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You are tasked with making a "DST 2" by your own ideas, what would that look like?

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If you were tasked with making a sequel to Don't Starve Together but only had to contribute via ideas, what would your sequel look like? How would you change the game from the original?

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Ok so instead of top down we go first person in a 3d world, theres still mining crafting cutting down trees killings mobs, but instead of prototyping things theres one crafting system and also im reworking the crafting system so its a 3x3 grid where you have to put ingredients in the shape of the item you're trying to craft. Now the terrain, I like what the devs did with the parts of land by the ocean all being squares so im gonna expand on that and make all terrain squares also the y axis is now in use so you can build up and while im at it im thinking of turning pigmen green and instead of punching they explode when you get near them speaking of mobs the reanimated skeleton is being downgraded to a regular mob and it now just shoots a bow, the ancient fuelweaver though is in a new dimension at the end of the game and instead of a skeleton it's a big dragon that fires purple fire at you ah sh*t i just made minecraft, dammit not again

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Basically the same game, but ported over a modernized engine, with somewhat more detailed graphics (despite keeping the 2d cartoonish art) and some way to allow multiple shards of the world to run on the same shard (Maybe with a little animation of your character descending into caves, instead of a loading screen after your character vanished).

As for new things: more shards.(main world, caves, mountaintop like hamlet world surrounded by clouds, Volcano, etc). New seasons, more evolution of the worlds, and new sentient factions that you can interact with in different ways.

Besides the technological part, I think all the other ideas could very well end up on DST in the not so distant future.

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lizards, a lot of lizard characters, everything else is pretty much the same, but differend bioms, exchept greengrass, its default biom, it sould allways exist, differend bosse, instead of deerclops, you will fight the snow demon, and defeating it will get you its snow horns, you use them to create a hat that protects you from the wheater, dragonfly replaced whit a vulcano, inside fire cultist wanting to make the vulcano go off, all there attemts fail, so no need to worry, goin into the new jungle biom, you will find a meat devouring plant, the plant may be small, but in spring, it grows into a dangerous plant that its roots come out of the weird old tree stumps, gettin its roots may be used for magical crafting, that may help in manyways, and in summer, inside the dunes, there lives a dangerously sandworm, makin the earth shake, but it will create new iron and other minerals in the dunes, wich can be used to craft new weapons and armors and other usefull tools, then theres autum again, its time for having some fun again, and so the local pigs start there food festival, wich may hopefully not get interoupted again by the hungry wizard

so when do i get my money that i dont need for the ideas?

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If I had to choose it wouldnt be a sequel to DST per say but an adapatation. A mix of DS and DST. I actually thought about this a lot so first, the characters would be same with a slight art change. It would be more grim and dark-tones, for example the colours would be more dim and dark. For example they look the same but the colours would be different. ( gameplays the same but Winona and Walter reworked and WX's circuits gameplay same but theyre actual metallic circuits and not some lightbulbs maybe like this? Its a quick sketch and most of the stuff is nonsensical since I made it around prebuilt stuff but just metallic circuits you get the idea.)


Next, skins system same, and gift system same. The gameplay is DST but updated to be more grim. First, the Lunar stuff will be more creepy like more DS art style, where u can see the sketch lines and and just make it feel more eerie. For new content first the ocean should have more stuff. Along with it first the seasons will be overhauled. Autumn is same but Winter nows has snow storms ravaging across the land that travel across biomes. You could use fashion goggles here, and they also act as desert goggles. However where the storm goes leaves behind some nice ice for your meals. Then, Deerclops will spawn but at spawn. As long as hes alive the winter storms shall persist and now Blizzards which act as rain but chills you down to the bone. So it feel likes an actual Reign of a giant. Also now Mactusks can hunt you down, if you have triple mactusk be warned as while now they carry gold and meat they will start tracking you and at the chill of the 7th day of Winter instead of the roars of hounds its the stomping of the mactusks. First theres regular mctusk and 2 guards. Theyre young mactusks (not child young more like teen young) and wield cat o nine tails and attack you should get too close to their father. Theyll have 2 ice hounds that they send first to attack. Deerclops will chase you on day 15 (seasons last 15 days since once problem is you have to wait for a long time to make see new seasonal content so yeah) and hunt you down and never deaggroes. The sanity debuff has been replaced with something far more terrifying, he can do a ground attack summoning tons of ice spikes across a massive distance so watch out!  Also being cold not only kills you but being you reach a point you gain fever. It lasts 3 days and makes u sneeze constantly ( further it is the less u sneeze) and ure speed is decreased by 5 percent.


