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  1. As described in title. "SteamApps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt" this file doesn't exist on my machine... sry I can't provide that. The Suave Space Hut.sav
  2. .This game has players make numerous short term goals and long term goals of their own, which require short & long term planning. It would be really nice if players are able to write down memos / to-do list / check box / system notification in game as reminder. Reason 1: it helps players pick up what they have left from previous play. I can easily spend so many hours playing one planet, and usually it's consists of chunks of time in many days. Every time I came back to game after like 2 days when I finally got some free time, I looked at the complicated system that I made, I had no idea what my goal or plan was. So many times, I have come back to my old save, feeling lost, and had to start over. In-game reminders / memos can help stitch together the continuity of game experience throughout different days. This is especially true in late game when players have settle the basic needs and have a lot of freedom to make their own goals and designs. Reason 2: it helps players reduce the burden of remembering many things, and improve immersive game experience. There were times I needed to build 2 things at the same time, when I was watching construction A so closely, I forgot to take care of construction B, and when I finally finished A, I totally forgot B, and was only reminded when some disaster broke out because of the missing of B. Thanks for reading.
  3. @Electroely you dedication got my respect
  4. I think 2% to 3% is good, which means more than 1 nmfuel is needed for 1 warp. And I think that's fair
  5. you can mouse click the trees while holding space bar, which will produce same / similar result depending how good you are at it. I'm using this mod just cuz I'm lazy, and this will produce best possible result. But mod or without mod, the result I provided tells the same thing.
  6. I think using lazy forager is same as not picking them up. Maybe result will be similar to the first test?
  7. you have to consider treeguard spawning and losing puppets, and the time you spent on farming nightmare, compared to time on farming meat, which is trivia. That's why he's better at chopping with other players.
  8. I've added new footage that includes log collecting, and Maxwell with 4 chopping puppies. And I @ everyone in reply that might be interested to see. @WoodieMain45684 @Frashaw27 @Stonetribe @Ermac__ @SouthTom @Neutral_Steve
  9. Stumps is not worth digging because they take long. That's why I excluded digging. The reason I used 3 chopping puppies and 1 digging puppy is because that's what people usually have, and I want my footage to be close to real world practice. In my preference, I'd do 4 chopping puppies and burn the stumps. I missed that in notes.
  10. I'm surprised, why is that? I know. But I was more focused on one man chopping, so I didn't take that into account.
  11. Chopping 40 grown trees, - regular chopping with 4 pigs (with automatic chopping mod cancelling animation): 99 sec - woodie (with automatic chopping mod cancelling animation): 80 sec - beaver: 60 sec (I subtract 5 sec from footage as error) - maxwell's puppy chopping: > 150 sec Why is Maxwell preferred to Woodie? To me maxwell's chopping is the worst... Plus puppies chops decorative trees around bases. - maxwell is better with other players because he has low max hp and will likely lose puppies to treeguards if not stop chopping - for one man chopping, regular chopping or lucy chopping is also very very efficient. My favorite is lucy chopping. What about you? I'm using mod action queue reborn. I think every seasoned player should try it. Here goes my footage Edit added: I excluded digging tree stumps on purpose, because they take long. The reason I used 3 chopping puppies and 1 digging puppy is because that's what people usually have, and I want my footage to be close to real world practice. In my preference, I'd do 4 chopping puppies and burn the stumps. Newly Added 40 grown trees chopping without digging but with collecting log - Maxwell 151 sec (I subtracted 4 sec from footage due to the treeguard) - Woodie 179 sec - Beaver 166 sec (with seconds waiting due to too few trees) - regular chopping 135 sec - Winner unexpected
  12. The new music just turns me off so quickly. I noticed the difference it made to my brain right away when I heard it. The old ones sound delightful, relaxing and spirit-lifting. It was able to penetrate my brain and stuck there loop over and over. They were really good music. The new ones, however, are slow-paced as you mentioned. Especially the new work/busy music, the melody doesn't have obvious ups and downs, and the instrument has a heavy tone, like it wants to remind me survival is hard, as if it tries to overwhelm me while I am working base. Same with fighting music, the instrument choice make the music sound more grand, like I'm facing great challenge in a grand arena or background. I don't want to get reminded of that. I want to feel brave and feel that I can do it. I wanna feel bloodthirsty and happy. I want the game to tell me that I can try and fail and try again. But the new music just have a depressing, creepy feeling. Tbh, the old music feels newer compared to the reworked music. This is a more individualistic RPG, it doesn't have a obvious story line, I don't need the sense of grand picture. I want to feel that I'm working towards my own goal, and I need to feel a good mood. Those new music as general background music is bad. They may be good for boss fight music. Music is hard to describe, and everyone has different background deriving various preference. I don't have deep understanding in instrumental or classic music. But my feeling is real. New music is overwhelming and depressing. They instantly remind me of old music, and in fact old music was playing in my head as I played. This is how good old music was and how bad the new one is. Subjectively bad.
  13. yep, I like Lucy better, fast and with the flexibility of tackling treeguards. What you gonna do in beaver form when 3 treeguards spawned around you? So inefficient and risky. Gnawing 3 times for 1 log is ridiculously low efficiency. I'd just burn all the stomps with torch. I'm not gonna wasting my precious beaver time on those tiny bit of stomps
  14. i'm sad about this. I want woodie to be a cursed lumberjack too. Now he's just a male wilba.