and health restoration with the best recipes. You can sort it based on the amount of restoration and on spoilage time.

For sanity, the easiest option early game is cooked cactus and cooked green caps. Once spring comes, keep your eye out for lureplants so you can start making jelly salad. Taffy is always reliable, but requires a decently sized bee box setup of course. Another nice trick is to make a 2x2 farm plot, plant some random seeds, then let the forget-me-lots take over and remove any other weeds. One honey + one forget-me-lots + two ice makes soothing tea, which gives 45 sanity out of very cheap resources.

Also, picking flowers works really well. Or just killing the nightmare creatures with a ham bat. If you can grab a star caller staff at some point that also helps.

Don't Starve Food Tier List.ods

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Daily sanity loss range from 15 to 25. It shouldn’t to be too hard to mindfully refill that amount everyday, more or less.

- Early bee boxes are good for sanity because it allows you to mass taffy.

- 4 drying rack early game is enough for daily sanity, by drying kelp, morsel, fish, besides meat.

- Cactus is reliable easy sanity.

- Surf ‘n’ turf is quite accessible early game and all year round, it can be cooked with 2 wobsters and 2 monster meat. +33 sanity, +60 hp.

- Pick all the flowers. They regrow anyways.

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The best way to dealing with sanity is not dealing.

You just fight with nightmare creatures and you always have passive nightmare farm and this small sanity buff takes you for few days.

For situation that I need sanity, like fighting another creature and need to not be annoyed, I use greencaps or I cook whatever gives sanity from my icebox. After having a normal sanity and to keep it high, I use tam o' shanter.

But like i said, in general; I do not manage it. Just let it down since nightmare creatures are not hard to fight. Even terrorbeak is easy to kite.


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As Warly, make HP restoring food and Grim Galette. when HP is full eat Grim Galette, your sanity will be full instantly again, remember to eat HP food afterwards.

Or include Salsa and Vegetable Stinger in your diet, for example eat Meat Stew, Salsa and Vegetable stinger to get 200 Hunger at once and you won't need to worry about food penalty.

Farm is your best friend!

If you base in Oasis, get Milk while farming goat horn by shocking goat at last hit, and incorporate Ice Cream in your diet.

After first year you will have access to Jelly Salad too.

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Being really honest? I Dont.

Except when Immabout to fight a boss or in an place I know can be dangerous and when the situation requires bein sane I use the same solution

Nightmare amulet

When u kill shadows spawned from the amulet they give u sanity back after u remove it from ur neck


Kill some shadows, farm some fuel, remove it and tadah u r full sane

The item doesnt spoil, once u have it u can use it for at least a whole season and I let it in the bag or chester cuz I barely do it once Im used to be insane 

Some people can argue isnt that effective but keep in mind I main Wortox. The amount of cactus or whatever I have to pick is doubled so its the time doing the quest when this char is suposed to speed things up. So my way to deal is killing them even when they aint suposed to be spawning anymore forcing the insanity and then having a longer break away them. 

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Tam o' Shanter, Sleeping and mostly foods.
If you don't hate gardening, it is an amazing way to keep sanity full year round.
1 Garlic + 2 Pumpkin/Carrot + 2 Potato in Winter or Autumn (If done in a + shape you can get all to be giant)
Throw 2 Potato 1 Garlic in a Crockpot to make Creamy Potato Puree (Filler can be any Non Meat or Twigs I tend to use Ice or a carrot/pumpkin)
This restores 33 sanity per.

2 Toma Root + 1 Dragonfruit and 2 Watermelon + 1 Onion in Spring and Summer (Have one side be Toma Root and Dragonfruit other side is Onion and Watermelon for giant crops)
Throw 1 Onion 1 Toma Root into a Crockpot to create Salsa (Filler can be any non meats, eggs, or inedible, I tend to use excess fruits or vegies. Honey if I have a ton laying around.)
Restores 33 Sanity per.

