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  1. i c, thx for explaining. One more question, I haven't really used terrariums, does O2 produces that way have same temp as input water?
  2. yeah, you would be dealing with the sum, which isn't much harder. For example, a dupe standing in front of liquid reservoir. Then it's 5000kg content/2tiles width + 200kg dupe = 2700kg weight I understand what you mean, it would indeed be strange for structures to fall. But the warning "invalid location" is another way of saying building needs a base tile and it reside on it, which means they are supposed to fall, but they don't. So...
  3. i remember one dupe requires 4 terrariums' O2 production. but you have 12 for 12 dupes?
  4. how fast? And how many terrariums did you have
  5. i will later, thx, but i also want to see if this is a good idea.
  6. In current games, weight plate only weighs debris and dupes' weight, but not structures or buildings that are on top of it. However, I think it should. For buildings, the added weight to weight plate should be building weight divided by building width, because even weight distribution is an easy model. Some may argue that tiles built on top of tiles doesn't have weight. True, they are more like being nailed to background wall. But a lot of structures will have "invalid building location" warning when built on top of nothing, which means they are unlike tiles. Most importantly, this will make automation regarding gas/liquid reservoirs possible.
  7. i like the idea of Idle Dupe's Room
  8. didnt see that. you have sharp eyes. Thax
  9. I really like the new moulding crown. bug report, destructing liquid full of content won't give content back.
  10. As shown in gif, the airlock's temperature never changed while its surroundings was getting freezing cold, gas and tile. Here is the savefile The Chaotic Lab Cycle 139.sav i'm on qol branch
  11. Ah i forgot to mention charlie. But other than that, mobs can damage house as I mentioned in original post. I'll add Charlie to my post. Thx. Unfortunately, they are very very common in endless servers. Even if they are 1 in 10000, that one can cause very bad damage to a well organized, developed base. You might understand that, but experiencing seeing your effort going down can traumatize you for a bit, that's very different.
  12. I give my opinions here. 1. Drecko. They spawn from grass that’s been planted a long time. That means it’s a late game mechanism. Faster grass harvesting help shift the focus of gameplay from basic survival to late game battle or base building. Who wants to spend an entire day collecting grass? Some people do, but I don’t. But I do like the idea that drecko spawning should require some expensive fertilizer, cuz they come too easy. 2. Trash disposal. I think Lureplant is a pretty good trash can, you can arrange flooring to spawn eyes at specific location, and that’s neat. The more garbage you sacrifice, the more leafy meat you get, that’s fair. Also, they grow 3 seasons other than winter. 3. Farm. The thing about farm is it’s versatile. You can make pumpkin structures items, melon hat, you can make healing food. It’s not good enough only when you compare it to bunny farm or bee boxes, I mean that those things are just OP. But in a game where cave is disabled (and idk why people play that), farm is a very good option for providing healing and sanity food. It’s also a life style choice. You need to spend nearly same amount of energy on drying rack. So my take on this is that farm is not weak, but some other system is too strong. 4. Grave. You find it annoying, but I forgot their presence until you mentioned it, and I think they are fine. I start to understand your point of view. You want your base to look pretty, and you want control.
  13. Hi guys, I just posted a suggestion in Suggestion and Feedback, I think I should post it here as well to get more attentions because I think this suggestion is important. If you can take a look and give your opinion, I'll appreciate it. Thank you.
  14. Hamlet House My suggestion is about protection against griefers in DST, by introducing Hamlet style houses or space to game. This idea is not new. The mod that does similar things has already exist, like this one https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=523209309. But since Hamlet's houses introduce similar mechanism, why not just bring it to DST. it doesn't seem to be too hard to implement, just keep those house/island in dark on map. To make the idea seem more concrete, we can imagine pk be the landlord (or his wife/daughter), who will have to be paid to in a timely matter, or otherwise houses will be taken away or taken down. (You get the general idea) The benefit is obvious: Griefer, griefer, griefer, this suggestion is all about how to protect yourself from griefers. I understand griefing is part of the gameplay, so my suggestion doesn’t aim to remove it completely, but to prevent catasphic griefing that makes rebuilding a base or game proceeding impossible. House will be a place to keep personal items / structures safe. Houses should require authorization upon entrance, which provides safety. No one can steal from you, no one can burn anything inside it or burnt the house itself. There is an alternative model: anyone can enter your house, but no one can hammer/burn your structure or open your chests. They could just come in visit your house and use science in it, and enjoy its beautiful presence (decorations). (Have you seen those players who just discovered your base and decided to censor all your chests, after a series of chest lip opening sound, he stopped at a chest and discovered something interesting and just took it?) Existing gameplays should not be affected by too much: - Houses have hp and can suffer from 2 levels of damage. One is broken, which has a blocked entrance, people inside it will be forced out, no one can enter it after it's broken. This kind of damage can be caused by mobs with normal attacks, such as spiders, hounds, tree guards, Goose. Those mobs can't damage the house beyond lvl1 damage because the their form of attack. lvl2 is ruined. Ruined houses are heavily damaged, structures inside it gets the same effect of being hammered, items stored inside its chests or laying on house floors will drop out on the ground. This kind of damage can be caused by deerclops, bearger, antlion's earthquake attack, meteor showers, etc. you get the general idea. - Houses are relatively hard to get, it's should be a middle to late game thing. - House is big structure on the outside, but small, limited space such as 4 tiles inside. They can only be built on certain floorings, like the requirement for grass. And the flooring should be hard to get. Tentacles can't be summoned on this turf. This turf can't be taken away while there is a house on it. - Houses can leak water if the wetness of the world has reached a certain point, and consequently increase wetness of anyone inside it. Wetness of house is the same as wetness of food on the ground which rot faster when they are wet. - There is rent. people can pay with meat, egg, wires, anything that can be exchanged for gold, or gold itself.(Who has too much bunny puff? I raise my hands) - It gets lightening strikes unless it has protection of lightening rod. - Hiding in house won't lose aggro, but transfer the aggro to the house. Hostile mobs can attack houses when you hide inside, like attacking shootius hoodius. When houses are broken, the players will be forced out with certain amount of dizziness effect, they behave like they are sleepy as if they just wake up from eating mandrake. - One can have up to 2 houses, but second house has higher rent/tax. Second houses could also be treated as a house upgrade. - You can probably build a lazy deserter inside it, after all, the house space itself should be on the map somewhere in the dark. (And griefers do hammer lazy deserter) For those who doesn't need anti-griefer protection, why would a house hurt anyway? If you have something to add or comment on, leave in the comment session, i'll add it if i find it reasonable. -