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  1. who died during your killing? How many, and how fast? xD
  2. This is not a krampus farm. It's a killing chamber to - easily kill massive amount of krampii - with low cost and - easy and straight-forward setup. - And you can complete the setup without changing characters. Any characters can construct this setup. (The summoning may still require specific characters, but the killing is character-independent.) - killing and summoning can happen in parallel Video demo below How does it work: Building material required to modify your existing krampus farms: Variations My fav setup (variation) is a dwarf star with 3 anenemies in the wall tunnel. Because it provides light too, and I don't need to worry about the killing process myself. But it's not necessary. The bare minimum is a fire starter such as a torch.
  3. You should say that to the game designers, because it is part of the game design. My solution is basically doing nothing but taking the downside as is. @ShadowDuelist I didn't elaborate on each of those scenarios, I only demonstrated my general attitude as a woodie main, which is, if I'm playing a character for its sake, I'll stick to it until the end or until I've completed the whole playthrough and all the accomplishment. Otherwise, I wouldn't call myself "woodie main" because I didn't do everything as woodie. If the moonstorm is started by someone else in a pub server without your consent or any communication, or you've already killed cc, then go ahead and change characters. That's what I usually do, too.
  4. If you mean the empty wooden walls in savanah, or spider grass twig trap, or thermometer fridge chest set piece, they are not story-telling. I want ruins that reminds me of my past failures or playthrough, and brings me some emotions. One example is burnt structures, I will feel a little sad seeing them. Another example is a base in walls with some of the walls destroyed. Another example is 3 chests and science machine but 1 of the chests is hammered. I liked your previous screenshot for the same reason. It was nice looking base, not necessarily fully functional. Seeing it abandoned in wilderness brings out my sadness.
  5. I like the idea. We always have failed survivors' skeleton, but have never found any of their buildings or ruins or inventory. Maybe we can find some of their structure, burnt or functional. Maybe let there be the skeleton of the owner at the ruins with his ghost form hovering around.
  6. Accept the fate of the moon storm. Eat less so you are nearly starving every night. Always make breakfast the day before. It's just about 1 min idle every night, during which you can chat and chill, or rant. You don't loose sanity or health anyways.
  7. We need seasonal cave bosses and seasonal ocean bosses. But I think they will take a lot of time to create.
  8. I don't know what is the technical difficulty, but I kinda wish cave and over world are in the same shard so that there is no loading screen.
  9. That only makes sense in programming sense: boat gains velocity when its hit by a wave. But it makes no general sense: boat didn't move, it did not accelerate, it had no speed from the beginning to the end. The programming doesn't reflect a sensible boat behavior, hence, an issue. A fix i would recommend is wave hit boat with a velocity V if boat cannot move in the direction of V because of existing shore or dock { wave is ignored } else { do wave thing as usual }
  10. Counter-productive cuz you have to use wood oar in order for the second boat to catch up. Doesn't work because second boat is useless. 2022-06-26 18-44-46 .mp4
  11. 2022-06-26 17-27-34.mp4 This difficulty or impossibility happens to placement of other trawlers and bull kelp stalks.
  12. Also: make fire pump aiming at farm plot, in addition to fire and smoldering. Currently, it can only hydrate dry farm plots, but there is no aiming, only random squirting.