Next Spring, now for the Moose / Goose to reign, or in this case rain. Rain is now similiar to the snow storms and travel across biomes, and u can craft a wind pane to see which direction from spawn its going (Moose/goose drop). As long as Moose goose is alive the following events shall occur.

Frog Rain, but now instead of 1000s of frogs now TOADSTOOL spawns. (dont wry hell have only 1000 health and his abilities are just regular attack and summoning 5 frogs from the heavens.) He'll guard a spawn from those who dares to venture to face Moose/goose (All giants stay spawn at Spawn now) 

Oceans are now constantly thundering and raining

Not just hounds attack you but now MALBATROSS DOES TOO! He will fly to you should u built ure base too close to the sea and under command from the Moose Goose aim to rid you from the Constant!

Moose/Goose herself is pretty much the same tho i dont have any ideas for her.


Now Antlion has covered the entire Constant with Sand! Have a nice 5 percent slowdown speed and some new heaty problems! First burning structures has been removed since that doesnt feel fun at all. That being said now you have to water your crops at least once every 2 days or they die. You can automate this with Flingos which dont cost gears anymore ( Flingos now also automatically water crops so thats nice ) Also heat temperature thermal stones you know the drill by now.

As for Antlion hazards good luck!

Now Sandworms slither through the sand, replacing hound attacks. Theyre model is similiar to pugalisk and the way they move too but theyre smaller and more sandy.

Now sandstorms which are basically snow storms but hot.

Now being too warm can also cause Heatstroke, you move slower and things become blurry and if ure too warm you DIE.

Oasis however has been removed :(

Antlion herself will cause sand spikes to spike you now.

Now youve survived all of that time to face Antlion herself. Spawn has been covered in sand, you barely recognise it and the fight begins. Antlions the same since the boss fights legitimately fun just larger scale.


And youve done it! Youve braved through to AUTUMN! Now youre unlocked Hamlet! Theyre a new world gen setting and a reward for survivng 1 year! Enter the world of Hamlet again, now with a boatload of new polished features and full of old friends and new foes! 

But dont think the dangers done! Now for YEAR 2. And good luck because things got dangerous! Now Autumn Bearger will roam the land looking for food so hungers gonna be an issue. All berries that arent replanted will be empty and Spawn is filled food scattered on the ground where Bearger gobbles down piles of berries and fish! So if u dont have a farm good luck trying to eat. Know that you can steal food from spawn when the giant bear sleeps but now this. When dusk breaks out the Constant shall be cursed by an furious roar and the great Bearger will chase you and kill you for such theft.


For new stuff in second year thats notable is this:

Yule Cat will attack you on last day of Winter (Once giants are killed they dont respawn, to counter thing u can get a egg from Moose/Goose than hatches a bird that creates the feathers and Eyebrella doesnt lose durability so DONT LOSE IT dont wry u can still get from Klaus (who does respawn) too)

Once you explore the Ocean theres a new structure in the Ocean, the Old Bell. Fixing with theulcite lets u ring it. And you can fight the Quacken! (The DST cookie boats can get upgrades and new types! The different types are like Shipwrecked boats but cookie shaped) He now has new water attacks and will not stop from sinking you to the crushing depths of the sea! Killing it will not only give u some sweet boat upgrades and access to Shipwrecked! Similiar to Hamlet you can now brave new waters with your friends!

So yeah if I had to choose id probably make the game so hard that noones gonna buy it. Also Id use the old art style its so nice :) 


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Serious title ideas:

Don't Starve Forever

Don't Starve Together: Remastered Edition

Not serious title ideas:

Don't Starve Forever After

Don't Starve 3

Don't Starve: In Space

Don't Starve Together: Maxwell's Revenge

Don't Starve Together: The Great War

Don't Starve Together: Origins

Don't Starve Together: The Squeakquel

Five Nights at The Constant+

Don't Starve With Me (The horror visual novel with the anime style we've seen a billion times by now)

Don't Starve The Movie (probably will be a flop)

Lego Don't Starve

Don't Starve: Friendship is Magic

Don't Starve in the Backrooms

Don't Starve: Breach Containment

Don't Starve With A Chance Of Meatballs


That's literally it. I'm only good at making titles.

Well that's not really true, I just don't like sharing my ideas anymore. Too sacred people will call them cringe (which they probably are),.

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The only ways that a sequel could improve the game more than just a regular update could would require so much work that it's unrealistic and not really worth it. I'd much prefer more content updates.

