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  1. Does crop item stay completely fresh in giant crop form when unhammered? For example Dragon Fruit last 6 day, A giant crop also last 6 days before it become rot plant, if I chose to only hammer the giant crop on the 5th day, would the dragon fruit that drop from it be completely fresh, effectively increase the spoilage time to 11 day?
  2. Does eating Volt Goat Chaud-Froid give the electric damage when attacking while riding a Beefalo? Also, does eating spicy food as a player increase damage when attacking while riding a Beefalo? I was confused on whether to feed the Beefalo spicy food or eat the spicy food as player lol
  3. I am trying to setup fence around a merm house. Do they attack fence? lf they do, how far should the fence be to keep the merm from going hostile due to player too close to their house?