1 Toma Root/Asparagus 1 Ice 2 Vegetables in a Crockpot makes Vegetable Stingers, Restores 33 Sanity
1 Watermelon 1 Ice 2 Twigs in a Crockpot makes Melonsicle, Restores 20 sanity.

If you prefer fishing, you can base next to a Wobster Den or two. Fish up 3 pop them into a crockpot and you have easy Surf n' Turf

After the first Spring you get some Lureplants, take 2 Leafy Meat + 2 Honey for Jelly Salad for 50 sanity

After you go to the Moon Quay and pick up some Banana Bushes 1 Banana + 1 Ice + 2 Sticks gets you Banana Pop for 33 sanity

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picking flowers as i go places, wear tam, space prototyping out as much as possible, avoid using wormholes at around half sanity. suffices. if you are the suicide character (wes) i think you'd have to go with some green caps and tophat early on if you wanna remain functional and still take advantage of speed boost. for webber i think killing eot early on is beneficial, and note you get a sanity boost from converting new spider types.

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Fighting shadow creatures and later wearing celestial crown.

For very specific cases I use other solutions though:

- Sailing: eating dried kelp and/or wearing thulecite suit. Since I typically prefer suits rather than crowns anyway and value head light greatly this means I basically don't spend resources on sanity at sea. Drying rack has 0 collision in terms of passing through it, so I build it on a boat too (+ that allows to make meaty stews from sea-abundant resources should I not bring enough in bundle for some reason).

- Fuelweaver fight: +33 sanity veggie dishes or ice cream. Namely, banana shake and vegetable stinger, rarier - banana pop. Alternative: Bee Queen crown in case I don't have celestial crown yet.

- Ruins and atrium (particular parts): Bee Queen crown near obelisk; I like to leave one near completed pseudoscience station or in ruins base around fully repaired station in military biome should I wish to repair it and make small base there.

- Topping off sanity before bossfights: cacti, dwarf stars/polar lights (usually 2-3 closely casted).

- Using celestial crown for bossfights: banana shake, cooked cacti for characters with 200 maximum sanity. Much later - soothing tea (more luxury than necessity, but a great QoL in that regard). I haven't played WX much yet, but depending on particular circuits using ice-cream/jelly salad might be a good idea.

- On public servers (other methods than fighting shadows): top hats and floral shirts (in summer).

During moonstorms I either ignore it completely (just run from moonstorm to moonstorm and neglect terrorbeaks) or fight shadow creatures.

For lowering lunacy (in grotto and on lunar island) I use lazy deserter, switch to cooked monster meat diet or just dodge gestalts/wear celestial crown.

Edit: there are also character-specific solutions for specific situations, such as Wigfrid's clear-minded cadenza for Fuelweaver and taking as little damage as possible as Walter. Sanity from planting seeds in case Wormwood to me is more like a bonus rather than primary goal.

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Well, I try to get enough sleep, listen to music that cheers me up, try to have at least one nice balanced meal a day, avoid watching/reading/listening to too much depressing news...

Oh you meant in the GAME.  ;)  Well the sleep and/or and food parts can still sorta apply.  I'm pretty simple.  I don't do a lot of going to dangerous places to get really good but harder-to-obtain-in-the-first-place items or food sources going (although I'd LIKE to, at least a little).  Off the top of my head:

--Jerky (Wigfrid-friendly option)  I tend to live in/near rabbit fields, so there's a lot of easy small meat available.
--Cooked green mushrooms
--Cooked cactus (both Wurt-friendly options)
--Sleep occasionally (not all that often, really)
--Get the buff from prototyping a new thing whenever I need a new thing
--Picking flowers, only when other options aren't readiliy available and always in moderation

I'm sure there's other sanity foods I use but I'm not thinking of them right now.  Some of the foods i use primarily for physical healing might have some sanity properties as well.


As for playing as Warly...I DON'T. His pickiness drives ME insane!  Good on ya if you can put up with him, but I play DST to enjoy myself, not babysit.  If he was a Sim he'd have the "High Maintainence" trait.  Oof.


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