I think a much better idea than a sequel would be a spin-off game that just has the characters and such. Maybe it could be an action game since they seem to really like the fighting part of the game recently.

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6 hours ago, jan Mele said:

Don't starve 2gether

Give me all the potato cups you want, but I have and will always believe that DST is already called "Don't Starve 2: Get Her".


So following the same logic, here are the possible Don't Starve 3 names:


1) Don't Starve: Tricky Treats (a.k.a. 3cky 3ts, a never ending Halloween game)

2) Don't Starve: Trip to Hell (a.k.a. 3 P to Hell, where the survivors try to send the antogonists Peteus, Palter and Pagstaff to hell)

3) Don't Starve: Trivial Adventures (a.k.a. 3 Vial Adventures, featuring the survivors help Wagstaff contain yet another electrical energy in his 3 vials to create the ultimate item, the Wag Staff)

4) Don't Starve: Thrilling Sounds (a.k.a. 3 Ling Sounds, featuring the violinist Ling Ling play the Ragtime tune with 3 violins at once)

5) Don't Starve: Trillion Worlds (a.k.a. 3 Lion Worlds, each world with a good, a bad and an ugly Lion)

6) Don't Starve: Treasons of Wilson P. Higgsbury (a.k.a. 3 Sons of Wilson P. Higgsbury. All of the sons are just volleyballs football helmets with faces drawn on them, all named Wilson and all dumped in the ocean by non other than Wilson)

and most importantly,

7) Don't Starve: Tree's a Crowd (a.k.a. I will always stick to DST even if a sequel gets released. Also Woodie doesn't exist in this game, because he was about to tell how he ended up in the Constant but then Charlie decided to send him back)

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4 minutes ago, mr. brj said:

2) Don't Starve: Trip to Hell (a.k.a. 3 P to Hell, where the survivors try to send the antogonists Peteus, Palter and Pagstaff to hell)

3 pee to hell 

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I'm thinking that it'd be like the way Klei ported DS to DST when first making DST, but then porting DST over to DST2 except making every item and skin HD, adding in customization options for thematic worlds which will have most mobs and every structure/item (not resources) reskinned for a visually enhancing experience. As for new content, an exclusive mode akin to a world's settings such as Light's Out or PvP called A New Reign. Players in worlds with A New Reign setting turned on would be encouraged to work together and reach the shadow throne. However, upon reaching the throne an obstacle will present itself requiring at least 4 boss drops to be removed, giving one player exclusive access to the shadow throne, and depending on which character claims it, new enemies, items, and at the minimum one special setpiece or occurrence that has much to or against the remaining survivors. Yes, some people may be bored on the shadow throne as death will be impossible, but some people enjoy that kind of gameplay as well; being what is essentially a god over a little world. If the occupant of the shadow throne decides to leave the server, a bot will make decisions in their place, doing so on a default every 5 days, but this can be configured in the world's settings, along with a player starting on the throne or a bot starting on the throne. Also maybe like 5 more characters because why not? I've got more ideas but I don't want to clog the post because some might be common or not worth mentioning. Also each character has completely unique things they bring to the table while on the shadow throne, if you're all interested I can brainstorm some!

TLDR: Funny shadow throne go brrrr

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Here’s a thought, to this very date Minecraft hasn’t had a sequel.. and that game has continued to add content, biomes, mobs and features over a 10+ year life span. Will there ever be a Minecraft 2? It’s hard to say.. but Anyone who played Minecraft when it first launched and then tried Minecraft today would be playing two drastically different games- starting with but not just limited to: THE COMBAT UPDATE, and THE CAVES AND CLIFFS UPDATE..

While yes, DST is obviously no Minecraft, it still can fit the same design pattern philosophy- And just like with Minecraft, if Klei chooses to make some vastly different game from what DS/DSTs genre is- they’ll make a “Spin Off” Aka- Minecraft Dungeons.

While Minecraft.. sorry I mean DST* Continues to just get updates and grow.

In conclusion- Making a DST 2 would be like making a Minecraft 2.. what’s the point?

Thats not to say there won’t EVER be a DST 2 or a Minecraft 2… but as of right now- I don’t feel like either development team feels the need for one.

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Oh, I have some ideas! it’ll be free to play and on mobile devices, and have a new art style that’s similar to DST’s but worse. There’ll be a bunch of random mobs most of which suck but a few honestly have cool designs, and there’ll be microtransactions galore. Ooh, and it’ll be developed by Tencent, too. I’m thinking it’d be called something like… New House? I’m not sure on the name yet. 

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