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  1. lmao I just generated a world like that and not only did it take like 3 minutes to generate, it was split into 3 big islands. Also, the atrium was right next to military biome, the ancient archives were branched off the labyrinth, and the grotto was in the middle of the ruins. This would honestly be a really cool world to play on.
  2. Mods that added spawn areas (also called "start locations") don't add them anymore in the new beta. For example, this mod:, adds a spawn area, but in the new beta it isn't an option. It's impossible to change it to the new spawn area that the mod adds. Is this a bug, or is there a new way that modders have to add start locations?
  3. I choose a beefalo and it crashed... It's a server crash and there are no server mods enabled. I added server_log.txt file.
  4. If you queue up multiple porta-pods before one is built, you can get multiple of them in your colony. It's only when one of the pods are built that you can no longer place them: Also, the same goes for rockets. you can queue up multiple modules before building the engine. The limit only exists after you build the engine: edit: I just found out that the rocket doesn't allow you to launch it if there's too many modules though so you can't cheese it.
  5. I saw my printing pod was glowing so I went to print a dupe but instead of the menu popping up, my game froze and I had to close it. It didn't even show the "Help, a black hole ate my game!" screen. I'm guessing one of the dupes had illegal stats or something that the game couldn't show idk lol. The client_log.txt file is all I got.
  6. I've done this about a year ago. I'm surprised this is still a bug.
  7. I'm not sure when it happens, but take a look at this: basically, sometimes the circle scales up in size, but forgets to scale back down.
  8. I thought I saw this while watching Brothgar and I just thought my brain was playing tricks on me lol so I didn't even bother to rewind the video to check
  9. You should include client_log.txt, the mdmp file, and the DXDiag info. Those will help anyone to try and help you.
  10. While in the character selection screen, you can press the basket icon on a skin to go to the store to buy skins and stuff. However, doing this causes the title screen music to play along with the in-game music, and persists even after you select your character. Video here:
  11. When I set dragoon eggs to none in the world settings and an eruption occurs, no dragoon eggs fall (obviously), but the volcano still does the spitting animation long after the eruption started. When I enter the volcano, I overheat immediately even if I enter days after the eruption. It makes it so I can't enter the volcano in any season without taking massive damage.
  12. Maybe your save file got corrupted. Is it possible to click on the rollbacks?
  13. you can find 3 trinkets (knight, rook, bishop) in tumbleweeds which you can trade to pig king for the sketches. your world isn't ruined.
  14. that isn't how chance works. that is not a bug.
  15. you can get a trinket from tumbleweeds and trade it to pig king for the sketch.
  16. a lot of people are having this problem. they have to fix this soon.
  17. this happens to me too. it says "Error loading worldgen_main.lua". i saw this happen to a klei server recently too.