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  1. I didn't expect there is drawing for this in game.
  2. By giving my dupes a +10 strength +10 building +3 athlete for 10 cycles. Maybe +15 +15 +5 for 15 cycles. It can decay as the cycle advances.
  3. I think tree disease only spreads at the moment of getting diseased. Planting trees around already diseased trees won't get you more petrified trees. So there should be a problem of getting too many of them. Because you just plant a block of 9 trees and are only capable of this block only. When there is a diseased seed, a antidote shall be created at the same time.
  4. You know how stone fruit has 1 % chance to drop sprouting stone fruit when mined? I think Petrified Trees should drop diseased seeds that can either be grown into a diseased tree to infect surrounding trees, or applied to a grown tree then spread the disease. Or maybe napsack should be able to start the disease.
  5. Yes! I want a collection of images of all mobs / bosses dead. Should be able to satisfy my inner blood thirst. Also please make it refresh per game, so that I can kill all mobs one more time every new game.
  6. thanks for letting me know, if that's a known bug, then i'm relieved.
  7. As described in title. "SteamApps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt" this file doesn't exist on my machine... sry I can't provide that. The Suave Space Hut.sav
  8. In the gif, I ate garlic spiced meatballs, then turn into moose. Top right corner hp is increased while taking hit. Garlic has 33% reduction, moose seems to have 80% redcution, adding up to roughly 110% reduction. -110% damage mean +10% hp regain. That's why spider can give me roughly 2 or 3 hp... That's my theory.
  9. So I just started to play the game and this is how the technology tree looks. It's the smallest I can make it to be. and this fills up my entire screen. Moving the tree around is very slow. Something I played around: 1. If I scale UI to 75%, the whole tree will be quite small. 2. If I scale UI to 125% / 150% after scaling to 75%, the trees looked normal once I open it, but once I started to zoom in and out, it got stuck with what happens in screenshot, i.e. screenshot would be the smallest I could get. 3. I clicked on the magnifier icons on the top right, and it didn't work.
  10. pill and booger erupt at the same time in slow mo like epic.
  11. I'm open-minded about this. Because it has same "shut-off" name and a similar functionality, doens't mean it should be able to be used in an exact same way. But it will be useful where it's useful. But it doesn't have to be water/gas system's counterparts. That's my opinion, i'm happy with what i guess since i'm not the game designer. But it could be just a design mistake. But i odn't care.
  12. There is not convey sorting. If you wanna sort, you can build an auto sweeper halfway the convey and use that to direct where resources should go next