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  1. Morb is free oxygen source, get as many as you can, and place them in different locations around base evenly to assure sufficient O2 supply everywhere. 2. Having more than 3 dupes will make you lose very quickly.
  2. I dislike the new slimelung, it's so distracting from main game play. To me, it made me spent much longer on pointless "caring about dupes" stuff, which drag my early game progression much slower. It makes sense to have all this doctor medicine disease thing, but it doesn't matter to me. The aspect that I personally interested in has been largely affected by this slimelung thing, and I hate it. What @argh223 mentioned might explain why i feel this way. Maybe cuz disease is not critical, i'm no longer engaged, instead, only annoyed by its stubborn uninteresting side effect.
  3. I wouldn't call it drown tho, because egg shell is solid, unless it's liquid egg shell, otherwise, i'll call it buried. 233333
  4. Once upon a tile, a Meep dug up a slime tile of 1kg, and it dropped 1/2 kg and slime... Slime disappeared after giving out 1/2 kg polluted oxygen... A puft got attracted and sucked all the polluted oxygen... It pooped 1/4 kg slime... It gave out 1/4 kg polluted oxygen... It ate 1/4 kg polluted oxygen... It pooped 1/8 kg slime... ... Ultimately, 1 kg slime tiles provided 1 kg slime (instead half of it)
  5. @mathmanican When I started to think about heat battery, I thought about store infinite amount of 1500C ish gas, by heating gas up with volcano, and outputing thru vent under 1kg liquid gold. I think that way you can store unlimited amount of heat.
  6. ohhhhhh. So when the post said buffer, it really meant buffer. I thought the "battery" has the capacity to store enormous amount of heat, like it's capable to raise its temperature above volcano's. I was looking for wrong clues. Thx bruh
  7. i will want to help, but i'm dumb enough to not know how to edit wiki properly
  8. I want to read the post, but I don't have the patience. Can someone tell me in short, in what matter is heat stored?
  9. you can raise some morbs near robo miner, let them produce PO2, which is always 47 C roughly, then you blow that gas to robo miner and cool them down. Morbs produces unlimited amount of PO2, so very sustainable.
  10. if building site is far away, build a storage bin to store building materials near building site will drastically speed up your building speed cuz of far less time spent on commute.
  11. I thought he said he got stuck, as there is something stops him going further, so I asked what is it. But you are suggesting browsing other people's design can inspire, and I totally agree with that. I'm doing that all the time.
  12. I was at the edge of doing that, but I don’t wanna destroy the nice dupe artwork. Shame.
  13. You have to ask a more specific question with a more specific need. What’s your next goal?